What you need to know about the new Google Hangouts, Hangouts Dialer, and the old Google Voice

The new Hangouts is beautiful, and more than a little confusing now that it can integrate with Google Voice

Google Hangouts is getting a pretty major refresh, and it now integrates with Google Voice. And there's a new Hangouts Dialer to contend with if you want to use both together. If it's all just a wee bit confusing, we understand. Google Voice has never been much of a mainstream product, never mind that it's damned useful. And Hangouts as a means of mobile messaging sort of started as one of those Google+ features we were were force-fed at the beginning, again, never mind just how good it actually is.

And now it's all coming together. But it also can be more than a little confusing.

Here's the deal, as we understand it, in plain English.

First, an update (Sept. 12)

A couple things have happened since we first wrote this post. First is that more folks are starting to get the updated Hangouts app, which is great. It's a beautiful refresh.

The other is that many of us who had Google Voice integration in Hangouts have lost it. When the "blue bar" we write about below first appeared overnight on Sept. 9-10, it was a bit premature, apparently. If you opted in to the integration then, you'll likely have been rolled back and will have to wait for Google to re-enable it on the server side. We don't know when that will be.

Patience is hard, we know. (Trust us, as Google Voice users, we definitely know.) Hang in there. It's coming.

Google Hangouts — what is it?

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an excellent communications tool — think Skype and instant messaging, and now text messages.

Think of Hangouts as Google's one-stop messaging service for mobile and the traditional desktop web. It's perhaps best known as a Skype alternative, giving you a way to talk to friends and family over video, in real time. But it's actually much more than that, allowing you have video calls with groups of people, and even broadcast your calls live with Hangouts on Air. (It's what we use to broadcast the Android Central Podcast, actually.)

Hangouts is built in to every Android phone that has Google Play Services, and video chat is just one part of it. Instant messaging is another. And Hangouts actually is an excellent way to communicate with anyone who's got a Google account. You get notifications in real time, can reply with ease, and shoot and upload pictures to one or many friends.

In 2013 Google added the ability for the Hangouts app to also serve as your default text messaging (SMS) app, replacing the "Messaging" app that also comes preloaded on your phone. So now you could have all of your messages — well, Hangouts and SMS text messages, anyway — in one place. None of this affects other messaging services such as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice is one number for multiple devices — think phone in the cloud, almost.

Google Voice is this ridiculously helpful service that started life many years ago as Grand Central, before being bought by Google. The oversimplified idea is this: A single (and free!) phone number than can ring multiple devices, with cloud-based voicemail storage. (For those of us who have multiple devices for work purposes, it's a godsend.) You also can send and receive text messages with Google Voice, though behind the scenes they behave a little differently than traditional SMS messages, occasionally causing some headaches.

You, of course, can also make phone calls over Google Voice. When you do so from your phone, you'd actually see it dial a number different than the one for the person you're trying to reach. That's just Google Voice doing its thing through the old switching system. Google Voice also works on the web, allowing you to make phone calls from a computer. (It's a great way to make free calls home from overseas — all you need is an Internet connection.)

Google Voice, at least from an end-user's perspective, seemed to pretty much be left out in the sun to die, though, as Hangouts took over. You could get SMS text messages in Hangouts, but remember that Google Voice messages are different, and separate. We were promised Google Voice-Hangouts integration, but the months came and went. Finally, now, it's happening.

Hangouts-Google Voice integration, and the new Hangouts Dialer

Google Voice migrate

So a few things need to happen for all of this to work together. First, you're going to need the new Version 2.3 of Google Hangouts, which is rolling out this week in its slow, safe, trollout fashion. You're also going to need to opt in to "migrate" Google Voice over to Hangouts, which we did with the help of a nice little blue box that magically appeared overnight. If you haven't seen that blue box and haven't "migrated" Google Voice to hangouts — which is a server-side function — you're not yet going to have full functionality.

Google Hangouts Dialer

And to make phone calls through your Google Voice number, you're going to need the new Hangouts Dialer app, which also requires that new v2.3 of the Hangouts app. Things get a little funny here, because once the dialer is installed and you open Hangouts or open Hangouts Dialer, they look and function exactly the same. So pick either one you want on a home screen. Doesn't matter which. (The dialer app icon is kinda cooler. And, yes, this means you have yet two more duplicative apps. But that's another conversation for another day.)

Hangouts Dialer adds phone calls the Hangouts app.

Yes, it's a more than little confusing. But look at it like this: If you want to make a VOIP call with Google Voice, you use the Hangouts (or Hangouts Dialer) app. If you want to make a standard phone call from the phone's SIM number, you'll use your old Phone app. But wait — don't go uninstalling that old Google Voice app just yet.

If you use your Google Voice number exclusively (or at least primarily) and place calls through the normal phone dialer, you'll still need to have your Google Voice app installed at this point. You see, the Hangouts app right now isn't declaring itself as a "phone dialer," so when you tap a phone number in another app, say on a restaurant's website in Chrome or an email in Gmail, it still opens up your phone's dialer to make that call. And unless you leave the Google Voice app installed to route that call through the Google Voice system, you'll be calling out from the number associated with your SIM — and you may not want that.

