YouTube's Super Thanks gives super fans another way to tip creators

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What you need to know

  • YouTube is launching Super Thanks as a way for viewers to tip creators.
  • The beta feature is being expanded to 68 countries on desktop and mobile.
  • Twitter recently rolled out its own version of tipping called "Tip Jar."

YouTube is rolling out a new feature dubbed "Super Thanks" for creators, which will allow fans to show their gratitude using monetary means.

Super Thanks can be purchased from viewers directly underneath a video, where there will be a heart icon with a dollar sign. The company says that four tipping options will be available: $2, $5, $10, or $50 if you're feeling really generous.

Viewers who leave a Super Thanks will have their tip highlighted in the comment section, which will provide a way for creators to recognize contributors and thank them. YouTube says it's a great way for creators to engage with their most devoted fans.

YouTube Super Thanks

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If Super Thanks sounds familiar, it's because YouTube already has Super Stickers and Super Chat, which provide fans with ways to tip creators during live streams. Super Thanks will work across uploads, making them more accessible.

Twitter has also been working on rolling out its own Super Follows feature, which will allow followers to pay a subscription for exclusive content from influencers. That said, Super Thanks is more akin to Twitter's new Tip Jar, which gives anyone the option to tip certain accounts.

The idea isn't a new one, and many platforms have taken to this sort of approach to give creators more ways to get paid for their work, but directly from the fans. YouTube highlights one creator that now makes 15% of his revenue from the new Super Thanks, and that will likely expand to many more now that the feature is rolling out to 68 countries on the web and the best Android phones.

YouTube says that not all creators will have access to this beta feature initially but will expand it later this year.

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