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Google Currents is closing in on being two months old. Initial growth has seemed pretty impressive -- we've got around 178,000 subscribers -- but how much are you folks actually using it? We'll share some numbers here shortly. But for now, let's hear it. Are you using Google Currents? And if so, how often? And if you're looking to give it a shot, hit our subscribe link below.

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AC Asks: Are you using Google Currents?


i tried it out for a few weeks. Nice concept but I hated waiting for all the sites and stuff to update. It was pretty and functional but I'd rather just go to the websites.

Exactly. Currents looks very nice, but the content is updated very infrequently by the publishers. It defeats the purpose of having current information.

Exactly. Currents is too far out of date to be useful. The articles are chopped off so you always end up on the regular websites anyway.

But for the masses who have no idea they are a few days late and half an article short, it is perfect.

Also Currents is one of the new bread of apps really designed for 4.3" and bigger screens. I was stunned to see how hard it was to use on a little screen.

Agreed, I set up several sources and very few of them ever updated. After a week of seeing the same articles upon opening it, time after time, I uninstalled it.

On top of the lack of updates, when it would update, it was painfully slow, and to actually reach an article, you had to traverse 3 to 4 screens, clicking on the same headline each time, only to be brought to the web site to read the article in the end. What's the point?

As has been said, it was very pretty, but it totally failed to provide it's intended benefit - quick access to CURRENT news. It appears to be far closer to a early proof of concept than a finished (or even beta) product.

It's no fun on my 4" phone (So I use NewsRob for that), but on my Transformer Prime, it's great!

I don't use it much. For one, not many sites I like currently have a Google Currents page, and two, it takes too long for a Currents page, or whatever you call it, to update when you click the refresh button. It's much more convenient to just visit the website.

I use it ever other day or so. I tend to only use it on my tablet and I will like to open the app hit refresh and then check Twitter or Facebook and go back to Currents after it updates.

I liked it at first. I just never open it anymore. I agree with skitchbeatz, with twitter, I dont need to open Currents to see the same stuff...

It's nice, but slow to load. And too hard to keep track of what I read. Google reader already does this well, just not as nice looking. It is far more functional as well since it is server based and I can easily keep tabs on what I've viewed

I liked it but, like Google Music, it just seemed to slaughter my processing ram and made everything run super slow like I was using my old HTC Touch Diamond.

I used it, but as others have stated, updates are slow. My Google Reader is my main source. Maybe it will improve after a while.

I do use it on and off, and I like the layout and graphics use, but I actually use Pulse much more frequently, partly because it seems to be updated more frequently, and I can quickly scan to see what articles are available in all of my sources.

I tried Currents out, it's definitely got a nice presentation, but like others pointed out it's not as functional as Google Reader, especially now that Reader's a full tablet app.

i think google reader is faster and pretty much serves the same purpose. may not be as flashy, but it gets the job done.

Shameless plugs FTW!

Anyways, don't use it at all. RSS is superior with Greader Pro, in my very humble opinion.

I too used it for a while. Still have it installed but the content is the same I get from google reader and the content in Currents is usually stale and not as current as my google reader feeds. I use it for when I am traveling and not going to have any internet for a while but other than than... it doesn't get much screen time on my OG Transformer.

I would LOVE to use it more often, but the frequency and amount of time it takes for feeds to update is unacceptable. For that reason (and that reason only), I prefer Pulse. If Google works on faster and more frequent updates for my feeds, I'd use it all the time. Great concept, poor functionality.

I used it a few times. It's kinda neat, like the layout. But it's so freaking slow to sync. So I end up just looking at Twitter instead.

Love the visual presentation, but the updating process is slow and cumbersome. So, I use Pulse instead. If the sync/updating process gets fixed, then I'd use it more often.

Love how it looks, but never seems to update in the background as I have it set up and when I force update takes too long even with 4G.

It's a great idea, I think flipboard for iOS does a better job with visuals and update time. I think I would like it more if it updated faster. Glad to see AC cares.

I use it daily on my transformer Prime. But it takes forever to sync. For sites that update as frequently as AC / Engadget it doesn't really seem worth it. But for Traditional news, like Huffington, it seems better suited, and the 500px Feed rocks.

