Your Google+ profile picture will soon be paired with your phone number

System to go into effect early 2014, and you're already opted in by default

The dialer in Android 4.4 KitKat has a new look and new search features, but come 2014 it will also have a better database of photos from individuals that you call. Although a specific date has yet to be given, Google plans at some point in "early 2014" to flip the switch on pairing up people's verified phone numbers with their Google+ profile photos.

This means that any time you call someone after verifying your phone number with Google, the person on the other end will see your Google+ profile picture on their incoming call screen. Google says this will be useful for when you meet someone but have yet to add them to your contacts and associate an image with them, which we can see the benefit of.

Currently the portion of your Google account settings that handles phone numbers simply has a list of "verified" numbers associated with your account, and it seems as though they're opted into this new system by default. The tooltip reads "help people who have your phone number find you on Google services and connect with you," and this function is currently used for things like Hangouts.

In a way, this is simply letting you take control of your own contact image on other people's devices. Rather than leaving it up to everyone else to put you in their contacts and link up the proper accounts to see your Google+ profile, you can simply keep your information up to date and they'll see it.

It's not entirely clear what version of Android will be required for you to see (or be seen) the new contact images associated with numbers nor do we have any better timeframe than early 2014, but you may want to jump into those Google account settings and choose which, if any, phone numbers you want linked to your account.

Source: +Attila Bodis; Google Phone Settings

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  • So glad I don't have my actual picture as my Google profile pic. Posted from the awesome new Nexus 7
  • Same here
  • Me too, but that may not be a good thing in my case. :D
  • +1million I'm literally paranoid about putting ANYTHING on my Google+ profile (I just have it so I can use things that require you to have a G+ account) and this is why. Because google continues retroactively degrading privacy...
  • I really don't get how this is a "privacy" concern. If you are calling someone, you've already given the your phone number (caller ID had been around for a while now). As for having a face show up with that phone number... Do you walk around outside with a paper bag over your head? Because hundreds of strangers likely see your face every week. And those are people that you're a lot less likely to be calling on the phone. And, if you don't want this to happen, just opt out. Seems simple to me. Some people seem to get a little too worked up about the whole privacy thing in my opinion. But maybe I'm wrong. What's a scenario where this would be a bad thing in some way? (other than making it less appealing to prank call people)
  • Should not have to "opt out" if you like the idea opt in, but default should not compromise privacy or even the perception of that fact. Google is long overdue for a come-uppance. Is precisely why I have not made a + account. Posted via Android Central App
  • I seriously don't see how this compromises privacy. Please attempt to enlighten me.
  • I will instead!!.
    Do you have children? obvious not...
    You may well be a person with your head screwed on,
    but is the rest of the world same?
    why I say this?, you do not have to be a scientist to understand.
  • This is the thing I have a problem with. I don't see it completely as a privacy concern except for the part where they automatically opt you in. Google doesn't have my best interests at heart here. They want to gather as much information about me as possible. I think we would all be horrified if we saw a complete report of what Google knows about us. Of course there are other companies that collect personal data on people, but Google is the leader in this industry. They make money on it.
  • We can't any longer get away from companies collecting our data, so I just go with the flow and make the most of it. I'm using there information flow to help me in my daily work.
  • Exactly!! I am just waiting on the NSA to show up on my doorstep any day now...
  • Well said. I've deleted my G+ account few days ago (I only used it for comments in Play Store). I have a few google (i use them for gmail) accounts and I don't want to G+ to (in eg.) "spread" my contact list from one account to the people from other account contact list (I'm talking about suggested contacts, etc.), show them everyone's faces, numbers, etc. I don't use social apps like G+, FB, etc. I don't need them and I hope I will never have to use G+ for every app on my Android system.
  • As I said above, I completely disagree that someone seeing your face is in any way a "privacy" issue. If Google were displaying your address/birth date/etc along with your face, that would be a different story. What you look like is not "private" information, unless you walk around with a mask on every time you leave your home.
  • You realize you have to make your phone number public for people outside of certain circles to see this, right?
  • My god man, Finally somebody that actually makes sense. Pinch me I must be dreaming.
  • I agree 100% it's a sad world people choose to live in hiding behind all their useless bull. Man up be a man and live in reality that's what grown men do. Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App
  • Agreed. I find it very convenient.
