After months of leaks and rumors, Samsung finally took the stage in Barcelona yesterday to officially unveil the all-new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. These are Samsung's top two phones until the Note 9 makes its debut in the second half of the year, and each one packs a ton of features and upgrades over 2017's Galaxy S8 series.

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A lot of our forum members recently started talking about the Galaxy S9/S9+ and whether they'd be upgrading to them from their current phone, and this is what they had to say.

Ramon Castillo1

Hell yeah. Much improvement to the camera that exceeds the Note 8 and much faster chip. However, most likely the Note 9 will focus on the screen (more resolution and dolby vision?) and fingerprint sensor under the screen. Samsung seems to focus on things on each line and they chose camera focus for the S9 line.


I'm going to wait and see what's happening with the note 9 and X then pick between the two. If the X is a folding phone I might pass since that really new tech can be sorta glitchy.


I'll wait it out for the note 9 the note 9 will get everything the s9 has and added features. Plus I do use the s pen a lot so I'll wait. It will be hard because I love new phones. We will see if I have the strength to wait it out lol.


Low light camera on the S9+ is going to be so much better than my V30, and I'm finding it is such an important feature... my S7 Edge took better pics in low light than V30. Not even using the quad dac, so yes, I'm upgrading, can't wait!


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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+


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