It has a nice layout, but flipboard does a better job on my iPad, and it is just too slow loading on my Nexus. Pulse loads way faster. I have also noticed that it is is always an hour or two behind when compared to the actual rss feed, which is kind of annoying.

I used it for like two weeks from switching from pulse. I love the look of it but it just takes to long to update and not all the feeds read are using it. I switched to taptu and love it. It doesn't kill my battery,loads fast and looks good.

I would if it synced with Google Reader. I like the idea of currents, but without cloud sync, it's useless for me.

Used it for a while on my Galaxy Nexus, but didn't like how it syncs and how long it takes to sync over wifi. It just sucks in too much BS IMO.

I prefer Reader or Pulse to pull in new updates to RSS feeds, which never takes more than 5-10 seconds.

If I'm in the mood to just browse stuff I prefer Flipboard on my iPhone 4. I wish, and would pay, if they made it for Android.

Nice UI, but feeds lag several hours behind any other decent news app. Pretty poor implementation. Also like everyone else said feeds take way too long to update. Annoying that I have to wait for trending feeds to update also - ones I don't even care about. Expected a Flipboard competitor, but is a long way from that...

I use it on my iPod Touch. I'm scared that it'll drain too much battery on my Android like Google+ does (also on the iPod Touch for the aforemention reason).

I wish there was a voting option between "a few times a week" and "used it once and never again." I've popped into Currents every now and then, but, as others have said, syncing is slow. As it stands right now, nothing beats Feedly for handling my RSS feeds.

its cool, but that's about it. it syncs forever and it didn't sync at specified by me times, so every time I launched the app it was all the same content. needs some major updates in order for me to try this again. sync at specific time and widget would be nice

There's no poll option for "I live outside of the US so I can't use it... and I couldn't care less. It's their loss, not mine."

It's a pretty app but slow to get to what ultimately is the whole point of it, the content. I use Pulse daily. Quick to open and content is shown immediately.

It's slow as everyone is saying. Pulse is so much faster to update alongside pretty much every other similar app. My current favorite is ChannelCaster (I love the customization) but like Google Currents it could use a speed boost. I'm going to keep Currents installed on my Xoom but not my phone. Hopefully with a couple more updates it will be much better.

I tried it a few times... but Pulse is what I use daily. So much easier to scroll through everything I'm subscribed to on there. Currents looks awesome on my ASUS Transformer but I simply like the set up of Pulse far better.

I signed up for multiple sites in which I was interested without realizing how long it would take to download/synch. The time and affect on battery use is a significant drawback. I visit this site daily on my desktop/laptop but now view the site very sporadically using Currents on the phone.

It's just way too slow it needs to update with the speed that pulse does or I'll never make it my daily news reader

It's a nice concept and very clean. My main problem like so many others is the syncing issue. Not only is it slow but I hate the fact that you can't sync individual currents. You have to sync everything and wait for a very long time. I'm sticking to pulse.

Same as many others are saying; it's pretty, but it's still too rough around the edges technically. Sluggish, buggy, and resource-hungry. Plus, as it is; it's a data hog if you want to follow more than a few sources. I was mostly in it for news anyway; and I get that from AC on Twitter and the major outlets on News 360. And /they/ don't have to download entire websites for me to view individual articles. :P

...No doubt, a big part of what I don't like about Currents are technical issues, but honestly I'm not sure it's really my thing even if everything worked beautifully. I don't need a mosaic to consume news updates and articles; I prefer a simple list of headlines from which I can select what interests me. The only thing I really prefer about Currents over the apps I have is that it makes things available offline automatically, and I'm just not offline enough for that to be worth the trouble.

can there be a button that says "I use it every once in a while when im bored and tired of playing angry birds and no one has played a word in words with friends"?

I just downloaded and tried it. Like most Here, I like the concept. The content is good but it is painfully slow to load, even on WiFi. Google definitely needs to work on this app but they seem headed in the right direction. I will use it daily for a while and see if things improve over time. Maybe an update or two will help make it even better.

Everyday on my nexus. But that is because the 4g makes the syncing a snap. It takes far to long over 3g or Wi-Fi.