  • I feel this may be bad for the cheaters of the world. Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all
  • +1 for the paper bag comment. Hilarious. I don't understand it either. Posted via Android Central App
  • Pretty silly in the real world. What's the point of feeling the need to remain unknown rather it's by real name or picture Google already knows. This is the latter part of 2013 going into 2014 and people still feel the need to remain anonymous. At the end of the day people should close out all of your accounts if you can't maintain basic reality. Everyone has the right to know who is calling them and who you are exactly. Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App
  • With all the erroneous, hypocritical, absolute fanboy BS you spew on an almost daily basis, I'd certainly want to be anonymous if I were you. In the past you made claims that rooting was for "2plus year old devices", despite at the time owning an Evo 4G, which had an absolutely huge root community. You implied a few months ago on some obscure Disqus-using Android website, that Nokia made Android smartphones and that they've always been "piss poor", despite Nokia never having produced even 1 Android device. You claimed to "know" the specs of the S4 weeks in advance, but turned out to be totally and completely wrong on all points. You constantly tell people who don't agree with your viewpoints that they are "useless", "bums", or some other ridiculously childish and petty insults. For the past 2 years, you have claimed Samsung's devices will pimp/bitch slap all other manufacturer's devices, even when the latter devices haven't even been announced, let alone made available to consumers. Clearly, you live in your own "basic reality" that does not jive with actual reality. Hypocrite.
    Also, just because one would like to remain anonymous, does not mean one "can't maintain basic reality". Case in point: you, for the reasons above.
  • I can't decide which is more pathetic: The fact that Richard has a reputation or the fact that we know Richard has a reputation.
  • "chadthebuilder says: So glad I don't have my actual picture as my Google profile pic." So glad I don't have a Google+ account. Who cares what picture others use on THEIR phones. I'm not looking at it when I call them.
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  • This is good. Pictures for contacts being made easier is a good thing imo. Doesn't FB do this already? And by the way I am loving my new Nexus 5! Posted via Android Central App
  • Your definition of Good is somehow tied into what Facebook does?
  • Facebook adds pics to people you have in your contact list. Its not showing strangers you may have to call for work or wrong numbers your profile pic. Posted via Android Central App
  • I can kinda get the wrong number thing (even though, as I said above, these people could see your face just by being in the same public place as you) but work? If you're calling someone from your personal phone, that's not likely to be a "random stranger". Personally, working as a developer, I talk to tons of people in the help desk, or the server team, and I can't tell you how many times I've felt silly cause I've asked someone who they are, only to realize I've spoken with that person on the phone every couple of weeks for the past 6 months. Again, we're not talking about Google just randomly blasting your photo out there to strangers. You have to actually call these people. And, if you for some reason work at a job were you do call complete random strangers from your personal phone, you can always opt out.
  • I agree completely. There is always the ability to opt out. You're information is already out there regardless in many databases. Everything that is done with an internet connection is pretty much recorded somewhere..for as long as that data remains assessable..which could be forever. People need to stop being paranoid. If some REALLY wanted to find you all they need is a little money, the internet, and effort..and that's just the average person! Posted via Android Central App
  • Let me preface this by saying that i don't really have a problem with this either, my current G+ profile pic is that of a raccoon trying to screw a dog, I'd love to see the look on peoples faces when that popped up on their phone. Anyway, there is a scenario of someone calling complete strangers from their personal phone, and I do it almost every night many times a night. I deliver pizza, and at a university we deliver to, we are not allowed to go into the dorms, we have to call the student to come outside, and there are lot of other times when we have to call our deliver for any number of reasons.
  • OK, that's valid. But, like I said above, that person is going to see your face when you hand them your pizza. How is that any different than them seeing your face on their phone when you call them? And, from a security standpoint, it's better for both of you, because now they know who to expect when they open the dorm door late at night.
