Stylish, durable, and colorful, the Fossil Sport is a great watch to buy, but of course once you decide you want one on your wrist, you still have a very important question before you: which color do you want on your wrist? There are six — that's right six — colors available for the 41mm Fossil Sport, and two colors available for the 43mm Fossil Sport, and the color goes beyond the strap color, as many of the models feature color-matched accenting on the watch itself.

Bold color pop: 41mm Red Silicone

This may be the most striking color combination in the Fossil Sport series, with a white frame, candy-apple red bezel and buttons, and a red silicone band. This watch will pop out against all of your outfits, and it almost looks too pretty

$255 at Fossil

It's rose gold, folks: 41mm Blush Silicone

Because everything needs to have a rose gold version, this Fossil Sport version features a white frame, rose gold bezels and buttons, and a creamy pink watch band. If you're a rose gold kind of person, you knew this was your color the second you saw it.

$255 at Fossil

Cool and crisp: 41mm Light Blue Silicone

While the Red Silicone will stand out against everything, the Light Blue silicone band can blend in with dapper attire, while the bolder blue accenting on the bezel and buttons will pop against muted palettes and cool colored outfits. I'm a sucker for a good blue like this.

$255 at Fossil

It's not easy finding green: 41mm Neon Silicone

This model is sold out online, meaning you'll have to hunt it down in a physical Fossil store. Only the band is green; the frame is white and the bezel/buttons are silver. If you want a plain silver watch you can swap a silver metal band to, this is it.

$255 at Fossil

Looks good with everything: 41mm Black Silicone

Black is the only Fossil Sport version to feature a black frame, which matches the black band and the gunmetal bezel and buttons. Black is always a safe bet, if somewhat boring, because it's absolutely true: black goes with everything.

$255 at Fossil

Odd and awesome: 41mm Gray Silicone

The Gray Fossil Sport isn't actually a gray watch, just a gray strap paired with a white frame and a bronze-ish gold bezel and buttons. It's distinct, but it'll probably look even better once you ditch the gray band for something bolder.

$255 at Fossil

Blend in: 43mm Smokey Blue Silicone

This muted navy blue is exclusive to the 43mm model, with gunmetal accents on the watch's bezel and buttons and smokey blue brackets that hold the watch to the band. This combo is understated and blends well with business suits as well as your tracksuits.

$255 at Fossil

Bet on black: 43mm Black Silicone

A classic black frame with gunmetal bezels and buttons. The 43mm versions of the Fossil Sport have the same price, screen size, and internal specs as the 41mm. The only difference is the size of the bezel and watch straps, for those wanting a larger fit.

$255 at Fossil

I'm a small girl with a small wrist, so I'm happy to see so many color choices for the smaller 41mm version. I'm torn between the candy-apple Red and that bold metallic Light Blue, but you really can't go wrong with any of these color options. Among the 43mm models, I always bet against boring Black when I can, and that Smokey Blue is a very unique shade that will blend well with any wardrobe.

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