HTC Incredible 2 owners who are looking for a robust case for their phone should check out the Seidio SURFACE Case.

The case comes in two pieces that fit together. Sometimes with accessories like this, they easily fall apart or don’t stay put as long as you might hope. Often this can be caused by poor design and/or frustration when trying to fit together the case and one piece breaks off. This is why I was skeptical of Seidio's case at first. After spending a lot of time with it however, it has exceeded my expectations. Not only has it remained in place, but I actually had trouble getting it off the phone.

Seidio has continued with their excellent protective material with this case. At just 1mm thick, you know it won’t had a ton of extra bulkiness to your phone.

If you’re interested, you can pick up the Seidio SURFACE Case from the Android Central Store for $27.95 in black, sapphire blue, burgundy or amethyst.

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Accessory review: Seidio SURFACE Case for HTC Incredible 2


Seidio make some smexy cases. Otterbox is fantastic if you want to throw your phone against a wall and still use it; Seidio is great if you want drop protection and the look of your phone to remain intact (and sometimes even be improved upon).

PS: How come your gallery has no next or previous buttons?!

Had a Seidio case very similar to this on my Droid Incredible.... it was the best case I NEVER USED. Not a knock on the build (fit great, built to last) -- it was my OCD-ness that prevented me from using it.

I carry my phone in my front left pants pocket and the phone picks up lint... the raised sides of the case "catch" the lint in the corners. AARRGH!

I had a Seidio Surface on my OG Droid and loved it, so when I got my Dinc2 it was the first thing I bought. My wife also got a Dinc2 and also got a Surface case. They really are well-built. They're also a wee bit pricey but Seidio frequently runs 15% off sales that essentially pays for postage. (Or, get it from AC!) Highly recommended.