Additionally, if you do choose to go all-in with Hangouts calling and check the option in the settings to receive calls made to your Google Voice number via Hangouts (and therefore VOIP), you'll want to tweak your Google Voice device settings. On the Google Voice website (google.com/voice), go into your settings and uncheck the box next to the phones you plan to use with Hangouts calling. If you don't, your phone will actually ring twice for every phone call simultaneously as both Hangouts and the native phone dialer both ring for the incoming call. It's quite startling the first time it happens, and we hope Google has a way to fix this going forward, but right now this has to be done.

What about voicemails and Google Voice?

Google Voice Voicemail in Hangouts

Again, you're going to have to have seen that blue box in Hangouts and migrated your Google Voice account over to it. But after that, yes, you'll get your Google Voice voicemails in the Hangouts app. You can listen to the straight on the phone, or on the web, just like you used to. And you still get transcriptions, for better or worse.

And what about text messages and picture messages?

MMS in Hangouts

This is where things get a little messy. (Or messier. Or a lot messy.)

If you're using Hangouts as your text messaging app, but not using Google Voice:

Text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS or picture messages) work just fine. Hangouts accepts them as they should, and displays them in the app.

If you're using Hangouts and a Google Voice number:

Text messages (SMS) come into Google Hangouts via your Google Voice number just fine. MMS picture messages might work — if they're being sent from T-Mobile or Sprint. Previously they'd just send a link to your Gmail; now you'll properly see the picture. MMS messages from AT&T and Verizon lines to a Google Voice number were simply not received. Hopefully Google's still working on that.

This is confusing as hell — do I actually have to use any of it?

Stop it. Just stop it.

We agree. There are a lot of moving parts here. Some of them we're used to, being longtime Google Voice users. Others are going to take a little time to get used to.

The good news is that nobody's forcing you to use any of this. You don't have to use Hangouts for messages — SMS or otherwise. Your phone shipped with a standard "Messaging" app that'll take care your text and picture messages just fine. Your phone still has its own number — that's assigned to your cellular account and the SIM card you insert into the phone — and "Phone" app, and you absolutely don't need to use Google Voice.

If it sounds confusing, it is. The good news is you don't have to use it if you don't want.

In some ways, things were easier before. Hangouts messages only handled Hangouts messages. Messages sent to your phone's number went to the standard Messaging app. And the Google Voice app handled messages sent to your Google Voice number. But Google wanted to give you one place to get all of your messages — and that's not a bad thing, Apple does it, Palm did it, etc.

What's new today is that we have a new, redesigned Google Hangouts app that also can integrate Google Voice. And to do that, you'll need to tell Google Voice to migrate over to Hangouts, and you'll need to install the Hangouts Dialer app. You can use some of it. Or all of it. Or none of it.

The good news? Things are still changing. Google's still working on things. And it's still very much up to you decide what to use.

But that's how it stands now, as we see it. There's a lot going on here. Things will change again. Android L is on the horizon, and sweeping changes — particularly when it comes to services like Google Voice — take time. It's important to remember that as we talk about these pain points. They will get better.

If we've missed something, or if you've spotted a way to do things easier, sing out in the comments. We're all in this together.

