The Axon M might not be the most popular phone on the market, but it must be doing good enough for ZTE to keep investing time and money into it. The company's Vice President of Marketing announced at CES 2018 that we would see more foldable phones in the near future, and following that, it's been confirmed that the Axon M will be heading to both China and Europe.

China will be the first to get the phone starting on Saturday, January 20. Customers will be able to purchase the Axon M online at and, and China Telecom will even sell the device in physical retail stores across the country.

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A final release for Europe hasn't been announced yet, but ZTE says we can expect the phone to drop at some point during Q1 of the year (between January and March). Vodafone and TIM have been confirmed to carry the Axon M, and ZTE says that other "leading carriers" will offer it as well.

The Axon M will cost ¥3888 in China, but pricing for Europe is still up in the air.

ZTE plans on releasing more foldable phones like the Axon M