Would you rather have the Galaxy S21 or Pixel 5?

Samsung Galaxy S21 in Phantom Violet
Samsung Galaxy S21 in Phantom Violet (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

The Galaxy S21 and Pixel 5 shine bright as two of the best Android phones currently on the market. Looking at the specs and features both phones have to offer at their respective price points — it's difficult to not like either one.

This shared success brings up some competition, though. Given that the S21 and Pixel 5 are competing at similar price tags and both bring different things to the table, which is ultimately the better buy? A few of our AC forum members recently got to talking about this, saying:

Hey dude, Excellent find on that article! After all, ALL of his reasons for Pixel 5 over S21 is why you guy a Google Pixel phone at the end of the day vs a well-marketed Samsung Galaxy phone. S/W optimization, no bloat-ware etc. Practical & realistic s/w features that people will actually want to use!


Thanks for sharing. That article is on point. I had a P5 after switching from iphone a few weeks ago, then thought it was too boring and shipped it back while getting an S21. I couldn't stand it and ordered another P5 and I am happy with it. I like the pure Android experience and the software is wonderful and very intuitive, I think more so than Apple and I was with them for years.


I actually own both and switch my Sim back and forth, as both have their advantages and disadvantages IMO. Can't believe I'm saying this, but the cameras and video are pretty much on par with each other. Other than that, P5 - better battery, pure Android, and smaller form factor. S21- Display, display (lol), features, and customization (if you're into that).... Definitely keeping both


The main reason I eventually abandoned Samsung was the weight an shere size, I just wanted a simpler smaller lighter phone than did everything without a fuss and didn't pull your shorts down in summer . And then can the Pixel 5. Perfect , almost The launcher could do with some work


What about you? Would you rather have the Galaxy S21 or Pixel 5?

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