Phil Nickinson
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  • That makes sense. I was thinking it was the wallpaper app extracted from the device.
  • It will be nice once it gets here. Not everyone got the pop up to integrate GV with Hangouts. Google is rolling it out in stages and has left a lot of people out in the cold. Whenever it gets here, then I will come back and read the whole article. Thanks Phil!
  • I would love a source for the GV integration rollout. Either way, thanks for that bit of info. I was worried I had missed something.
  • Here's a link to the LAUNCH post in the Hangouts product forum: https://productforums.google.com/d/msg/hangouts/S8afS2dJBnI/CkwIg6h3Rv4J
  • Nexus 5 doesn't have a "messaging" app. Hangouts or bust without a third party app. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So Hangouts is the "messaging" app. No problem right? Or if there is a problem then download a 3rd party app. Problem solved...
  • It's no problem, other than of course Hangouts has a terrible UI. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I agree. I tried to use Hangouts for messaging, and found it completely counter intuitive in pretty much everything. Promptly switched back to GoSms.
  • It may feel counterintuitive at first, but I once you get the feel for using it, it is an amazingly simple app that allows toy to switch between different conversations very easily Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm with you. I find Hangouts to be very simple, attractive, feature filled, and intuitive. Voice integration makes it a little more complicated but that only affects a small percentage.
  • I just wish when you clicked on the plus sign to start a new message to someone that it would place the cursor in the To field so you could just start typing the name.
  • The new app does this.
  • That is awesome news. I'm looking forward to it rolling out to me now.
  • If hangouts let you attach more than one pic to a mms, then I would use it. But I ain't sending 5 different messages to send 5 pics.
  • Ehh, it sorta encourages you not to do that, which you shouldn't, cause MMS compression is terrible and sending five pics in one message ends up with like five thumbnails on the other end. The whole SMS/MMS system across different networks is a terrible patch job of really old tech... It's only still a standard because people are too lazy to migrate to another default point of contact.
  • Thank you for saying that. I hate that we still use mms and sms.
  • I believe its great
  • I didn't mind the old UI but I LOVE the new UI. I really REALLY like Material Design (even if I don't like the name)
  • ugly UI
  • https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2F... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Bingo.
  • 8sms is a great app. You will love the notification shade functions. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Okay, my question is this: on iOS I know that one call to the gv number rings all of the hangouts apps,whether they be on ipod,iPad,etc. How do you set this up so a call on my phone via hangouts rings my tablet? Is this even possible? Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you have the new hangouts app there is a setting for google voice calls to be received in hangouts.
  • But, the question still stands as to how to ring across a device with only wifi capability. I just want to know any way possible to force both my phone and tablet to ring at the same time over hangouts. Posted via Android Central App
  • As dd0yl3 just said, you can go into Hangouts, Settings, youraddress@gmail.com, receive google voice calls and that's it. It works, all your devices with hangouts ring when you are called at your GV number :) . I just tried with my phone in airplane mode, wifi on.
  • There is a setting in Hangouts that allows phone calls to be received via wifi in Hangouts. Check the check box next to INCOMING PHONE CALLS. I had to go into my Google Voice settings (on the web) and uncheck my mobile cell number. Now all calls to my Google Voice will come over the data network. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I can't even find the settings button in my Hangouts app on my iPad. It's not even functioning the same as before....
  • You need to click on you icon bubble in the top left of handouts on iPad. Then the settings cog will appear
  • Why doesn't any app change the colour of the status bar? Push bullet does it. Why can't you do too?
  • Its just forcing the statusbar to be transparent and it have a kinda header which gives the color to the statusbar. Android L will natively supporting this feature for most of apps afaik. (Im sure about gapps but tbh im not sure about any others.)
  • Android L will support it, but they recommend you don't change it in the design guidelines. Doesn't mean that will be followed, however, as Google has broken many of its guidelines. Posted via Android Central App
  • You do know you don't make sense when you say "broke a guideline" like its a guide, not a rule, you don't have to follow them.
  • What are you talking about and why?
  • Nice write up! But Do you have to have a Google+ account to take full advantage of hangouts? (For instance, to send MMS?). I seem to Recall getting prompted once to join plus if I wanted to send a photo when I was using hangouts on my N5. 1+1/N5
  • No. Hangouts on android does full sms/mms without a google plus account or gmail account.
  • Thanks! 1+1/N5
  • Will the hangouts app ever merge our text messages to the web or wifi tablet? Like the new design. No swipe to delete?
  • I miss the swipe to delete too :(
  • Ditto Posted via Android Central App
  • This app does a great job of backing up all of your SMS messages to your GMail account in the background.  Once installed, go to http://mail.google.com then look in the list on the left (just under "Compose" button) where it lists your tags/folders.  You might have to hit the "More" option at the bottom, but there should be an entry there for "SMS" that will contain all of your text messages as though they were email threads.  Great for keeping a "backup" of your SMS.
  • I don't see it. Is it connected to your gmail/hangouts account?
  • It'll be nice when google offers data only plans and we can use google everything.
