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XBMC for Android is coming soon, source code available for building and testing

XBMC, the very popular open-source media center software, has been successfully ported to Android. The folks at XBMC tell us this on their blog -

Today we announce XBMC for Android. Not a remote, not a thin client; the real deal. No root or jailbreak required. XBMC can be launched as an application on your set-top-box, tablet, phone, or wherever else Android may be found.

If you don't understand just what this is, think of having Windows Media Center running on your Android device, fully customizable, open-source, and with full Python plug-in support. Now think of it on Google TV boxes, Android-on-a-stick style devices, or the Nexus Q. Music, video, internet apps like Pandora, all running on Android device. XBMC does all this, and more. Have a look at Wikipedia if you're not familiar with the media center concept.

For now, no public builds are available. There's still some things to iron out, and the folks at XBMC only want folks who can actively help fix the bugs using it. They've released the source code to make this happen, and you can find it (and more info) at the link below.

Source: XMBC

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • This is awesome. Been using this since the xbmp days on the original xbox.
  • Currently I use WMC7 and a pair of Xbox 360s, I would love to have a few of these small boxed hidden behind my TVs. No gold subscription to pay to get my netflix and hulu plus and no loud fans to hear. Does anyone know if this will support tv tuners, I am getting all my TV OTA via my HTPC. Cant wait to see what the final product will look like!
  • This will honestly be like a godsend. I'm on the road a lot and I miss having XBMC in the evenings to watch all my shows on. Now I can just pack light with just my tablet and an external HDD instead of brining the laptop with as well. Great stuff!
  • This is one of the apps I've been dying to get my hands on!!! Why are there only 3 comments?? I'm excited about this one!! now I just need to figure out how I can stream my live comcast cable stream to it wiressly lol
  • This will be the reason I get a google tv box.
  • Cool--just in time for the Mini MK802 I ordered just this week. Hopefully it runs h.264 vids better than it does on my tiny Asus media computer running win 7 on an atom dual core and 3 gigs of ram. The picture stutters. Had to switch to media portal.