Google announced quite a few new toys at its October 4 event, one of which being an updated Daydream View headset. An exact release date wasn't announced at the time of the announcement, but that day is now upon us.

There are three colors of the Daydream View to choose from, including Fog, Charcoal, and Coral. Fog is expected to ship within two to three weeks, with Charcoal and the gorgeous Coral option expected to ship by October 22.

The updated headset costs $99 with free shipping, and while that is more than the $79 asking price for the first-generation model, there are a lot of improvements this time around that make the added cost worth it – especially if you held out last year.

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We won't go through all of the improvements here, but the highlights for 2017's Daydream View include an added head strap for more comfortable VR experiences, improved fabric material and padding, a new heat sink system, and plenty more.

If you're interested and want to pick up a headset before Google runs out of stock, head to the link below!

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