  • I'm thinking the point is, besides that this should be an opt in not opt out, it's not about "your" face, but it is using your profile picture. Not everyone uses their face (themselves) as their profile picture. I've seen A LOT of g+ accounts that use nude women as their profile. Would you want your child, spouse etc... receiving an accidental, wrong number etc..calling their phone with a nude photo? Sure, some of us might :) It also may become confusing for the recipient when the caller has changed their profile picture. I know most of my g+ and FB friends change their profile picture sometimes daily, with most changing weekly or monthly. Lets look at changing profile pictures. Using above example, not using my "face" as my photo, instead I use the Android Central logo. I made my call to you with my AC logo. I now changed my profile to something different, but I haven't called you yet. Billy Joe Bob calls you by mistake, but he has the AC logo, you "may" be inclined to answer thinking it was me. Yes, I would agree, it is up to the recipient to make sure the image goes with the number. These examples are why I think people are concerned with using profile pictures being linked to your number. To your point...I too could careless. Most if not all of my contacts that have a smartphone, already has an photo of or something to represent that I am calling. Only difference, now my profile photo will show up for wrong numbers or to anyone on a smartphone. no biggie.
  • "Would you want your child, spouse etc... receiving an accidental, wrong number etc..calling their phone with a nude photo?" This was actually a MAJOR issue with Skype a few years back, before MS bought them. Skype changed their rules regarding blocking users from a "whitelist" setup (you had to add people to your whitelist for them to be able to contact you) to a "Blacklist" setup. (You had to manually add people to a blacklist to block them. They were pushing the "Social" and "Telephone" aspects of Skype. The result was a MASSIVE community outcry and a wave of account cancellations as mere days after Skype implemented this, massive amounts of porn "Spim" began flooding the Skype networks. Kids and grannies that used skype to video chat were suddenly getting pornographic "Spim" messages for pay porn video chat services, with the images TURNED ON BY DEFAULT. Lots and lots of boobies and va-jay-jays were all over Skype. Within a few weeks Skype reverted back to the original "Whitelist" setup, and shortly afterwards they were bought by Microsoft. Frankly, I can imagine a similar situation with Google and their ridiculous attempts to ram G+ down our collective throats.
  • Haha ;D Let's say... you're looking for a new job, send to everyone your CV then someone is calling to you and see your G+ picture. The first thing he/she will say is "WTF??? Who the f...k is this guy?" ...disconnect :DDD
  • Again, that's your work and opinion, not everyone has a similar work environment as you. And why would I assist anyone I hardly know in finding personal info about me. If they want to put that effort in, let them, but I refuse to hand out my info to anyone I don't know and may never meet face to face. I had a legitimate question below, about opting out, maybe focus on that. Posted via Android Central App
  • My response was to TenshiNO saying if you're calling them from your personal phone, you probably already know them.
  • My response was to that person, too. That's why it's directly lined up under yours and not slightly off to the right. Posted via Android Central App
  • What "info" are you handing out, besides what you look like?
  • I prefer anonymity as well using the sculpture "the Thinker" as my avatar. I also hate the way samsung phones try to ID pictures on my phone by the faces for every picture. Also safer against ID theft if your picture is not readily available on the internet from a security stand point. FB used to hide your account which gave some control over who see's it But not anymore all pages are available to public just like G+ is. Besides I don't need my pic on my profile, my friends know who I am, and I'm not a celebrity so it doesn't need to be official. I'm proud of the fact that there are no pictures of me on the internet after using it for 15 years.
  • Me too!
  • I don't like this one bit Google!
  • Love it Google!!
  • Why? Other than the vague talking point of "yer takin' my privacy!" which isn't really true.
  • my google plus picture is a Banana in a tophat..
  • Already does it for me anyway Posted via Android Central App
  • Doesn't is already do this? Haha Mine does. Posted via Android Central App
  • What is currently does is sync your contacts photos to their profile pic. This is like sending your profile pic to people you are calling who don't have you set as a contact.
  • Noooo, it syncs my info. Doesn't do that to any of my contacts. Just my stuff.
  • You're not looking at it the right way. If you call me right now (We are total strangers) I would just get a number. With this it would show you Google+ profile pic too.
  • Was it too difficult to make it a choice? Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.
  • Its a choice, you can opt-out anytime.
  • Already opted out of Google+ for exactly this type of shenanigans.
  • You opted out of Google+ because they give you the option of using this feature or not using this feature?
  • I opted out of Google+ from the very beginning. As soon as that is no longer an option, I'll close all my Google accounts.
