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Xperia X10's Camera Facial Recognition Shown Off

And now we get reminded why we had so much faith in the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. The Xperia X10's Camera has facial recognition software that enables the camera to identify faces within pictures. For example, if you take a picture of your friend Phil in one picture, you can easily find more pictures that include Phil--it automatically groups pictures of Phil in one gallery. For a "phone camera" that's a pretty nifty feature, but then again with the X10's camera being 8-megapixels it shouldn't be really qualified as just a "phone camera".

We'd love to test out this facial recognition but sadly, the Xperia X10 still has not been released. Sadface. In any case, hit the jump to see the video of the X10's facial recogniton in action! 

  • NICE! Now where's an external BlueTooth camera with zoom I can connect to the Android phone? Ok... I'll even want it to have a directional mic to I can hear that the coach is saying.
  • This is seriously an official SE blog? With a piece of paper taped to a wall? :-D Solid promotion work there, really amazing...