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Who's going for the Galaxy S8+ over the S8?

Last year, there was a clear divide in size and features between the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge — it was even in the name!

This year, not so much. The Galaxy S8+ is slightly taller and wider than the Galaxy S8, with a 6.2-inch display over the smaller phone's 5.8-inch panel, but both are curved, and both are very compact.

Hi, I just want to know for the ones who will buy the S8+ their reason to buy it.Do u think S8 is really not big enough or just you're used to big phones.I've always had samsund S series phones.But I feel now that my S7 is too small.Is the S8 enough bigger than the S7?


As the phone gets a bit closer to release, a lot of people are asking whether the S8+, which its 3500mAh battery, is actually a better decision than the S8, which has a 3000mAh cell.

I just left Best Buy. If you aren't looking at them side by side you almost would think they were the same size. I mean one is obviously larger than the other but it's not that noticeable like it was last year. For that alone I think it's worth going for the slightly larger screen and larger battery.

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Some people look at the S8's smaller size and focus on its one hand-friendliness, since it's small enough to swipe-type and take a photo with one hand. But others just want the biggest phone, period.

Yes, S8 is not big enough. IMHO even the S8+'s size is marginal, to the point that I may cancel my pre-order and wait for the Note 8. I want a 6" screen with a 16:9 ratio.


Others don't think the S8+ goes big enough, and are waiting to see what the Note 8 brings.

What's your thinking? Are you going for the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+?