  • I just want my my phones SMS/MMS and call log to backup and sync with my Google Account, and Visual Voicemail to be built-in and synced. All of this separate from Google Voice.
  • Google Voice does all of that, right now. Is there some reason you are so attached to your phone's number?
  • I'm not sold on Google Voice. It's too wonky. Google Voice integrated into Hangouts does not put voicemails in the call log like it did before, and it does not sync call logs.
  • Well, it goes without saying that there will be issues at first. Google Voice of old (or current, for a lot of people still) does these things, so I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon.
  • Long messages from att are sent as MMS. Good luck not getting those texts. Posted via the Android Central App
  • How is it Google's fault that AT&T is doing things differently than everyone else? Plus, MMS still goes to your email. Nothing missed.
  • MMS only goes to your email if it is from Sprint or Tmobile. Not ATT or Verizon.
  • There is an app called backup to Gmail that does this on Google play. I use this to do exactly what you describe. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It doesn't sync text messages to hangouts on other devices.
  • Saw the migrate blue box when I installed but didn't set up a Google voice number yet. How our when will the blue box show up again so I can migrate the voice account to Hangouts? Posted via Android Central App
  • If you've seen the blue box, then that means the back-end server stuff has been done for your account, so these instructions should work for you: https://support.google.com/voice/answer/6023920?p=voice_sms&rd=1 Again, ONLY if you've seen the blue box on your device.
  • Still waiting for the blue box. Otherwise, I'm ready.
  • me too!!!
  • What's taking the server side so long?! Grrrr my bodyyyyyy (And phone) is ready! Haha
  • I feel you. I've been looking to see if there is anything that can be done to trigger it, but so far nothing. I don't want to risk screwing it up or dropping myself to the bottom of the queue.
  • Well, this might shed some light as to why we're still waiting: http://www.droid-life.com/2014/09/11/dont-stress-if-you-didnt-get-asked-...
  • I've gotten the notice now. Converted over. Everything is working as expected. I can even send MMS. I'm still testing receiving MMS from Verizon. When I sent an MMS from my Google Voice number to a Verizon number. They received a message with a link to the picture I sent. (Better than nothing.) Haven't gotten a picture back from Verizon though. Sprint users get it directly. Everything else is great. Once I merge an SMS and Hangouts conversation, I can switch back and forth between sending a Hangouts message or a Google Voice SMS. The app also dynamically switches to the last reply method that a person used to reach me. So if I was sending a Hangouts message and someone sends me an SMS in the same conversation, the app switches to SMS automatically for my reply. Reminds me of WebOS Synergy on my old Palm Pre.
  • webOS FTW! miss the fluid interface, but love the android capabilities. who knows what would've happened if mark hurd would have never gotten fired. he wanted webos to succeed.
  • On Sprint here with GV Sprint # integration.. I have always got MMS in my hangouts app, I have never got MMS sent to my email ever... Still waiting for the blue GV/hangouts integration popup *sniff*
  • I am in the same boat. With Sprint integration, I already would have moved to hangouts if sms would have been synced across devices. Assuming this integration will take care of that?
  • I use to always get the email. I switched off my gvoice/sprint integration # because of it. That and group didn't work. I was missing all group text from workers and bosses.
  • With the GV Sprint integration, you'll get MMS in your SMS/MMS app (Hangouts if that's what you're using for SMS/MMS.) It wasn't supposed to change. Understand what's happening here..
  • "In some ways, things were easier before. Hangouts messages only handled Hangouts messages. Messages sent to your phone's number went to the standard Messaging app. And the Google Voice app handled messages sent to your Google Voice number. But Google wanted to give you one place to get all of your messages — and that's not a bad thing, Apple does it, Palm did it, etc." This paragraph is awful. First of all, the messanger app sucks and hangouts became a perfect tool once sms got integrated into it. Obviously sms integration is not confusing considering half the us population is using iMessage. The only thing confusing is if you add google voice into the mix which 99 percent of android users will not do. The best part is you guys say google wanted this... Have you not seeing the comments, the forum posts, the reviews on the playstore ever since hangouts was released? Every other post was b*tching about lack of google voice integration. The users spoke and google listened. End of story.
  • Guess I'm a 1%er
  • +1(%) Posted via Android Central App
  • Go take a pole on the street of Samsung owners. See how many are using gvoice. We are a small small small percent of the android userbase
  • ^^^^ This is important to remember when we're having conversations, here.
  • I set up GV to work on my phone,installed Hangouts 2.3 and Hangouts dailer but still haven't seen the blue box. Yet i can make a call through Hangouts using GV....im guessing this is correct? Posted via Android Central App
  • Me too...Thing I still cant send texts via Google Voice and voicemails do no show up in Hangouts. I guess this is why we need the so called "blue box"
  • You still have to wait for Google to activate on there side. You can make and receive calls like you said but the voice mail wont be included in hangouts.
  • Hopefully that wont take long. If i get a text to my GV number it still shows in the GV app. Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't know if I got the blue box, and hit "No" or Google didn't activate it for me yet. Any way to know for sure?
  • The only way that you might be able to check is if you to the original google voice app. You should a dialog box at the top saying you have opt in to the hangouts option. If you don't see that you probably have received the switch yet.
  • I've got all the new apps, but I'm still waiting on the popup to get it moved over. Has anybody gotten the popup in the new Hangouts 2.3?