  • I've been feeling the same way for a while now ever since I had my Evo LTE (I had to move to tmobile so I actually tried out the Lumia 925) But anywho, I loved that Evo LTE and it always bothered me when google tried/found different ways to shove google+ down my throat. I would constantly access my google dashboard and delete any trails lol people would be surprised what you find in your dashboard you had no idea you were even sharing with the internetz. so does anyone have the slightest idea why google is making google+ such a needed service for their products? as far as I can tell they are the only ones out of the big 4 OS's that are trying to shove a social network to their consumers.. I am curious, I know Microsoft tried their own social network once and that was a terrible fail lol
  • Besides the obvious, that it pushes people to sign up for Google+ and drives traffic to the site (increasing click-through value for ads) there are also benefits to having a centralized login system. Now, the argument can be made that they had that before with the GMail login, and that they're moving from that to using G+ as a marketing ploy for the reasons described above. And that argument would probably be valid. That said. I, personally, don't really care. There are some advantages to having your account link to more than just an email address. All of these people who are worried about all this information in their G+ profile being "public" should really go sign up for one of the websites like PublicData and look themselves up and see how much of your life is already a matter of public record.
  • Ditto on not ever signing up for Google+ (or any social network for that matter)! It's the easiest way to not ever deal with this type of crap (keeping up with system changes and having to worry about opting out of them). Also, not everyone wants to participate in the use of them. Force me to do so for something and I'll walk. A simple example of this is the comment system in Google Play. I no longer use it since it now requires a Google+ account. Another example is a local weather blog. They moved the commenting system to require the use of a social network account. I no longer post there or even visit much anymore.
  • THAT! Right there! ^
  • I agree with you. When G+ came out, you didn't have to use it when you wanted to use Google Maps, Play Store, etc. Now, i you want to post a comment to app in Play Store, you have to have G+ account. If you want to see where are your friends in Google Maps, guess what you have to have... G+! That really sucks! I hope I'll never have to make G+ account for using any Android app.
  • In fairness, it's not a bad thing: if you use Hangouts, and you confirm your number, you're basically saying "I, the owner of this Google account (used in Hangouts), confirm that this is my mobile phone number." So why not use it elsewhere within Google+-integrated services? If I have someone on Google+ in my contacts, I get their Google+ picture, too. Likewise with Gmail. Furthermore, if you have that number on your Google+ profile already, what's the issue?
    The only way I can see this as being a problem is someone who finds your number and uses your profile pic to stalk you, or if you use a work number or something.
    In which case it would be beneficial to have an ambiguous profile picture, or use a different number for situations where you don't wish to be identified. \(O_o)/
  • 'So why not use it elsewhere within Google+-integrated services?' Because I don't want to? There's nobody on G+ I want to talk to outside of G+, and I HATE that it's tied into the rest of my Google stuff.
  • Google is getting too creepy for me. I hate when the default is being opted into something. This and the Google+/SMS thing is too much. Time to switch back to Windows Phone for a while I guess. Posted via Android Central App
  • I agree, Google is starting to creep me out...default opt 'in's are not the way to go.
  • How are they getting creepy? Do you have a registered US postal address? Email? Criminal record? Social network accounts? Registered phone numbers? There are websites that someone who knows a very small amount about you could pay to receive your current information and/or history. A picture that comes from Google + when I call someone that I know or have met doesn't worry me a fraction as much as that does. Privacy is a very transparent thing nowadays unfortunately. Posted via Android Central App
  • So...the point where we both mentioned that Google defaulted to opt everyone in vs. out escaped your grasp? The 'creepy' part is that they're clearly linking it all together (yes, I know they have been for quite some time internally for ads), and opting users 'in' to that service by default. If I hadn't seen this article, it would have be done with my knowledge. Fortunately, no criminal record here, so I don't have to worry about the websites you mentioned, you must have more to worry about than I.
  • Well, I have avoided Google+ so far and don't plan on using it any time soon so I guess I'll still have the stock picture. Though my account does have a photo attached to it. It is a photo of a black mage from final fantasy, same as my picture here. I don't mind if people see that when I call I guess.
  • I think Google is slowly trying to forcé everybody to use their services. And that is not bad. You are welcome to use them or not. At least you get that choice with Android.
  • I think its cool.
  • Why would people have a problem with this? It's just using your profile picture, right? Which is already public, visible to everyone anyway. Seems to me like Google is trying to do something about the problem of unknown or unfamiliar numbers, which I'm all for. If I call someone, I don't mind that my already-public picture shows up. They'll know it's me when they answer anyway. Posted via Android Central App
  • So I could make my profile pic something obscene or disgusting and it would show on someone elses phone if their kid answers? This is another one of a long line of dumb ideas from Google lately.