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  • Me. Mostly for the extra battery.
  • They should have increased the battery size in the S8 to at least 3300mah with the increase in screen size. SMH.
  • No, not this time around, they need to regain some hope, so I'll let it slide that they don't want to push the battery, this year. Next year is going to be different, though.
  • They shouldn't push the battery any year. They should make a larger battery with a safer design, not smaller battery with a safe design.
  • I was considering the S8s, but I can't get past that fingerprint sensor location. Ugh.
  • Seeing as I was using the heart rate sensor on almost daily basis on the S7 edge, I have no issues with the placement of the FPS. I wish there were bigger batteries here. With that said, after handling both, I prefer the S8.
  • To be fair though, most of us unlock our phones far more than on a daily basis. Also, the heart rate monitor is a function in and of itself, you use it when you want to measure your heart rate, whereas the fingerprint scanner is just an unlock method, you have to use it to get to any other feature.
  • I get that. But because I'm used to the physical design of the S7 Edge, my finger naturally lays where the FPS is, all the time. So I get other people may have an issue adjusting, I'm used to it.
  • I'm fine with the "unsecure" face unlocking. I've actually been using the slower but more secure iris scan on my Lumia 950, so I might even still use that. A second or two isn't that big of a deal.
  • Me too, what a turn off.
  • I can tell you that Iris unlocking is faster than finger. And you can set the it activate with long home press, as opposed to home press then screen swipe then iris (default) S8+ for me!
  • I had a preorder for the S8 but when I saw the phones in person I cancelled the S8 preorder and went for the S8+. It's because that gorgeous new display kind of makes the phone for me, so why not get more of it. It's not as if the S8 is going to fit in my petite pockets any easier than the S8+. They are both good choices and I have no complaints about the S8.. I just preferred the S8+ a bit more.
  • I've preordered the S8+. Chose it because of the size and the battery. Upgrading from the S6.
  • I went to Verizon to get the s8 but when their both in front of you I couldn't not get the s8+
  • "nooooooooooooooobuddyyyyyyyyy 👌👌" see if anyone gets it
  • Who's better than bad boy?!?
  • S8+ for the extra battery !!
  • I'd just stick to the s8 after the note 7 incident. If it blows up at least you won't lose half a leg or butt cheek to it melting away :/ just me though, i don't think an extra 500 mAh mandates another 100-120 bucks
  • No phones ever blew up, and the chances of the S8 blowing up is slim to none "again, no phones blew up", and in regards to the Note 7 and it's battery issues, the number of units that did have battery overheating and melting issues "not blowing up issues" was miniscule.
  • neither for me, can't deal with touchwiz even in its current form. OnePlus 3T was the shot in the arm i needed for something new, fast, and long last battery.
  • I went with the s8.
    I also preordered Dex.
  • If I get one.. it will be the plus model
  • Old crappy eyes mean a big phone for me. If I was to get a Samsung it would definitely be the S8+. I had the S6, went to a Nexus 6, then S7+. Now back on a Nexus 6.
  • This is a point a lot of people miss. They focus on hand size, but for most people, as you get older, a bigger screen really makes a huge difference. My eyesight is still pretty good for my age, but I am getting more and more farsighted, so I love a big screen. Plus it's easier to tap something without accidentally tapping what's next to it - especially if it's a list or menu.
  • Agreed on w/experience ☺
  • We shall see when I buy closet to Christmas. If the price has come down a little then maybe..
  • I would get the + but with the news of Google pumping $880M into flexible displays production for LG, can wait till end of summer to see what's up.
  • I went with the S8+ because of the bigger battery and width. Buuuut wish there was a flat screen version too. I would have gotten a flat screen model if it was offered.
  • With the Sam's Club deal I'm definitely going with the +. Can't find a better deal right now.
  • $150 Sam's Gift Card? Is that the diff between Sam's vs Verizon?
  • Yes and waved activation fee
  • +
  • I went with the S8 Plus for the display and battery. Also as I have stated in the Forums, this will be my first Samsung device since the S4. Might as well go big or go home and go all in...
  • I'm definitely leaning toward the +, but I'm waiting until my wife gets hers to decide for sure.
  • If i were to upgrade I think this is the first year I'd get for the smaller model mostly for the $ savings. The size doesn't seem to different to me. But normally, yes, larger is always better.
  • Neither. But if I did get one, it would definitely be the Plus.
  • S8+ Hope I don't regret giving up my 3T for this.
  • You will regret it after about 6 months when touchwiz stsrts slowibg the phone down.
  • Nice... You couldn't even let him enjoy his new phone for a while.. Why so negative?
  • I'm preordering the S8 just for the size. The + is to big
  • The plus if I was to get one.
  • I ordered the plus. I am used to bigger phones having been a Note user for a couple of years now.
  • S8+ I'm used to the size of the iPhone 7+, so I don't think it'll be too different. Going back to the S7 felt too small (remember when a 4 inch display was considered huge?). As far as the fingerprint sensor is concerned, I think the misplacement is overblown. Muscle memory will kick in for most people over time. And some will probably opt for face/iris scanning. They aren't tied to fingerprint scanners, just getting into their device quickly.
  • There is muscle memory and then there's awkward. No matter how much muscle memory kicks in it will still remain extremely awkward. Face scanning is not very secure and Iris scanner requires to many steps so it's inconvenient.
  • What to do? I've read a couple articles saying the finger print scanner was supposed to be under the screen but the technology didn't work out yet so they had to put the fingerprint scanner on the back was a last-minute decision and maybe that was the only place that it would fit.
  • I'm going for the S8+, assuming the reviews are what's expected. I have a Note 4, and when I looked at the phones in Best Buy, I did a double take. I had been considering the S8. I took my Note 4 out of its case, and held it up to the +. The + is LITERALLY just a smidge larger, with a bigger screen, and MUCH more comfortable in the hand. So, definitely take a physical look at them and not just on screen,
