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There are 31 comments

im ready

i was ready over a week ago!

can't wait!

double post!

longest 50 minutes ever........i hope google delivers a great new OS and phone!

MedioGringo says:

Wait, should I see that "Please Standby" screen when I go to I just see the Android developer channel.

I can't miss a second of this!

xBIGREDDx says:

Yeah, it should be inserted in the page above the regular youtube channel. Currently it's playing some nice instrumental music. Try disabling your adblocker or noscript, if you're running either of those.

MedioGringo says:

Crap, still not working. Wtf?

Edit: Wow, it works in IE but not in Chrome.

Pengwn says:

Got mine working in chrome.
Only thing I have that's different from default chrome is FlashBlock plus - set to allow flash

tommyrigs says:

woah, wait, i thought it was supposed to start a half hour earlier!

FusioNFro says:

yeah, that's what I thought >:O

35 and counting enough time to watch a random southpark

Chronos88 says:

I think it's important to note that if you're opted in to Cosmic Panda, you won't see the player. Opt out and it should be visible.

Examiner19 says:

Thanks for pointing that out! I was very confused.

cheburashka says:

i like the soundtrack :)

DangerZone23 says:

I recognize it! It's Justin Bieber's U Smile slowed down!

n0obpr0 says:

This is my first post..


Jet300 says:

Have the page called up and maximized on my Logitech Revue. Looks good on the big LCD in my bedroom. Surfing ans waiting patiently for some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness!!!! NOM NOM NOM. Lol my wife thinks I'm nuts ! :-p

cheburashka says:


bsmoove386 says:

Yea i think so!! Cuz my gf is pissed right now because she gets hungry every time I say ICS lol...

bsmoove386 says:

Yea i think so!! Cuz my gf is pissed right now because she gets hungry every time I say ICS lol...

tommyrigs says:

the women folk just dont understand our nerdy passion ;)

i sure hope we dont crash youtube

ayoo456#AC says:

Lets go!!!!

Pengwn says:

I guess as long as I can listen to it, I'll be happy!

Hbomber110 says:

Omg the guys face is a whole 10 pixels

tommyrigs says:

android central should have put up a livechat, that would have been really fun!

ice cream doesn't look like it's going to be easy to port to other devices. just from what im seeing right now.

ayoo456#AC says:

ICS is hot!!!!!

Hand_O_Death says:

I forgot about it and turned it on at 1030PM EST and it was the EXACT moment they were releasing the Nexus. I needs that phone now. ICS seems awesome.

Kinda like the 2 little tech problems on stage, makes it seem more real, that might be me being a little biased and envious of not having that phone in my greedy little hands yet.

McParty says:

Is this going to be uploaded to You Tube anytime soon???