  • I'm pretty sure Google's t&cs already say you can't set obscene pictures as a profile picture anyway. Posted via Android Central App
  • Very nice! Posted via Android Central App
  • Google should make better integration with Facebook not just their own service. In comparison to Facebook there are very few active users of Google+. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, I use haxsync to sync my Facebook contacts to my N4 contacts, I'd rather use G+ but everyone I know is on fb, so, what can ya do? Posted via Android Central App
  • Not happy about it Posted via my Nexus 5 on the Android Central App
  • Will there be an option to have a verified number and not display your pic on calls, but still allow friends to find you on hangouts with that number? That's the only reason I've verified mine, hoping it would help find a friend that used hangouts. But... I don't want it to show my pic to every stranger I have to call for work Posted via Android Central App
  • Do you really call random strangers at work from your personal cell? The only situation I can see where that would happen is if you did service calls (in which case they're going to see your face when you get there) or you were in sales (where you would actually want this sort of thing).
  • Agreed. Posted via Android Central App
  • Do I really need to explain my business to you? Not everyone has a work environment similar to yours, or what your idea of work should be. I have to call and/or give my number to hundreds of strangers each month, in and around Vegas, to locals and tourists, some high profile, some no names. Privacy and discretion is important to some people, regardless of what your opinion is on it. And not that anyone uses G+, but I certainly don't want to mix business with my personal life/family, when one of these strangers sees my pic on a call and knows they can find me there. Posted via Android Central App
  • No one is really arguing against you. If you're *that* concerned with "Privacy and discretion" then I wouldn't expect you to have your phone number out there to be searched. I mean, if you call me, I can take that phone number and come up with all kinds of info about, often including where you live. If you're a hitman or a mob enforcer then, yes, this feature might pose a problem, since "discretion" is important. But the simple fact is that 99.9% of the people out there are not going to have this kind of issue with this new feature.
  • Do I really need to explain my business to you? Not everyone has a work environment similar to yours, or what your idea of work should be. I have to call and/or give my number to hundreds of strangers each month, in and around Vegas, to locals and tourists, some high profile, some no names. Privacy and discretion is important to some people, regardless of what your opinion is on it. And not that anyone uses G+, but I certainly don't want to mix business with my personal life/family, when one of these strangers sees my pic on a call and knows they can find me there. Posted via Android Central App
  • There are many different professions where you may have to communicate with strangers for one reason or another. You and other commenters keep using the words "on your personal cell/device" but, in the ever-increasing presence of BYOD policies at many businesses, there is no such thing as a personal cell or a business cell anymore. It's all the same device unless you have enough extra cash to pay for two smartphone calling and data plans and wear a mobile phone tool-belt to carry it all around with you. I have no problem with the creation of a new feature if it benefits some but I agree with others who have said that Google should create it and give you a way to opt in, not automatically sign you up and then force you to opt out.
  • While I can sympathize with your statement, the truth is *most* people aren't going to care or have any desire to opt in. The few that do, can.
  • My cat will surly be pissed. In fact he'd probably bite over this Sent from my Moto X
  • Here is hoping that this means better hangouts SMS integration. The current integration on KitKat sucks Posted via Android Central App
  • Cool. Fine with me. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm a fan of this idea. Have nothing to hide from anybody. I'm sort of a shy person but it'll be cool to see people who call me that I don't remember maybe. Just a cool idea IMO. Posted via Android Central App
  • The App That I got from the play store, Brings up First and Last name of the person calling me even if I don't know them/not in my contacts. Which is miles better than just a picture. BTW, your privacy was lost before you knew it!! wake up!!
  • This is a great way to get my balls on everyone's phone. I don't know about you... but I'm excited!!!
  • LMFAO...exactly my thinking. Those are balls. They always look like landscaping when you're that close...
  • The same people that gave up their privacy and didn't realize it voted for Healthcare for everyone!!
