Which Amazon Kindle should you buy: Kindle, Paperwhite, Oasis, or Scribe?

Amazon Kindle Scribe
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There's no shortage of choice if you're in the market for an e-reader, with Amazon alone offering four Kindles across various price points. Amazon has made e-readers for well over a decade now, and in that time, it has dominated thanks to a combination of hardware chops and an outstanding e-book store. The current Kindle lineup starts at $100 and goes all the way up to $400.

Amazon recently refreshed its roster with the Kindle Scribe and the 2022 iteration of the entry-level Kindle. Then there are the good old Oasis and Paperwhite models that don't disappoint even after all this time. Whether you're looking to get started with e-readers or are interested in upgrading to a more feature-rich model, there's a perfect Kindle for every individual. These are the best Kindles you can pick up today.

Kindle: The ideal starting point

Kindle (2022) next to the cover

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The $99 Amazon Kindle (2022) has a lot going for it: incredible battery life, the ability to stream audiobooks over Bluetooth, and front-facing LEDs so you can read in the dark. The current-generation Kindle has much more storage than its predecessor, bumping up the older model's 8GB to 16GB, and improved pixel density. You'll greatly enjoy the crisp, improved new e-ink display.

There's also built-in Bluetooth that lets you stream your favorite audiobooks. The base variant is a decent choice if you're unwilling to spend over a hundred dollars on an e-reader, but you get so much more with the next variant in the series. Like most traditional Kindles, the entry-level model is available in Black. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Denim blue version.

Kindle Paperwhite: The obvious choice for everyone

Kindle Paperwhite

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The 11th Gen Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021) is the default option for most people right now. It costs $40 to $50 more than the base model and comes with a backlight and a larger 6.8-inch 300ppi display. The 300ppi display on the Paperwhite is just as vibrant as the costlier Oasis, and you have the option to adjust the intensity of the backlight. Amazon offers the basic 8GB and 16GB storage options as well as a special 32GB model with wireless charging called the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition.

The back has a soft-touch plastic coating that makes it comfortable to hold the Kindle for hours on end. Also, the current edition is almost 20 grams lighter than previous versions. The screen is now flush with the bezels on the top of the device. So, you won't get lint or liquids into it, and it is now waterproof, like the pricier Oasis.

Unlike the base model which comes in Black and Denim, you can also choose your Paperwhite in a third minty color called Agave Green. The best new addition with this generation is adjustable warm light, which is ideal for reading at night. The warm lighting is easier on the eyes and makes a genuine difference. If you're looking for a Kindle that offers the best value, then the Paperwhite is the one to get.

Kindle Oasis: The upgrade pick

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019) on a sofa handle

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The Kindle Oasis (2019) was Amazon's flagship Kindle e-reader before the Scribe came along. It was the first one in the lineup to offer water resistance — though now other models also have this feature. The IPX8 certification allows it to be submerged in up to two meters of freshwater for 60 minutes. That makes the Kindle Oasis a great option if you're looking to read by the pool or in the tub.

The Oasis doesn't look like any other Kindle, and that's because of a unique design that sees the internal components located on one side. The design brief for the Kindle Oasis was to mimic a book folded in half, and it excels at doing that. Unlike the rest of the series, the Oasis has a brushed aluminum finish at the back. While it isn't as comfortable as the soft-touch plastic, you have the option to accessorize with a fabric case.

The screen resolution on the Oasis is the same at 300ppi, but the e-reader has a larger 7-inch panel. It also has 25 LEDs as well as an ambient light sensor, and an accelerometer that switches the orientation of the screen based on whatever hand you're holding the Oasis. The differentiator for the Oasis is the warm lighting that automatically adjusts based on ambient lighting in your room.

To match its premium feel and price, you can pick up the all-aluminum Oasis in Graphite or Champagne Gold colors. If you want the best Kindle e-reader available today, the Oasis should be at the top of your list.

Kindle Scribe: For stylus fans

The Notebook tab showing various notes on the Amazon Kindle Scribe

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Amazon launched the first e-reader to ever come with stylus support in 2022 and christened the tablet Kindle Scribe. This gigantic 7-inch e-paper tab comes with a Basic Pen or a Premium Pen, depending on the bundle you pick. Naturally, the Basic Pen bundle costs cheaper, saving you about $30.

Don't be fooled by the size of the tablet though. Yes, the ginormous display is gorgeously detailed and crisp, with a 300ppi pixel density and 35 LED lights to boot. But, the Amazon Kindle Scribe is staggeringly expensive. The internal hardware doesn't justify the price tag, especially because the Kindle Scribe is not waterproof like the Oasis or the Paperwhite models.

Still, if you want USB Type-C charging, a huge display, an undying battery, and stylus support, the Kindle Scribe is your only option from Amazon's lineup. You could easily score a fantastic Android tablet for the same amount, but that wouldn't have an e-paper display of course.

The Kindle Scribe's main attraction is the combination of its awesome paper-like screen and the accompanying stylus. You can enjoy reading, writing, or both at once depending on the activity at hand. Since the Kindle Scribe doesn't have access to the Google Play Store, it is a little frustrating to use. However, Amazon has promised that it will continue to add more software features to the Scribe in the future. We've already seen some useful updates, so it is a worthwhile pick.

Add content to your Kindle

Buying a Kindle is just half the story; you'll also want to pick up some books to read on the device. Fortunately, Amazon offers a plethora of reading options, from its regular Kindle e-book store to subscription and lending services like Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Newsstand, and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

Although Amazon removed in-app purchases from its Kindle app for Android, all Kindle e-readers can still purchase e-books from the Kindle Store.

You can also read books for free on your Kindle by borrowing digital titles online. read our guide about reading e-books for free on your Kindle to learn more about this feature.

Lastly, you can always manually send files to your Amazon Kindle e-reader. There are several ways to achieve this and multiple file formats are supported, including EPUB files. Check out our step-by-step guide that teaches you how to send articles, files, or web pages to your Amazon Kindle device.

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