  • Still waiting here, too, and I've had a Google Voice number since the Grand Central days. You'd think they'd prioritize us original users, but I guess not.
  • So this makes all of it make more sense. I have the update for Hangouts 2.3 and the hangouts dialer, but I have not received the opt in box yet. Now where my current confusion lies is my GV # currently is the same as the normal cell number with my Sim card. How does that affect all of this? Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X
  • I don't think that's possible. When you signed up for Google Voice you would have been assigned a new GV number. It has nothing to do w/ the number assigned from your carrier. Even if you ported your cell number over to GV, you'd need a new cell number for the device.
  • You want to google Google Voice Sprint integration. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ah. Well, actually I don't, but I'll take your word it's some weird Sprint thing. :)
  • So, what's a little confusing to me is whether or not we need to still keep any of the boxes under "Forwarded calls to" checked in the Google Voice app settings that's on the web. What happens to incoming calls to your Google Voice number if you uncheck it but still use the blue Migrate option on your phone? And can you still have Google Voice handle your SIM card phone number's voicemail?
  • This is a bit of a problem. I'm on Verizon BTW. When I unchecked the box, my GV number no longer rings both apps, which is good. The problem is the my Verizon number now rings 11 times (used to be 6) before my Google Voice voicemail picks it up. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah, I eventually resolved this by just turning off the forwarding in Google Mail. It means that if I'm in a voice-only area (weak to no data signal), I'm SOL but I'm okay with that as it happens very rarely to me.
  • I cannot wait for the day that Google syncs SMS/MMS across all devices (tablet, desktop, etc). This is the one feature that makes me consider switching to an iPhone - the majority of my friends use an iPhone and their communication is so much simpler. Yes I know there are 3rd party apps like MightyText, AirDroid, mySMS but I have yet to find one that works consistently. Moto Connect was by far the most reliable (when I had a Moto X) and one of the reasons why the new Moto X will probably be my next phone. But I don't understand why Google can't get this into stock Android.
  • I couldn't agree more. I want this sooo bad. Mac Yosemite is going to have this and it makes me want it on android.
  • I don't see why people even need this. What's wrong with the pre-installed messaging software? Posted via Android Central App
  • Can you make video calls from your pre-installed app?
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • Dialer works but when I call people it comes up as "unknown caller", anybody experience this?
  • do you have a google voice number? if not then this makes sense. I wondered what number would be sent as callerid for someone w/o gv.
  • No I've never used GV but have used hangouts for years. I figured it combined the same # I send texts from to make calls w this latest update, merging the 2.
  • Its an unknown # because you don't have a GV #. I experience the same thing when receiving calls from my gf on her iPhone version of Hangouts. Posted via Android Central App
  • I love how this comes out around the same time that sprint is rolling out their international wifi calling.. Basically both can do the same thing when outside of the US ( since sprint has Google voice integration) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Phil: Just to be extra sure, please let me ask one more time:
    Can I just stick to using Google Voice the way it is installed on my system now? Or will I be forced to migrate its functions over to Hangouts and then have to deal with all the potential confusion?
  • Great article...thank you Phil.
  • Well I can't get Hangout VoIP to work over public WiFi so it's pretty useless to me
  • So the old Google Voice administration (forwarded numbers - will still work the same via settings on the webpage? I am really thinking this thru because I still use GrooveIP lol (yeah I never updated on purpose) - I use VOIP for work/home use on a daily basis.... hmm
  • I thought GrooveIP doesn't work any more... Wasn't the change that disabled it on the Google server side? Oh, and sorry I clicked the little blue triangle in you post not knowing what it is. I reported you! Can't undo! Sorry again...
  • I still use it everyday - they forced you into a new service with different number - on a update - I uninstalled the update and installed the old apk - and it works just fine still - - Just have to remember not to update it - I always have auto update off on google play.. j
  • Which version of GrooveIP are you using? Posted via Android Central App
  • version 1.4.8
  • I have the same setup. I still have GrooveIP v 1.4.8 on my phone and two tablets. Set auto-updates to off. And GV phone and SMS work fine. Haven't tried MMS though
  • With the new hangouts, are you dumping GrooveIP? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I gonna still use Groove IP on my old phone which is not activated on Sprint, just WiFi only. It's really old, an HTC Hero from 2009 with CM ROM on it. It can't run Google Hangouts but Groove IP and the Google Voice app work on it. I would like try the new Hangouts Dialer on my EVO LTE, unless I find out I need to do the Integration with Google Voice. I'm not ready to do that because I like using the old Google Voice website for working in the office all day, I use it to initiate/log phone calls, SMS, voicemail, etc. I'm already integrated with Sprint, so my GV number is used for everything. Not ready to switch to Hangouts for all that until I know more about the UI, etc. Does anybody know if I need to integrate Hangouts with GV for the VoIP dialing to work?
  • What version are you using?
    Old Versions
    06/14/2014: GrooVe IP 2.0.4 paid
    03/16/2014: GrooVe IP 1.4.8 paid
    02/26/2014: GrooVe IP paid
    01/05/2014: GrooVe IP 1.3.4 paid
    01/20/2014: Google Play Version