  • I don't understand Americans - healthcare for everyone should be a first world right. Only sadist would argue otherwise. Posted via Android Central App
  • Except our insurance and healthcare system is run by private companies trying to make as much profit as they can so the cost to consumers is extremely high. My insurance premium is around $1600 a month (My employer pays over $1200 of it though). And I have what is considered good insurance. People paying on their own are in a real hurt box and with the new Obamacare that is rolling out prices are seeming to be much higher than promised. I agree, healthcare should be universal and companies shouldn't be trying to profit off the sick but in America that is how business works and the people making the rules and laws are all extremely rich and serve the interests of those who donate or pay them the most money come election time and throughout the year.
  • What does healthcare (which should be a right) have to do with cell phones?
  • I dont know what all the fuss is about...... Posted via Android Central App
  • I think this is part of a very big thing Google is doing. With SMS now built into hangouts, it seems that at a stroke Google are about to make their services bypass your mobile phone operator whenever it detects you are communicating with another Google plus registered person. Your mobile phone carrier is now just a dumb pipe into the internet and Google. This could kill WhatsApp, Viber and other message and voice-call replacement services.
  • Another thread where all the people chime in about their privacy being violated. Lord knows you cant pay for any information you want to know about someone now a days anyway. No one I know will ever have a picture of my face on their phones! NO Google! NO! Posted via Android Central App
  • I already block anonymous calls.. It's just another filter I can use to block random sales idiots. Don't want to tell me who you are? Then welcome to voicemail. Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't know Google+ settings by heart, but this feature should adhere to the restrictions you set up. If there is a setting to limit your profile picture i.e not setting it to "public" or change who can look you up, caller ID should respect that. Google could of course add a new setting such as "don't display my profile picture outside of Google+", which in sweep would remove your face from adds and caller ID. This way they can still use (and abuse) your name, but not your face. Options are limitless, as long as Google respects its users concerns I think they can grow and improve on Google+ and related products. Me, I have True Caller on my phone that "steals" peoples profile pictures from Facebook and displays them for unknown callers. So this is already a feature and NO, you can't opt-out of that one. Makes you think don't it ;-) (of course you could close off your Facebook account and the problem is solved)
  • Noted.
  • Its a picture and that can be anything from a cute and cuddly cat to something a bit more obscure lol I know there is alot of privacy concerns with Government spying, Nasa, And Google ect ect but i dont particulary see an issue with this and im sure rather than it being mandatory it will be optional. Posted via Android Central App
  • When the time comes, I bet AC will have a "how to" to opt out, or disable. In the meanwhile, if you don't use a Google + pic yet, use the default contact pic on your phone for a + pic. You know, the one that shows when you don't have a pic set for a contact.
    I use my cell for work, so you can bet my pic will have something to do with my occupation, which can be a good thing. Posted via Android Central App
  • My Google pic is just a pic of an Green Android so it doesnt bother me .
  • Well the whole Android/ Google services Eco system is indeed glorified Spyware. They chip away at our privacy betting that all will just accept it and go about their business. It's a shame that our own law enforcement allows this to happen. Sure there are the terms of service that they put out, and they know that most will not read it. This is truly an issue with business customers and my own European based employer that implemented Android devices just 8 months ago are considering dropping them for privacy concerns. Google has only one idea in mind and that is collect as data as they can and sell advertising. They don't care about your privacy and will push as far as the law allows.
  • What exactly are you trying to hide on the internet? What privacy is being invaded? Don't want Google to know how much porn you watch? I really don't understand why everyone is so upset about all of this. Collect whatever you want from me cause I have nothing to hide. I do unplug my web cam so they can't see me watching porn though :D Posted via Android Central App
  • I'll take this over Facebook. If you don't want your picture shown, don't post a photo or post something that reflects your being. Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3.
  • I'll have to opt-out, for sure. It's not a big deal, but Google+ is becoming a bit too involved with my smartphone experience, lately. For example, I also don't like my gallery being linked to my Google+ account. Posted via Android Central App, HTC One
  • Now I remember why I don't have ANY social Networking app's on my phone or PC, no Google +, no Twitter, No Facebook, nothing.
  • lucky i dont have g+ Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm surprised no one see's the benefit of linked pics and names to numbers: a drastic reduction in spam calls, pranks, obscene calls and bullying. Harder to prove it wasn't you breathing heavy on the line when you've broadcast your name and pic to the person. Posted via Android Central App
  • Queue the privacy worrier's
    Like I didn't know google already had my phone number and google+ pic
    I think it's a cool feature actually.
