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Google TV may not yet have really taken off, but that hasn't put Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, off the idea of an Android powered set-top box. The Xiaomi Box is set to come to market on March 19, initially in a three city trial -- those being Shanghai, Hangzhou and Changsha. The initial batch of the device will be limited beyond location too, with just 10,000 units initially being made available. 

The release of the Xiaomi Box has come about through a partnership with Chinese broadcaster, iCNTV. The Box itself is priced to move, costing the equivalent of $48. It becomes the latest in the Xiaomi ecosystem of Android based products, that to date include smartphones, and the MiUi software. Streaming from an Android device is possible with the Xiaomi Box, as it is from an iOS device too. In the absence of the Apple TV in China, the Android powered Xiaomi Box could also attract the nations iOS users too.

via The Next Web