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Yes, we're going to CES -- and we're bringing all of you with us!

A couple of questions you all have been asking us lately: Is Android Central going to CES, and can you come with us? And the answer to both is YES!

OK, so we're not buying your plane ticket or anything. Or paying for your hotel room. Or picking up your CES pass. Or giving you any gambling money. And you can forget about limo rides. But we're doing the next best thing letting you watch from the comfort of your own home as we bring you the best Android coverage this side of ... well ... everything. And we're not doing it alone. The entire Smartphone Experts team is along for the ride.

So how can you follow along? Check back in with the site, of course. But for the raw feed, be sure to follow us all on Twitter. You never know what's going to happen.

And be sure to check out our sister sites for their coverage, too. We'll see you in Las Vegas!

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  • Hey I live in Vegas, got any extra tickets? :)
  • Ill be there looking for you guys! Cant wait to play with everything LTE...
  • woot woot!!!....will do!!!!
  • I'll be in Vegas that weekend! Too bad I can't get in.
  • This is the year for android tablet and I am excited
  • I'll be in Vegas Jan 19th for my brother bachelor party. So scope some places for us to check out!
  • What happens in Vegas better not stay in Vegas.....DOLT!
  • =[ I want to be at CES
  • Follow on Twitter? So you saying wit all these phones with FFC and video we can get live feeds???? There aint no APP for that?
  • Sure. But there ain't a battery big enough to cover more than 20 minutes that way. :p
  • I hope you guys bring back something from Vegas. No, no I'm not talking about herpes.
  • I'd be happy if they brought back Gingerbread for everyone, or at least us Nexus One users.
  • I'll be at the conference... going to cover it for my company. Hopefully, I'll run into you guys there. Carry a sign or something.
  • Do me favor, Phil...Can you try to get any info on the HTC Merge mess? I still really want this phone and I want to know how Verizon could be so inept and not release it.
  • @Pentel ... two words to describe how verizon could be so inept. "Fascinate Froyo"
  • I think we broke twitter with everyone trying to subscribe before CES so we don't miss anything. Keeps saying it cannot find Cory, Phil, or AC when i try to subscribe to yas