  • What if you already have a pre-defined set photo for your contacts? I don't want Google+ overwriting that. I have pics that I've set myself for almost all my contacts.
  • I dont like to see the profile pictures of my contacts change all the time.......If i like a picture i just add them to their contact in my GMAIL contact list, which i will sync on my phone....... But these pictures are stored as 96x96 and the clarity of the picture when calling the person SUCKS.......its better if google increases this pixel size but not like this through google+
  • I am glad I don't have a Google+ account then.. I use separate emails, names for everything and refuse to even update to the new fb messenger as it now asks for my phone number.. Just another way to track people for advertising...
  • I can't read through all the posts, but here's my concern. It's not a privacy issue per se. But I think people struggle to give it a proper name. Here's my situation. I have a G+ account, and a FB account. I control who has access to those, and secure information I don't want shared publicly. I do not use my G+ account for connecting to work individuals. Information there might not be "work appropriate". Why then link up my limited G+ profile to my non-limited phone calls? I can be "work me" or "outside of work me" on my phone. I like keeping the worlds apart... this merges them, in a small way, which I think is the issue. Yes... one can opt out. Why can't I simply have a profile picture I want to display to public, and allow me a profile picture on G+ I share how I want? Many people have done interesting things with the cover photo and profile photo to provide an effect on their G+ page... but then you take the profile photo and toss it around with my phone calls? I don't mind showing my face to people I'm calling, but then I'm limited to what I can do with the picture on G+ because it's shared in multiple ways. If you want to share data multiple ways, allow me ways to manage it please. That's all I ask.
  • I now use Google+ more than Facebook. Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2
  • Is the earpiece in that Nexus 5 in the OP photo really silver colored or is it a reflection? What color is the back of the phone? My black Nexus 5 has a black ear piece.
  • It's a white N5 so it has a white earpiece. I hated it at first, so much so I nearly decided to keep one of the black N5s I bought, but it's really growing on me and I always loved the white back. It serves to distiguish top from bottom and also from my lady's N4 when they're both on the table etc.
  • I wonder how this will work for me. I have 2 gmail addresses and only 1 G+ profile. The main gmail account on my phone doesn't have a G+ profile but my secondary account does.......hmm
  • Just another reason for people to avoid Google+
  • For my Android devices I use a complete seperate Google account under fake personalia.Email I do only on computers with other accounts with other email-services. Ony use Android Google account for Play Store related. There I think it already went wrong using a 3v creditcard for purchases. Because last Monday I received G+ invitations for people I know in real life. So they cracked my identity very much against my wishes. Even people I haven' had contact with in ages and I really don't ever want contact again with. To tell you the truth: this p*ss*s me of big time. It even makes me kind of scared. I want to be anonymous on the internet.
  • "Tell me your Google account name and I'll tell you who you are". Maybe we should make a list of what informations can Google collect from a person that use every Android phone features (or at least every Google apps)? It could be very interesting ;)
  • I understand everyone's concerns over privacy and agree with some of the commentators that this should be an opt-in approach, rather than default. However, my concerns are somewhat more petty. I have spent years developing a database of my OWN contact photos of friends and family that are now be overrun with pictures of Teddy Bears, Flowers and Oceans. What kind of crap is that Google!!! I want to use my own resources. not be pestered with what you think I should have. Cut it out. If you don't take people's privacy and individual concerns seriously, you're going to lose market share, it's as simple as that.
  • Yea Barry that's my point exactly. Many of my contacts hav no picture and Google seems to override Facebook or any other account t I have linked so the only alternative is to delete the link and/or the clients google plus account from ur fone. Also agree it shud be opt in but it's a major pain the butt for me at the moment... Is there any way to disable it.
  • fone
  • I think it's a good idea but things like this should always be disabled by default and you should have to CHOOSE to opt in,
  • What u mean by what's your take?
  • How do you transfer photos and videos from my own Samsung 4c, from Google ÷ to my mobile number or my email address or off someone else's Google+ to my personal family albums. Cheers, Catherine Wales
  • Google Plus you seem to know a lot of what's on my phone very intrusive don't like it!!!
  • I am very upset that you know everything that is in my phone which should be private I wonder if Google + to get in trouble for being intrusive by knowing everything I have on my phone
  • waleQ! my music video so dope
  • Great feature from the google +
  • The sooner the better don't you think ?? I do
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