Where to buy the OnePlus 5 in the UK

The OnePlus 5 is now available to order in the UK, with prices starting at £449 for the 6GB RAM + 64GB storage version, rising to £499 for a whopping 8GB + 128GB. As usual, you'll be able to order an unlocked 3T directly from OnePlus.net. And OnePlus has continued its exclusive partnership with O2, so that carrier will be the only place to get hold of a 3T on the high street.

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O2 is carrying both flavors of OnePlus 5 — the slate gray model with 6GB + 64GB, and the midnight black variant with 8GB + 128GB. Pre-orders begin June 22, with orders shipping on the official launch date of June 27 — and as usual, O2 offers a wide range of tariffs depending on how much data you want. On-contract prices start at £34 per month for 6/64GB, or £36 per month for 8/128GB, both with a £9.99 upfront fee.

O2 is also stocking the midnight black 8/128GB model on Pay As You Go for £513.99 outright.

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As usual, customers on an O2 Refresh tariff can pay off the phone portion of their contract and upgrade to a OnePlus 5. The carrier is offering £80 to customers who "recycle" their old 3T in-store, however you'll almost certainly get a better deal elsewhere — electronics trader CEX offers as much as £229 for an 128GB 3T.

Alex Dobie
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