Altek Leo cameraphone

Remember that Altek camera that comes with a phone attached we showed you a week or so ago?  It's back, with some nice action shots and even a video.  Android 2.1 has been confirmed as the OS (According to vice president JS Liang, Froyo is being worked on) with a slightly customized UI.  We also get some info about release in Asia -- Hong Kong, China and Taiwan in Q4 of this year, and the price will translate into about $499.00 USD.  No word about this one hitting the west -- sorry guys.

Hardware specs are a little sketchy for now.  Altek is a camera manufacturer, so they didn't realize that phone geeks wanna know what's under the hood.  But we have all the camera specifications, and guess what?  It looks like a true replacement for a point and shoot camera is finally here.  14 Megapixel, 1/2.3-inch CCD, 3x optical zoom lens (at up to 36mm), xenon flash, and dedicated camera controls should make for a nice little digicam -- with a phone attached.  Hit the break for a couple more pics, and a short video.

Altek Leo Android 2.1

Altek Leo camera controls



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14-megapixel Altek Leo runs Android 2.1, shows itself off at CommunicAsia


All these high megapixel cameras are not what i want to see working nicely on this phone. I had a 5.0 megapixel point and shoot that took very nice pictures quickly, it had a nice lens like above, could zoom a bit (optical), rendered nice colors, had shutter speeds you could choose, and could shoot smooth video. I haven't seen a camera that does all those. The incredible has an 8 mp camera, but my 7.1 mp point and shoot takes much nicer pictures. I hope this really is a good camera, with 2.1 added as a well working afterthought.

People want convenience over quality these days its quite ridiculous and funny. If you want to take pictures you buy a camera better features and quality, if you want to take video buy a video camera better features and quality. Cameras on phones were made for when you need a quick shot, not something with a point and shoots lens, etc. Next thing you know we'll be getting booms with our phones for mics, and SLR lens's for our zoom.

Meh. This is one place where Steve actually had it right - high MP numbers don't necessarily mean better pictures. With the tiny little image sensors that are in these point-and-shoot cameras, high MP counts can actually mean worse pictures due to high noise ratios. Add to that the poor lens quality possible in a camera of such small size, and you're looking at...not much.

"Tiny little sensors" ???

What has sensor package size got to do with anything?

Given two cameras with equal sensitivity and equal color fidelity and equal lens quality, only a fool would claim that mega-pixels don't matter.

This "mega-pixesls don't matter" craze was started by David Pogue with a very uneducated rant comparing apples to oranges, which was throughly debunked by people who actually know cameras and lens systems.

Jobs is a low-bid buyer. Witness the total havoc his Infinion chipeset inflicted on every network. Its no wonder his camera can't measure up so he trots out the mega-pixel myth in his own defense.

Knowing absolutely nothing about the quality of this lens sensor combination you immediately pronounce it "poor quality"?

You haven't even seen a photo samples yet for pete sake!! This lens and sensor is from a CAMERA company with a long history. No Zeiss to be sure, but not some cheap micro-cam.

These guys have their own image processor. They achieve ISO 3200 in a digital package. Some samples are here
(from their non Android model)

This isn't a phone lover's camera. Its a Camera lover's phone.

So we now have a GPS unit that has phone feature (Garmin-Asus Garminfone) and now we have this camera with a phone feature.

What's next I wounder. . . the PSP Phone by Sony?

You may be right about that. With android available for free for anyone. It seems not too much of a stretch to see lots of specialty providers adding phone functionality to their device.