Yahoo Mail for Android adds custom swipes and more

Yahoo Mail for Android got a big update a few months ago with mutliple mailbox support, and now the company is giving users even more options with its latest update. It includes a way to change and customize swipe touch actions.

Here's how custom swipes work on Yahoo Mail:

People use email in many different ways. With this latest update, you can customize your swipes (slide your finger left and right across an email to reveal quick actions) to perform your most used actions. By default, you swipe right to "mark as read/unread" and swipe left to "delete." Some people prefer to "star" messages, others want to sort their emails into folders, and some people want to "archive" (if you have multiple mailboxes) instead of delete. Select the actions that are most useful for you by opening your "Settings" and choosing "Swipe actions."

The new version also allows user to take the same swipe actions with incoming emails in the notification center, along with additional options to "star" and "mark as spam" options in the multi-select toolbar. You can find the Yahoo Mail update right now on the Google Play Store (opens in new tab).

Source: Yahoo

  • I use the e-mail app called TypeApp for my e-mail, formerly called Blue Mail and it's been doing this for a while. It's a really nice e-mail app and I encourage anyone on the hunt for a new one to check it out. I know I tried several and landed on this one at the end of my search. ~David
  • Yep, I've been using TypeApp for a long while now...great app! Highly recommended!
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