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Gaming accessory maker Razer announced their entry in the wearable device industry in January with the reveal of the Nabu smartband. Today, the company announced a unique way for some early adopters to get their hands on the Nabu via a beta testing program.

Razer is currently taking sign ups for the beta test, which will see 500 people picked to get an early version of the Nabu for the price of just $1. Once the beta testers are picked, Razer will begin to ship the smartband to the people who are selected on July 10th.

Before you head over to the Razer website to fill out the application, be aware that the company is looking for testers who are already hardcore fans of its previous hardware and software products. The testers must also write up detailed beta testing reports to Razer, and if they don't they won't be invited back for any future testing programs.

The Nabu smartband will have a screen on top for users to get notifications of messages, via an iOS or Android app, and they can look on a second screen on the bottom of the band to read the actual message. It will also serve as a fitness band to collect data about steps, calories and more that can be seen on the Nabu smartphone app.

The Nabu was originally supposed to be out in the first quarter of 2014, but Razer decided to delay the launch to make sure the materials in the band do not cause skin irritation like what happened with the Fitbit Force. Razer has yet to announce a new public launch date and has still not offered any information on what the final price for the Nabu will be like.

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Razer Nabu smartband offers 500 beta testers the chance to pick one up for $1


I like the nabu, but probably won't get one. I expect them to be highly over priced.

Also: " 4. Active on our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram; will have higher chances of being selected for the Beta Program.”
We reserve the right to select the beta users at our own discretion."

I own several Razer products, but am not active on their social channels. It's probably too weighted to bother applying.

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Basically what they really want is people who have already bought into the Razer ecosystem and are thus more likely to be kess critical and not just random beta testers.

Yeah, that seems foolish. Obviously you want beta testers who are familiar enough with your products to be able to give more technical feedback, but you also need some clueless people in the pool so that you can assess how the non-hardcore fans that make up the bulk of the market are going to react to it.

I would have preferred a $50 option to more developers than a $1 option to a select group

EDIT: 500 people aint bad...

"We’re selecting only our most hardcore fans for this program, those who actively use our hardware and software"
i'm failing to see the connection of how hardcore gaming and software makes for a better tester for a wearable band for fitness and notifications...please tell me what i am missing here.

Looks like the 2nd screen is gone now on that render? Also only beta in July, thought they would have launched by now. Guess the hypo allergenic delay may have forced a re-design of the unit.

I'm not a hardcore fan, but I love gaming and would love to give something like this a shot.

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