We're almost there -- at MWC in Barcelona that is. But, as ever before we get to a big show the leaks continue to trickle out ahead of time. We're already expecting to see the Acer CloudMobile unveiled in Spain -- and naturally we'll be there to play with it if/when it appears.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

The Italians are already one step ahead of the game though. At a recent press event in Milan, the guys from Celluare Magazine managed to get their hands on one. Better still they managed to shoot a quick hands on video with the device too. Before you click play though, remember that they're Italian. They're speaking Italian. But the video gives you a pretty good first look at the device. All in all, it doesn't look half bad.  

Remember to keep it locked to Android Central over the course of the next week for all the best of the goings on from MWC.

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Acer CloudMobile shows itself on video before MWC


Agreed. This is one time where Acer should not have been so STOCK, and should have taken the time to suppress the ICS buttons since their phone already had the Legacy buttons built into the screen hardware.

It is fully within the capabilities of ICS to support legacy buttons or ICS soft buttons or both, but doing Both is just a waste of space.

FM Radio !! Nice.

Why to so many video presenters get hung up jumping in and out of the app drawer rather than demonstrating something useful?

I understood 2 words market and facebook. I hope not all phones have dual keys any way it can b made to remove those 3 keys like what is done the galaxy nexus

Why would you put 2 sets of navigation buttons? Not only is it redundant and look funny, its wasted screen space. Pick one or the other.

I thought redundant, as well, when I saw both sets of navigation buttons. I am hoping OEM's will take the stock Android approach and remove the capacitive buttons. How hard would it be to make the capacitive buttons behave as software buttons a la ICS?

This will get interesting..or confusing.