Who's going for the Galaxy S8+ over the S8?

Last year, there was a clear divide in size and features between the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge — it was even in the name!

This year, not so much. The Galaxy S8+ is slightly taller and wider than the Galaxy S8, with a 6.2-inch display over the smaller phone's 5.8-inch panel, but both are curved, and both are very compact.

Hi, I just want to know for the ones who will buy the S8+ their reason to buy it.Do u think S8 is really not big enough or just you're used to big phones.I've always had samsund S series phones.But I feel now that my S7 is too small.Is the S8 enough bigger than the S7?


As the phone gets a bit closer to release, a lot of people are asking whether the S8+, which its 3500mAh battery, is actually a better decision than the S8, which has a 3000mAh cell.

I just left Best Buy. If you aren't looking at them side by side you almost would think they were the same size. I mean one is obviously larger than the other but it's not that noticeable like it was last year. For that alone I think it's worth going for the slightly larger screen and larger battery.

Arsenio Martins

Some people look at the S8's smaller size and focus on its one hand-friendliness, since it's small enough to swipe-type and take a photo with one hand. But others just want the biggest phone, period.

Yes, S8 is not big enough. IMHO even the S8+'s size is marginal, to the point that I may cancel my pre-order and wait for the Note 8. I want a 6" screen with a 16:9 ratio.


Others don't think the S8+ goes big enough, and are waiting to see what the Note 8 brings.

What's your thinking? Are you going for the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+?

Daniel Bader

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