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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 rumor hints at a massive 7-inch display, 5500mAh battery

The Mi Max series turned out to be a sleeper hit for Xiaomi, and if a new rumor out of China is to be believed, the Mi Max 3 will be the company's most ambitious phablet yet. According to CNMO, the Mi Max 3 will feature a 7-inch display, considerably larger than the 6.44-inch screen we've seen on this year's Mi Max 2. To bring down the overall size and make the device conducive for everyday usage, Xiaomi is said to be offering an 18:9 panel with minimal bezels at the top and bottom.

The Mi Max 3 is also rumored to feature a dual camera setup at the back, along with a larger 5500mAh battery. One of the standout features on the Mi Max 2 is the 5300mAh battery, so the idea of a larger battery in the Mi Max 3 makes the device that much more enticing. Like this year's model, the Mi Max 3 is set to include Quick Charge 3.0.

We don't have details on memory or storage, but the Mi Max 3 will likely be offered with 3GB/4GB of RAM and at least 32GB of storage. The phone is said to be offered in two variants: a base model powered by the Snapdragon 630, and a high-end version featuring the Snapdragon 660.

Xiaomi switched to 18:9 displays with the Redmi 5 series, and it looks like the company will be offering the form factor across its entire range. Early rumors of the Mi 7 also hinted at a 6-inch 18:9 screen, with the phone slated to be the first to be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845.

What do you guys think of the rumored specs of the Mi Max 3?

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Oh yeah. Since this new trend of 18:9 aspect started booming, I've been waiting for a phone to go over 6.5". Too bad Xiaomi only focuses on china and india. I'm not willing to pay the 3rd party retailer tax and without warranty.
  • agree 100%, the 18:9 are too narrow, if they go bigger overall, maybe they will get appropriately wide
  • This is a tablet with phone features!
  • Like the failed Samsung Galaxy Mega, big phone, not so great specs. Really, no 5-6GB of RAM...??
  • High school kids around the world loved that phone: It was cheap with a decent screen for media consumption, making it a cheaper; cooler alternative to a PSP. The south east Asian market loved it even more, because the specs were best calibrated for the faster network speeds within Samsungs domestic market. Gotta consider also that the Mega was released during a time when most US carriers were being sued for throttling and data bartering, so no one really knows how great the phone would've been had that not happened.
  • That's just way too big for a phone.
  • I bet it's the same size without bezels. I'd love it but probably won't be compatible with US networks.
  • Gonna need bigger pockets! Might as well just carry a tablet with cell service.
  • I wish Samsung would do something like this, too.
    A note 9 of comparable size, with higher specs, would truly be a Note successor.
    As it is now, the Note is far to simular to the other Samsung phones. The Note had always been a showcase of Samsung's best tech specs and future trends. It would also help with the reduced total screen size due to the screen's curve. The 18:9 aspect is still weird for consuming content.
    Why pay for such a large screen with with warped edges that distract from what one is watching?
  • To be honest this kind of battery capacity should have already been standard. I'm happy there's a manufacturer that's willing to do this, I just hope others take notice.
  • The voice tab incarnate.
  • Funny, I just got my Mi Max 2 yesterday and loooooove the screen size and huge battery so far. The camera isn't bad either but I prefer 16:9 phones can't stand the 18:9 phones and will keep away from them as long as I can. I didn't buy it as a daily driver but I have yet to put it down. Worth the $200+ I spent on it but with this next one being a "skinny" long phone I doubt I'll get it.
  • $200+ for MI max 2???? I got for $100 on gearbest during black Friday
  • I miss the old phablet days when devices where wide as well as tall .
    Also it would be nice to see a big phablet style phone with beastly specs , as it seems 9 out of 10 of the super big phones always seem to have the budget internals.
    I don't hate the 18.9 aspect (hence my S8+) ,
    however after comparing the tall skinny trend to the older phablet style devices like the note 4 , 6p ,
    i have come to the conclusion i prefer the conventional phablet style .
  • The forecasted great screen and battery size should ideally (IMO) be combined flat screen-edges (the curved screen edges are designed for a demented customers by ditto designers and company directors😛) carbon based super durable and fast charging battery-tech à la FWC
    Would also be nice to have an inbuilt stylus like Samsung's Galaxy Note phablets have.😊
  • The Mi Max series is one of the best value for money phones. After using this phone, you can never switch back to another phone or phone size. Waiting for the launch of this phone so that I can upgrade my mi max.
  • I have a Mi Max 2 and I love it. I would like a phone with 7 "display, but it MUST be 16: 9, otherwise I buy the old Huawei P8 Max 6.8" (16: 9).
  • I would pick a Honor phone over a Xiaomi any day...Was going to get a Honor Note 8 but it didn't have the required features like NFC & 4K...So, I am now waiting for Honor Note 9 to launch...Galaxy Note 8 is way out of my budget otherwise I would love to get one...
  • Waiting for this for a long time!
  • Too bad there will be no US LTE bands or this would be my next phone.