Best answer: The PlayStation classic doesn't have an AC adapter to keep the cost of the console down. It's really the only thing to cut.

Best Buy Pre-order: PlayStation Classic ($99)

They need to keep the price below $99

The PlayStation Console is a beautiful thing. With 20 built-in games, two controllers, and a console that's 45 percent smaller than the original, it's a retro money-making machine. But to actually compete with Nintendo's SNES and NES Classics, Sony needs to keep the cost as low as possible and that means sacrifices.

They have managed to create what looks to be a really well-designed replica of the original PlayStation with quality materials, so there aren't savings to be made there. The only place to save is on the cables or the AC adapter and, rightly in my eyes, they chose the AC adapter.

Everybody has an AC adapter

In these days of disposable consumerism and in a country where cellphone is king, AC adapters are not hard to find. With over 95 percent of all Americans and 68 million Japanese people owning smartphones, and those people updating their smartphones every 25 months, it's easy to work out that the average person, if they bought a smartphone in the past few years, would have at least some USB-A AC adapters floating around their house. Not all of these will work with the PlayStation Classic, but there's a good chance they will. Plus, if they don't yoiu can find a working one just about anywhere for really cheap.

All you need is for one you own to be capable of outputting five volts and one amp. To put that into perspective, my Pixel 2 XL charger can output a maximum of five volts and two amps. Even the cheap ones you get at the service stations can output the required power.

You can grab an AC adapter from Amazon

For as little as $7 you can grab a standard five volts, one amp wall charger that will connect to your PlayStation Classic. You don't even need to buy the cable separately, since that comes supplied in the box.

I would recommend this wall charger from Anker if you are looking to purchase a new one.

Our pick

Anker wall charger

Dual sockets for your Classic and phone

This Anker wall charger is more than powerful enough to run your Playstation Classic and has room to charge your cell phone too.

The Console

PlayStation Classic

Retro fun for all the family

The PlayStation Classic is set to be one of the best selling consoles of this holiday season. Pre-order yours while you can.

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