  • I'll get the old version and try it. They way they announced it really sounds like it was disabled by Google on their side? "...On May 15, 2014 Google will no longer allow XMPP based calling through Google Voice. After that date, GrooVe IP will no longer make calls through Google Voice. We are exploring alternative solutions, ..."
  • Yeah that is true .. 1.4.8 I believe was the last - I paid for the app like 3 years ago - so it still tries to update - but I remember reading that same quote - and for the next couple of weeks after the May 15th I would call weather line in the morning just to make sure it was working - needless to say - I quit doing that because it was just working...
  • How do you get the old apk? I have been using the new GrooveIP with a new number and prefer the old method. Additionally, I would like to know how to revert to the old apk with other apps that I have inadvertently updated.
  • I found it here.: http://www.apkhere.com/down/com.gvoip_1.4.8_paid . Just need to side load it instead of getting it though the Play Store. Still works great just like Mr Glass says, which was a (pleasant) surprise to me. For now I like it better than integrating Hangouts with Google Voice.
  • Can I receive faxes yet on my Google Voice number? Posted via Android Central App
  • There have been a few different systems for this, actually, that let you use the Google Voice number as a fax number. Not sure how they've held up over the years though.
  • So, I guess the first step is to un-disable Hangouts, and then wait for the update (?) P.S. I am "hanging out" at Jerry's Drive-in Posted from my XT1080M
  • btw, the difference between the two icons is this. Hangouts - messaging takes you last place you were
    hangouts dialer - always takes you to the dialer portion of hangouts.
  • Yup. Hence why I always just add the Hangouts app to my home screen. BTW, great writing as usual Phil!
  • I don't have GV, but my Hangouts does have the ability to make calls. Are those calls using data or standard voice? Aside from one number across multiple devices, what are the advantages of GV? Posted via the Android Central App
  • ffs, yet another instance of two apps to manage the same thing... This is getting tiresome. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is the Google Voice/Hangouts integration just an app function or does it affect Google Voice as a whole? I'm asking because I use Google Voice on multiple devices and didn't want to throw off Google Voice on one device if I integrated on another device.
  • No mention that Voice only works in the USA?
  • Damn right! 'Murica rules!
  • Haven't received the migration prompt or the hangouts rollout yet... If you want to use a SIM number, Google Voice number and hangouts for messaging, can it handle all three and will the inbox be unified?? Will the threads be merged in case you use 2 or more with a certain contact? If somebody calls your Google voice numbers, will Hangouts dialer accept the call? Does the hangouts dialer only rely on network data? Does the hangouts dialer route calls only if there is data access? Or does it use your regular phone to route through the GV system? Posted via Android Central App
  • still w/o blue box migration. I have GV set to foward calls to GTalk and my cell phone carrier number. In Hangouts there is a checkbox to tell it whether you want it to ring when someone calls your GV number. I'm guessing both the website (google.com/voice) configuration of forwarding to GTalk (they still haven't renamed that to Hangouts) AND the checkbox in Android Hangouts App must both be set so the app will ring. So, since my carrier number was also getting forwarded to, when I tried calling it both dialers on my Nexus 5 starting "ringing". Now I understand why they have that checkbox: so you can keep GV forwarding to GTalk (so you can answer on a PC, etc) but not have both dialers fighting over which gets to ring in foreground. It is my understanding that Hangouts is data only (other than native SMS). So if I am in wifi only service I can now check that box and receive calls without 3rd party app like grooveip. progress!
  • I have not seen the blue box yet. I set the checkbox to make calls to my gv number come through Hangouts (just to try things out). I've had my standard phone app make all calls through gv (which meant using carrier minutes). now if i make a call in Hangouts with their new dialer it will use data. isn't it great that google just now offered the android voip endpoint when many of us are now on unlimited voice plans, but perhaps not unlimited data. carriers will love that since phone calls (for those w/o unlimited data) are now somehow metered again. i guess calls don't use too much data. video calls might though. i do not look forward to explaining hangouts to those who would normally use me as tech support. but i'm glad Google is integrating GV--it hasn't been forgotten!
  • Yeah no need for grooveip anymore! Posted via the Android Central App
  • will Google provide all the GV specific settings in the Hangouts app so those who want to completely uninstall GV app can?
  • With Sprint integration I think there's no need for the Hangouts Dialer. All calls from my Sprint phone show up as coming from my Google Voice number. Same with SMS from the standard messaging app. If the Hangouts Dialer would make VoIP calls directly like you can do from Gmail, that would be interesting, like having GrooVeIP again. Can anyone confirm/deny if the Hangouts Dialer app allows direct VoIP calling? I reckon it's technically possible (you can do it from Gmail on the web), but I'll bet there's a problem with the carriers allowing it.
  • Yeah you can place VoIP calls straight from the hangouts app even with the sprint integration. Only thing is, If you receive a call, your phone will ring twice at the same time. You will get a ring from hangouts as well as your regular phone since they use the same phone number.
  • So once I merge GV and Hangouts, will Hangouts give me the option to send SMS from either my carrier number or my GV number? I use my carrier number for work and my GV number for personal stuff, so I need to be able to use SMS from both numbers.
