What's the best way to clean your smartphone?

Thanks to ultra-slim bezels, aluminum frames, and shiny glass backs, our smartphones are now more luxurious than they've ever been before. However, as great as they may look when they're fresh out of the box, just about everyone knows that those good looks can quickly start to fade after a few days of normal use.

Since we take our smartphones just about everywhere, they have a tendency to get really dirty in a short amount of time. It's important to keep a clean phone, both for its appearance and your own health, but knowing where to start can sometimes be a challenge.

We recently outlined some of our favorite tips for cleaning and disinfecting an Android phone, and we've now decided to check in with our forum users to see what their favorite methods are.

Without further ado –

I use eyeglass cleaner and the cloth I use to wipe my glasses


Ultraviolet method here to sanitize. I wipe the screen with a lens cloth to remove fingerprints.


Just a decent microfibre cloth to polish up the glass.


Damp Microfiber cloth does the trick.


Now, we want to hear from you – What's your favorite way to clean your phone?

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  • Paper towels soaked with rubbing alcohol.
  • After using gadget guards liquid ice on my screen I just buff it out on my pant leg. have a skin on the back so don't have to worry fingerprints on the back
  • Daily i wipe the phone off with an old white tshirt. I have several for just this purpose. I wash them frequently. If I deem the phone grimey then I wipe down with a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water. Then buff. Im talking phone with screen protector and case on. I almost never remove those. If I do it's just a buff with soft cloth.
  • Toss it in the dishwasher at the end of the day. Bright and sparkly with a fresh lemon scent next morning!
  • That's funny...
    Mine goes in the shower every moening for use as music streamer.
  • Once a week i use a small amount of dish soap and on a damn paper towel, then dry off with a lens cleaner.... nowadays phone are water resistant so u can clean them pretty well without having to worry about damage....I wouldn't suggest alcohol or ammonia based cleaning products because it will strip the oleophobic coating off the glass.....also I would suggest that u remove the case once a week to clean that as well.....as dusk particles get trapped inside the case and can scratch the back of ur $1000 fine China lol....so wipe that down with the same damn paper towel as well
  • iRoller is awesome for betting anything off of the screen or glass backs. Yes, even fingerprints. If it gets too dirty, rinse it off with water, let it dry, and keep using it.
  • Micro fibre cloth. Damp one for stubborn stains.
  • I use a belt sander.
  • What... nobody thought that was funny? Sheesh! Tough crowd! Seriously though, I have a dedicated microfiber cloth I wrap it in and rub it down if it's just fingerprints. For anything else, I'll use clear water, and avoid solutions that remove the oleophobic coating.
  • Pledge all purpose cleaner sprayed lightly onto a microfiber towel. Everything looks like new.
  • If i need to sanitize my phone i just put some hand sanitizer on my hands and then wipe it on my smartphone. Afterwards I turn on my sink to about room temperature water and rinse my phone. This is why every phone in 2018 needs to be water resistant and those that don't have no excuse.
  • Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers. I use them on my glasses then I use them on my phone.