Xiaomi's Qi-based wireless charging mat for the Mi Mix 2S costs just $15

The Mi Mix 2S is the first Xiaomi phone to offer wireless charging, and at the launch event the manufacturer rolled out a wireless charging mat designed for the device. The charging mat works on the Qi wireless protocol — the same used by the phone, and the highlight is that it retails for just ¥99 in China, or the equivalent of $15.

Xiaomi made its name by selling high-quality products at throwaway prices, and the wireless charging pad reinforces that notion. The charger is certified by Qi and delivers a maximum charge of 7.5W, which according to Xiaomi will charge up the Mi Mix 2S in under three hours. The maximum charge is lower than what Samsung's wireless charger manages at 9W, but Xiaomi's offering costs less than a third.

The phone comes with Quick Charge 3.0, so if you're looking for a quick top up in the middle of the day, it's always easier to just plug in to a wall adapter. But if you charge your device overnight, the wireless charging mat comes in handy.

There's no mention of whether Xiaomi's wireless charging mat will make its way outside of China, but with the company making its accessories available in more and more Western countries, there is a high likelihood that the charging mat will make its way to global markets.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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