YouTube's new music service actually won't launch this March

YouTube Music
YouTube Music (Image credit: Android Central)

At the beginning of December last year, a report emerged claiming that Google was planning on launching its third music streaming service. Currently referred to as "YouTube Remix", it was expected that this would be unveiled as early as March of this year. However, just ahead of the SXSW music festival, YouTube's said otherwise.

SXSW will take place between March 9th and the 13th in Austin, Texas, and YouTube's head of music, Lyor Cohen, will be speaking about "seismic changes he's witnessed and the importance of embracing the future."

It was expected that YouTube would use its time at SXSW to unveil the new service, but according to a representative from the company that spoke to Variety:

It was never our plan to launch at the festival.

Where does that leave us with YouTube Remix? YouTube signed deals with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group late last year, but prior to this, that was the last big update we'd heard regarding the service.

It's still uncertain how Remix will live alongside the existing Google Play Music and YouTube Music/YouTube Red, and with no new launch date in sight, we could have to wait a while longer before learning the ins and outs of what exactly YouTube's working on.

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