Where to buy Pioneer Android Auto head units

Android Auto is slowly making its way into new cars. But for many of us aftermarket units are going to be the way to go. Pioneer was first out of the gate with a trio of head units. Suggested retail prices range from around $700 to $1,400 from the low to high end, but we've already seen some pretty significant price drops.

Pioneer's three offered head units do Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Mirrorlink, and a laundry list of other apps and services. And here's a handy guide of where you can buy them.


Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX

The 8100NEX is the priciest Android Auto head unit Pioneer currently offers, and that's because it's got a capacitive 7-inch touchscreen rather than the clear resistive touchscreens of the 4100NEX and 7100NEX, plus built-in mapping. Suggested price on the Pioneer website is $1,400, where they call it their flagship head unit, but you can find it around half-off these days.


Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX

The 7100NEX is the middle ground between the flagship 8100NEX and the more basic 4100NEX model. It has most of the 8100NEX's features, but with a resistive touchscreen rather than capacitive. Suggested price is $1,200, but, again, you can find it much lower.


Pioneer AVH-4100NEX

The 4100NEX is the entry-level Android Auto head unit from Pioneer, featuring a resistive touchscreen. But it's still a fully functioning Android Auto (and Apple CarPlay) unit. It's the only head unit in the set that has a removable face, if that matters to you, and while the suggested price is $700, you can find get it for closer to $500.

And if you've got questions about anything and everything regarding Android Auto, head over to our Android Auto forums to ask folks who have been using it from the beginning!

Ara Wagoner

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