Last week, Andrew published an opinion piece titled, "I'm fed up with the Google Pixel 3's horrendously slow camera." While I highly recommend you give it a read if you haven't already, the gist of the article is that, while the Pixel 3's camera is among the best we've ever seen, its slow performance can make it a downright pain to use.

With that now out in the open, we wanted to get some feedback from our readers to see if they've experienced anything similar.

Here's what a few of you said via the Android Central forums.


I have double tapped the power button and missed the photo I was going for because the camera was slow to open.


My camera app was fast out of the box. After a couple months I felt like it was lagging. When Andrew's post came out I decided to time my camera. It was about 1.5 seconds from launch (either double tap power button or app shortcut on the home screen). Following the advice of a comment on the article I cleared the camera app cache. Since then I'm under one second from launch to capture.


My camera has been horribly slow. Even after factory reset. Takes 2 to three seconds to start the app and then 4 to 6 seconds to snap the pic after..... After clearing cache, it works great for about 20 minutes, then it's back to being slow

Reg Robinson

My Pixel 3 is not having the same camera lag issue that Andrew's is having, but I trust him. My wife has had to do two warranty swaps on her Pixel 3 while mine has been just fine. I'm not sure that quality control is doing the best job in the Pixel 3 assembly building.


How about you? Have you experienced any performance issues with the Pixel 3's camera?

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