  • I just tested this. You will have two different threads depending on which number you originally sent the text to. For example I have a separate thread from my mobile number for a contact and another thread for the same contact using my Google voice number. The Google voice number will route the text via routing number which you will see. It's ugly but works AFAIK. Edit. I just want to clarify that I haven't been updated to integrate to Google voice just yet. Hopefully once you get the invite you won't have to deal with the routing numbers... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Theres an option called smart reply where it will reply using the same number it was orginally sent from
  • Will Hangouts be able to route outgoing calls and texts through Google Voice even when not connected to data or wifi? Posted via the Android Central App
  • How would it be able to do that? Magic?
  • Well, there is a manual workaround. You can use the GV routing number for the contact and dial it directly. Then calls made without data or wifi will show as GV on the receiving party's caller ID. So if the Hangouts app cached that info when you loaded the app I think it could be done.
  • I don't think so. I think Hangouts is data only. The only exception I can think of is if you have Phone service only (no data, no wifi, but can SMS--that's my experience that you can SMS in that situation) and use Hangouts to send an SMS to a GV customer--then GV will (can) replace your carrier number to make it appear as coming from your GV number.
  • Thank you for the comment @mmidgley. Are you sure?? I tried it -- sending Hangouts SMS text over phone cellular to a GV number -- and the receiving GV number displays my SMS text as coming from my phone's native number, not my GV number.
  • that's why I wrote "(can)"--because i remembered it is a checkbox option at www.google.com/voice to have GV substitute your GV number instead your carrier number when txting another GV number.
  • huh?? Not seeing the check-box at www.google.com/voice where you can substitute your GV number as you explained. There is a check-box to have GV text forwarded to your cell phone. If you reply to those they will show to the other party as coming from GV, but it only works if you reply. If you notice those are different numbers. You can actually use that number offline and the receiving party will see it as coming from GV. It's complicated to say the least.
  • maybe I'm remembering something that isn't or wasn't there but I thought was. I certainly could be wrong. Maybe it does that behavior by default now. I've been a Google Voice user for years, maybe there was a checkbox long ago. I can't find it either. yes, all frustrating and confusing.
  • Someday, when I have time to look into all this and if it's worth it, I may set this up. I haven't tried Google voice since 2011 lol Posted via...The One
  • I refused to use Hangouts in its prior iteration. This new version is magnificent. I've been a Google Voice user for 4 or 5 years and this finally makes that as useful as I've always wanted it to be. I was recently searching for a new Google Voice number and discovered that there are only like a dozen numbers left in the entire US available. The next step is to buy up some new numbers for new people who might want to start using Voice/Hangouts. Posted from my Motorola Moto G.
  • I got the blue box last night however I didn't migrate. Is there a way to get it back?
  • Here's the annoying thing: I GOT the notice to migrate last night, approved it, and... nothing. Nothing's changed. :(
  • Thanks for this. All day I've been huh wtf are they talking about. If I want to make a call with GV I tick the shortcut and dial away with the dialer. None of my friends use hangouts. They text or call me and having a GV was like a backup number in case I didnt pay my bill or didnt want someone to have my actual number. A number thats always connected, been using it for years. When my GV gets a text it comes to my my SMS app like any other message. Never cared about MMS as the GV was my backup. INTEGRATION! I get it now. "Keep Moving Forward" WD. njo¡! acApp
  • I have added the Hangouts update and the Hangouts Dialer, but not have gotten the migrate pop-up yet.
  • With this new hangouts i can use my iPod as a phone again it is great free text and calls who needs an over priced cell phone plan
  • Where are folks getting the Hangouts update? I don't see it on Google Play.
  • Look in one of the previous blogs from earlier today. There are a couple of links posted for it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Couple of questions. 1. How do i get to the dialer? and
    2. Are the calls being made over data?
  • Dialer is at https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2F... G VOICE Calls go over wifi. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Actually, traditional Google Voice calls go over cellular. Google Voice VOIP (Hangouts) calls go over data. Remember, Google Voice, itself, is not a VOIP service. That capability was added via what used to be called Google Talk (instant messaging & making/receiving calls on your computer through Gmail). Prior to this integration, Google Voice always used the cellular Network for voice. It may sound like splitting hairs, but you can still use Google Voice without any kind of data connection (by dialing your access number and keying in your Google Voice number and PIN). The Google Voice app does all of this for you in the background, so people don't notice it when they make calls.
  • Understood. I thought he was asking about how G Voice works through the hangouts dialer. To my understanding, that will be through data for most.
  • That's exactly what I was asking. Thanks!
  • If I choose to migrate, and don't like it, can I go back? I only use GV. In fact when moved from an S3 to an S5, my biggest problem was I couldn't remember the actual cell phone number since I never use it or give it out to anyone. If I use the new integrated, will I still get my SMS in emails? That's a handy feature since phones aren't allowed in my work place.
  • if you do the integration your sms will just go to Hangouts. Much easier to use then replying to an SMS in an email right?
  • Not necessarily. In the office I use the voice webpage interface. It's the email that let's me know I need to go in. I don't think Hangouts would even be allowed, haven't tried it yet.
  • And I just got a Google Voice update to 4.6.0, shows 4.3.8 in Play Store with update of Sept. 10, 2014. The update is a staged roll out, download it rom Android Police or be patient.