I've used it ever now and then but I think its better suited for tablets and I don't own one of those yet. I'll stick with Pulse for now but its a nice concept. It takes awhile to download but I guess that's because your able to read offline so it's downloading everything to memory.

I love it and I'm in the UK. Especially since i got my HTC Flyer, it's perfect for me, just needs sync speeding up and more UK sites (obviously when it's released over here there will be more).

This is my break time reader at work where I get no internet connectivity to speak of. Syncing is not a problem as I don't use it for up-to-the-minute info. I pop it open and read stuff from sites I don't visit often anyways like CNET and Forbes, so it is always new stuff for me.

My biggest problem with Currents is that it wouldn't remember what article I was reading. If you switch out of Currents, then switch back, it would always go to the home currents screen. Then I'd have to find the article again.
Now I just use Pulse, and IT syncs with Google Reader. Go figure.

Used a few times and I'm in the UK (obviously using a hacked version from the forums). Like the UI and lay out but too slow to sync and update. Let's wait and see what Google has up its sleeve for this app.

1) I check it maybe once a day. I still use Google Reader mostly because it's faster.

2) You can add RSS items from your Google Reader right inside of Currents. Just look around a bit. There is an import feature

3) It's very pretty, but a little slow. The worst part is when content providers make you jump out of currents into the web. Seriously, just embed the webpage in the app. It's very user unfriendly to force me to open a webpage when I'm in the app. I'm guessing that is up to the discretion of the content provider through some meta info.

4) If you could get a quick overview of all of your most recent headlines, that would be good. I have about 20 subscriptions and I don't want to open each one to see what may be new.

5) "Trending" should have an on/off switch. Considering how long a sync takes when even on wifi or strong LTE, I would rather turn off Trending.

I used it for a week or two, but the updates took too long. So, I went back to Google Reader, which, next to GMAIL, is the most used app on my phone and tablet.

Yes. I use it a few times a day.

I would normally load each web page and then have to load each article, but with currents I can hit the refresh button once and all my sites that I view regularly are loaded at once. Of course, this is only useful if the site allows for full pages in Currents, but most do.

You and Ars Technica are the only sites I follow that selectively shorten some of your articles, which is really annoying. You don't show ads on your mobile pages, so what's the point of limiting Currents?

I like it, use it everyday (replaced Feedr with it), would like some improvements such as the syncing speed, data footprint, etc. I'd like to see a list of sites using Currents or setting up editions maybe new additions etc

It wasnt able to replace Pulse for me. Once pulse saved my settings online that became the best news reader for me.

I agree with the other comments here. Very pretty app, used it a couple of times and then went back to my old ways. For me, the Google Reader app works best, even if it is visually boring.

Feedly is much better so that's my reader of choice. Currents was slow and ate up way to much space on my HTC Incredible.

Currents didn't even really do a true sync with my Google Reader feeds, I would have had to select each of my 100+ feeds manually and then kept up the list in two places. Yuck. It also seemed to not know what I had read already.

Currents was DOA as far as I'm concerned.

Currents is a pig with lipstick.

It's a resource hog, and doesn't really look much different than Pulse.

Unless you're checking your resource usage...o_O

I used it for about 2 days. I just don't like the look and feel of it. It's too confusing to do some things and takes too long to load. Pulse is where my heart is (:

I used it for a couple of weeks. My tablet only has WiFi, and I thought it would download the complete articles so I could read them off-line. It just downloads the headline and a blurb. If you have to be on-line to read the articles, why not just got to the original website?

I use it a couple times a week. I think the potential is there but it's just too slow. I still mainly use Pulse on my phone and tab 8.9. My wife has an iPad and I use it whenever possible for Flipboard, it's hands down the best reader out there, fast, pretty and tons of support from all the major news outlets.

Pulse is better, loads quicker, has more options, and just all around better functionality. Sooooooooo why would we want to use this...

It is slow syncing, but if you adjust sync settings in app it helps
I use it as my only RSS reader right now, but I rely on Twitter to keep up with my news

It is slow syncing, but if you adjust sync settings in app it helps
I use it as my only RSS reader right now, but I rely on Twitter to keep up with my news