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Best answer: Most likely. The Oculus Quest 2 seems to have a USB-C charging port just like the original Oculus Quest.

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Modern charging

Facebook hasn't even announced the Oculus Quest 2, but rumors and leaked renders give us some indicators about the next Oculus VR headset. As seen in leaked renders, the Oculus Quest 2 seems to have a USB-C charging port on its side.

The original Oculus Quest has a USB-C port that's used for charging, transferring files, and connecting the headset to a PC for Oculus Link. It's fairly safe to say that any sequel to the Oculus Quest will have the same type of port.

USB-C has taken a few years to become ubiquitous, but it's currently the modern standard for a wide range of devices. It seems extremely unlikely that Facebook would move away from the versatile port with the Oculus Quest 2.

Some change is on the way

While the Oculus Quest 2 looks like it will have the same USB-C port as its predecessor, the leaks we've seen do show some changes could be on the way. While original Oculus Quest has a physical IPD slider, the Oculus Quest 2 appears to have preset options to adjust its interpupillary distance. Based on what we've seen, the new VR headset won't have controls that are as granular, but it will still have a way to adjust the interpupillary distance of the lenses.

The Oculus Quest 2 also seems to come in white, rather than the black like the original Oculus Quest. The leaks appear to be press renders rather than prototype leaks, so there's a good chance that the new headset will be white like in the leaked images. There's a lot we still don't know though, so be sure to check back with us when we learn more.

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