Which color Honor 8 should you get?

Pearl white, midnight black, sapphire blue, and sunrise gold. Which one, which one?! It's always hard to make the decision, especially when you're going to have to look at the Honor 8 every five minutes for the next year or two.

We know that the color you choose often comes down to personal preference, but we've got some tips that might help those of you still struggling to make a choice.

Who should get the pearl white Honor 8?

Honor 8 Pearl WhiteHonor 8 Pearl WhiteHonor 8 Pearl White

The full glass body of the Honor 8 is a head-turner, no matter which color you choose, but if you want instant attention on your device, white is certainly the way to go. It's clean and has an almost sterile quality to it, reminiscent of futuristic sci-fi films.

The best part of having an all-white phone is its propensity to hide fingerprints and dirt, since it's reflective with no dark undertones. If you like a clean-looking phone at all times, you'll want to go with white.

It grabs attention, sometimes distractingly so. Having such stark, white bezel around a dark screen may end up stealing some of your focus. But if you can get past that, or you have your screen as bright as it'll go (you animal), then no worries.

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Who should get the midnight black Honor 8?

Honor 8 Midnight BlackHonor 8 Midnight BlackHonor 8 Midnight Black

Black is sleek, sexy, and just plain cool. The midnight black Honor 8 really is as black as midnight, without any of the blue hues you see in competitors' black phones, like the Galaxy S7.

The nice part about going with a black phone is that it's going to look great with or without a case. Without a case, you have a devilishly handsome phone that's understated and mysterious, but at the end of the day, it's just a black phone, so slap a case on it and you probably won't regret it.

The biggest drawback of having such a dark black phone with a reflective surface is that fingerprints will show up. You'll either want to carry around a microfiber cloth or you'll be constantly wiping your phone with your shirt, which is why black often lends itself better to a case.

Black is usually a default choice for most folks, but with current availability (only pearl white is available through the Honor site), we'll likely see fewer black editions than usual.

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Who should get the sapphire blue Honor 8?

Honor 8Honor 8Honor 8 Sapphire Blue

The sapphire blue Honor 8 is gorgeous. It's not quite as soft, nor polarizing (especially now), as the blue coral Note 7, but it's truly unique. When most companies are pumping out black, silver, gold, white, and pink/rose gold, if you're looking for something a little unusual, blue sapphire is the way to go.

It's a deep, rich shade of blue, reflecting subtly in the light. It's got a certain beauty and allure. If you're torn between the flash and guile of pearl white and the shrouded mystery of midnight black, blue might be a good in-between choice.

Who should get the sunrise gold Honor 8?

Honor 8 Sunrise GoldHonnor 8 Sunrise GoldHonor 8 Sunrise Gold

If you want to stand out with an ostentatious style, then sunrise gold is absolutely for you. If just want something more fashionable that'll match your golden vibe, it's definitely your best choice.

Gold is a fickle phone color in that, depending on the lighting, it can change from an almost silver tone to a rose gold to a sickly yellow, and fingerprints will show up at random and then vanish. Them's the breaks when it comes to phone colors that straddle the fine line between light and dark.

The gold version is also incredibly hard to come by in North America, since it's being focused in Russia and Middle Eastern markets to start. Don't expect to get your hands on one any time soon.

Who should get the sakura pink Honor 8?

So far, no one's seen the sakura pink Honor 8 outside of China, so the only answer, really, is anyone in China.

That being said, if it does make its way stateside, the same folks who usually opt for a white phone will also like the pink. It hides fingerprints fairly well and adds a sort of fashionable, head-turning flair to your phone.

The color will change, depending on the lighting, from a pearlescent rose to an almost crimson, but that's what happens with such reflective phones.

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Still undecided?

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