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What you need to know

  • The YouTube app has finally received Android 10 dark theme support.
  • You can now choose the "Use device theme" under Settings > General > Appearance to get the app to respect Android 10's system-level setting.
  • Most first-party apps had gained support for Android 10's dark theme weeks back.

Google began adding support for Android 10's dark mode toggle to most of its own apps soon after the latest version of its mobile operating system was released in September, except for YouTube. Last month, however, some users started receiving an update that replaced the "Dark Theme" menu under Settings > General with a new "Appearance" menu, allowing the app to respect the Android 10 dark mode toggle.

YouTube Android 10 Dark Mode Toggle SettingSource: 9to5Google

As per the folks at 9to5Google, the latest 14.46.52 version of the YouTube app now follows the device theme set by the user on Android 10. The update was released on the Play Store earlier this week, although the report suggests a server-side switch might also be involved. That said, it shouldn't take too long for the new setting to show up on all devices running Android 10.

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To have the YouTube app obey Android 10's system-wde dark mode toggle, you will have to make your way to the new Appearance menu. You can find the menu option by tapping on your profile icon in the YouTube app in the top right corner and then tapping on Settings > General. Once you tap on Appearance, you will be able to choose from three options: "Use device theme", "light theme", and "dark theme." When the "Use device theme" option is selected, the app will follow the system toggle.

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