It's starting to seem like every phone coming out of CES is running Android. But hey, we're not complaining here. Acer has announced the beTouch E140. The E140's screen size is a lot smaller than what we've been seeing coming out of CES. Compared to the Samsung Infuse 4G, this guy's screen is tiny. Here's what we know about the device so far:

  • Froyo (Android 2.2)
  • microSD card support (up to 32GB)
  • 2.8-inch touch screen
  • Built-in social media access
  • 3.2 mega-pixel camera
  • FM radio
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • Acer Spinlets streaming service
  • Acer UrFooz
  • Acer Sync
  • nemoPlayer
  • 3G+, HSPDA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS


There are 4 comments

stopsign002 says:

Wow that's really small. I feel like that would be hard to navigate touch screen style with

hmmm says:

Small but functional for people who probably don't use or want a phone for a lot other than calls but want the ability when they need it.

tropper says:

looks like the HTC D Eris same size and all

zhecht says:

Eris has a 3.2" screen. Area wise, it's 30% larger.