Samsung Galaxy S11+ LeakSource: @OnLeaks/CashKaro

We're just about a week away from Samsung's unveiling of the Galaxy S20 at its upcoming Unpacked event. Leaks and rumors regarding the phone have been circulating for months, and now that we're almost at the finish line, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

It's been no surprise that people in our AC forums are looking forward to Samsung's latest and greatest, but recently, some folks have started talking about the main reason they're interested in the S20 in the first place.


There's only one reason I'll buy the new S20 and that's if it's got better battery life. With 5G, higher screen refresh rate, bigger screen I hope the battery life can hold it together. I don't think Samsung is too bothered with battery life. I feel they go for short term glory. I Heard good things about the iPhone 12 Pro max battery life. If the s20 can't match the battery life that's a...


Only reason I'm considering getting the S20 is that 120hz refresh rate. 90hz on the One Plus 7 Pro and especially the Pixel 4 was addicting. Especially the latter, as for some reason animations and transitions were so much nicer on the Pixel.


For me it's the camera I'm hoping they really knock it out of the park this time around


Camera is what interests me most despite the fact I know it won't replace my Nikons and collection of lenses it would be nice to have a better camera on me 24/7.


What about you? What's your main reason for wanting the Galaxy S20?

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