Yahoo! Mail adds seamless Dropbox attachments

New attachment functionality rivals Google's Gmail and Drive integration

Dropbox and Yahoo! announced today that the companies will be integrating to offer seamless file attachments in the Yahoo! Mail Android app. Unveiled at its "DBX" developers conference, Dropbox and Yahoo! have now teamed up to challenge the added functionality Google offers with Gmail and Google Drive. Users that authenticate with their Dropbox account from within the Yahoo! Mail app will now be able to select either local or Dropbox files from the "attach" menu, and simply send out files that are stored in the cloud.

This pretty much directly mirrors what Google currently offers for sending large file attachments with Google Drive, with the added bonus that Dropbox is still the de facto cloud storage solution for so many people. The update is set to be live in the Play Store today from the link above, but doesn't seem to be available just quite yet.

Source: Yahoo!

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  • May dust off my old Yahoo account and take a look at this.
  • people still use yahoo??
  • You use one e-mail account for everything? I maintain several e-mail accounts across various providers. Each one has a specific purpose. So, yes, Yahoo is still viable to some of us.
  • Still use my old Rocketmail account which got absorbed into Yahoo and use DropBox all the time. Not using Google Drive so this will be handy for me.
  • Rockin rocketmail since '97! Posted via Android Central App
  • Just fix the Yahoo app so that is auto syncs the mail. Mine does not either on my Galaxy Nexus nor my Nexus 10. Check the app reviews and I am not the only one......
  • The only reason I use Yahoo is for Flickr. It serves no other purpose. Especially when they make you pay for features that should be free, like forwarding my email to GMail, which offers better organization tools. My main accounts are with, because they let me have other mails under one account. All those get forwarded to Gmail.
  • Well, if you think about it, charging for auto forwarding makes sense. Presumably, if you're doing that, you aren't checking mail at their site, so you aren't viewing the ads. They have to make up for that somehow.
  • They might as well buy off dropbox and rename it to dropr. Considering that they are on a buying spree. I kid. Nice to see the integration.
  • You missed the crucial step: screw dropr up. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yahoo rival Google? That is funny talk.