  • I went with the s8 only for the fact that I was going to be charged by T-Mobile up front costs for the +. I'm on jump on demand, sort of defeats the purpose of having it if I'm paying costs up front.
  • I just want to note for others: The S7Edge and S8 are almost the exact same screen size in day-to-day use - This is because the nav buttons are now on-screen. i compared this in person @ the Verizon store. I also highly recommend to anyone that's debating which size (height, weight, thickness, width...all important considerations) to go to a store and try them both yourself first! doing this helped me decide on the S8+.
  • (Addendum: almost the same size, except that the S8 is actually not as wide a screen as the you're actually slightly losing some screen real estate there. So u slightly gain some screen vertically, but slightly lose some horizontally!).
  • I went with the S8. The s7E is plenty big enough for me, and the S8 is roughly equivalent (slight narrower and slightly longer).
  • It's funny, I read that first comment about them nearly the same size and I completely agree. It was hard to tell them apart unless they were right next to each other. So, I concluded that I might as well save the $100. I also wanted to try out a "smaller" phone again before the Note 8 comes out.
  • They can't really.make the note bigger can they ? That would mean a screen over 6.2. That is too big for a phone ? I just want to see re-positioning of the finger print scanner, 4k and whole screen can scan your prints !
  • Will we see a proliferation of mega-phone holsters now or will this be the kicker that brings us deeper pockets in jeans? I have been a Note user so I am waiting for the Note 8 but I had my eye on the Nokia 1520 long ago for the extra real estate, despite users saying it was too large and unwieldy. I hope we can get swappable batteries back.
  • I like my phones like I like my women - Plus Sized. Disregard everything else.
  • I'm waiting on the Galaxy S8 Mini. Let's see a 4.7" screen in a device the size of an iPhone 4s. Of course, if they actually did make a mini, it'd probably be a 5.4" screen and still be ridiculous.
  • I like bigger phones so i went with the plus. Can't go wrong either way though
  • Wife went with the + because she uses phone heavily for work (she was a Note gal, but, well, you know). I went for the straight 8 due to awesomeness reasons.
  • I play a bit with the S8+ at best buy and is perfect for me(i have big hands😉) besides i love big screens, as soon as the Note 8 comes i will go for it! 😃
  • Going for the s8 plus and very excited about it. Preordered it Friday
  • i am waiting for the note 8 then i will decide to get note 8 or s8 +
  • This is exactly what I'm doing. Loved my Note7 and want to see what the Note 8 has before I decide.
  • After some internal debate, I pre-ordered the S8. The Plus will take up more room in the pocket and not much difference in the usability of the screen. Yes, it's bigger, but has the same number of pixels, so the density is better in the S8. I am a bit concerned about the size of the battery in the S8. I guess I'll risk the $35 restocking fee from AT&T if I have to decide to trade up for battery life.
  • I went to Best buy and check out the S8+, Wow! What a Stunning screen!..and I placed the s8+ in my hand and what a surprise, this phone did not seem large at all!... I ordered the Phone right on the spot!.. This is a must, you need to go to Best buy and check it out!
  • I wanted the S8+ but I didn't want to pay extra for it. I am on Jump on Demand on T-Mobile so my upgrades are suppose to be no money down. I couldn't justify it. So I preordered the S8 for me and one for my wife, too.
    Besides, I am going to Jump on the Note 8 when it comes out. If it costs me extra money, so be it. That is the phone I really want. I need that stylus so I don't have to keep post it notes in my pocket. LOL
  • This is exactly my situation is you substitute "girlfriend" for "wife." I really want the Note 8, so the S8/S8+ is just a hold over for the next 6 months give or take. I wasn't willing to pay $130 extra dollars for a phone I only plan on having about half a year.
  • I am shocked at how more than half the comments want a 6.2 inch device. I think most who get that size will regret it unless they have really long fingers. Never being able to 1 hand your phone is just annoying.
  • But I wont be getting either. I might go with a G6 thos year to replace my S7 Edge. Touchwiz has really slowed down my phone over the past year.
  • I think people are preferring the bigger screens for watching movies, YouTube, etc...
  • Not to bust on you but some more negativity? Why?
  • Locked bootloader in the states, no thank you.
  • I think the S8 is big enough, and this is me going from a Note 5, to an HTC 10, to a ZTE Zmax Pro(lol), and then to an S8. I'd like the extra battery in the S8+, but not enough to spend the extra $100 on it. The Note 5 had the same size battery with a similar total screen area, and the S8 should be more efficient all around. I'm not worried about it.
  • ... If i were going to purchase the s8 I'd definitely choose the Plus ➕ model. But, I'm waiting for the Note.
  • As I posted in the thread, I'd choose the S8+ over the regular if I were going to buy it.
  • Going to hold out and see what they offer to replace the Note 7. I like my S7 but miss my s pen.
  • If I have to choose, I will pick the s8+.
  • Definitely the 8+, not just for the battery but also for keyboard width. I'm hoping the screen on the 8+ is at least as wide as my S7e otherwise I'll stick with the Edge for now. Personally I don't like what I'm seeing with the new display format. I've gone with the largest display I could get the last 3 phone purchases, The only exception being the S7 Edge over the LG V20. I have not once wished for more content and less scrolling vertically. More often than not I have to scroll horizontally to read articles and this last move will only make that worse.
  • Less than a week to recieve the 8, my first cell (with my 45 blown candles, it was about time...) are you excited too? At first I wanted the Google-Pixel-XL-128, for better resolution screen, fast charging and risk of missing non-expandable memory.
    ^-_-^ For the galaxy S8, no storage concern due to 64Mo and possible expansion, fast charging for both, but higher pixels density for the 8. So, why go too big? The 8 offer all I need, without beeing too big to carry. 3000ma batt is not a concern with fast charging capability, there is power anywhere for a cofee break and powerBank are quite cheap.