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You can now highlight posts on your Google+ profile page by pinning them

Google has released a new feature for its social network, the ability to pin posts on profile pages. If you have ever found yourself in the position of wanting to keep a specific piece of content at the top of your Google+ profile page, then this new functionality is for you. It's a small change that will go a long way to show off that incredible shot you took on holiday.

People often have posts that they want to make sure get seen when someone visits their profile, like a great nature shot from a recent family trip. Businesses also have content they want to highlight such as photos of a new product or a trailer for an upcoming movie. You can pin a post to the top of your profile or page. When someone visits your page, they'll see the pinned content first above the rest of your posts.

The only downside is pins can only be set while using a desktop web browser, though Android-powered devices will be able to see said content. iPhone support is said to be in the works.

Source: Google+

  • Why is iPhone support in the works but not Android device support? Posted via the Android Central App
  • They are not promoting Google+ by telling how it's better than Facebook, Twiter etc, but rather just shoving it to people. Its truly a great platform with many unique features and advantagoes, but unfortunately promotion is lagging. Why don't they run Google Ad's for Google+?
  • Honestly, it's the same as Facebook and MySpace, no need to shove how good your product is down someone's throat. Let them hear about it, try it and enjoy the experience; tell others. Even today "word of mouth" is still the best advertisement. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well there are 2 more downsides it appears: (1) You can only pin PUBLIC posts, not ones shared to cirles. and (2) it seems you can only pin ONE post. When I pinned a 2nd, the 1st was unpinned .. Good idea, but it needs tweaking Google ..