  • I think Google still didn't get the SMS thing right. If I have two Google accounts, one personal and one for work, it seems pretty obvious that I want my threaded conversations (hangouts + SMS) from work attached to my work contacts and vice-versa. Instead, I can either have all messages on the same Google account or on a separate SMS account (wich means they're not threaded). Am I crazy or is this really the obvious right way for this to work?
  • Very nice article, Phil. It explains everything I need to know and takes a balanced approach. Good job. Posted via Android Central App
  • I will WAIT until Google figures out how to DO EVERYTHING under ONE app. This is 2014, isn't it? Kinda kiddy ish they got going on here! I'm surprised.
  • Phil, what about my google voice text message history? I've got about 5 years of text messages through google voice that I can access and search on the web and through the app. If I migrate to hangouts, will I be able to search my history through hangouts? Also, if I write a text message in hangouts will it show up in my google voice history on the web? Or maybe the proper question is...how is history handled...both prior and new? Thanks!
  • No. Google will keep your Google Voice history, but only new messages will show up in the Hangouts app. To retrieve old messages, you'll have to search using the old Google Voice app or website. Maybe one day they'll come up with a migration tool, but for now once you transition you are leaving the old system behind. This warning is given on the instructions page on their support website. I recommend that everyone asking questions go check that out. It answers a lot of these questions. I'm surprised that Phil didn't link it.
  • Thanks for the info! If I make a text through hangouts on my phone (using my gv number) will it show up on the history of the GV website or is the GV website essentially dead except for historical purposes? Thanks again!
  • Further text message history will be kept in hangouts. Nothing new will appear in the GV app or site.
  • I am getting both hangouts and the standard dialer ring at the same time on inbound calls. I haven't gotten the migrate dialog yet. Does the migration fix this? Sprint using GV
  • In the new hangouts app settings there is a option to have GV incoming calls go through the app. If you want it to just come through the hangouts app you have to change the settings on the Google voice home page.
  • I just got an update to my Google Voice app. Anyone see that?
  • Add Republic Wireless to this and a whole other set of issues apply!! LOL!! Love my bill though!
  • Sooo after it's migrated, I can use Hangouts to SMS other people THROUGH my Google Voice number? My friend will get the SMS from my Google Voice number???
  • yes
  • Does that work on hangouts for pc also.
  • Yes
  • One big piece not included in the article is that you can now make Hangout to Hangout voice calls on Android, iOS, and the web... No Google Voice number needed. I guess this would be especially useful if you have a bad cell signal and for international use. The missing pieces for the whole thing to seamlessly come together is Google Voice MMS, Google Voice group texting, non Google Voice SMS/MMS syncing across all Hangouts apps, and Hangouts being listed at google.com/voice for implementation of the incoming call rules based on list/circle/group and per list/caller voicemail messages. So there's still plenty to be done. What else?
  • Everything you said. I'm very excited that there's some movement on this, but STILL NO MMS!? They promised to get this sorted out already (rumor was May when the other Google Voice changes / 3rd-party app restrictions went through).
  • Not sure I understand Google Voice entirely. I use it currently with a number that GV gave me, not my cellular number I've had for 10 years. Can I port my old cell number to GV, then move to another carrier (I'm prepaid N5) and get a new number, then still just use my old cell number that is now my GV? Will it stay my GV number once I switch carriers or is it inherently locked to AT&T? T-mobile won't let me switch to them without changing numbers due to where I live. I want to use them, but do not want to lose my 10 year old number. is GV the answer?
  • You can port your current cell number to GV for $10. Then use that number regardless of what cell phone number you have.
  • This is exactly what I did when I left Sprint. Be aware that when you start the porting process to Google Voice, you are effectively terminating your carrier account, so you'll need to open a new account with T-mobile (or whichever carrier you are moving to) before you can make any cellular calls. Early Termination Fees may apply if you are in contract. T-mobile may not be willing or able to pay them, because technically you're terminating your old carrier and going to a 3rd party (Google) before coming to T-mobile. You'll have to ask about their policy regarding this.
  • Thanks, I'm thinking of dumping Sprint (after almost 16 years, for T-Mobile (primarily I want SIM cards, but there $100 family plan is also motivating). I will miss the full GV integration though. So, I understand that to do this I have two choices, transfer my number to GV and get a new cell # or transfer my # to T-Mobile and get a new GV number... My question is, whichever way I do this, can I still use Hangouts for all my SMS/MMS needs (and switch between my SIM dialer and GV Dialer as needed?) Next question is, Does the GV dialer work well or do you drop or garble calls when not on a stable wifi (weak cell spots, etc.)?
  • I started this thread in the forums to ask these and other Sprint to TMobile GV Hangouts questions; http://forums.androidcentral.com/ask-question/436118-sprint-t-mobile-goo...
  • I'm not sure I want them merged. I use GV ad my primary number so outgoing calls from my cell need to reflect that. Also I frequently use the search function in the GV app.... Hangouts app suits not have a search function Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ok, if a guys has never bothered to look into Google Voice, and didn't really use hangouts either, but is now interested in trying this with all the coverage of it going on, what is the preferred way to get started? At this point, should a person even bother to look into getting a google voice number, or just wait another week or two for google to get their servers updated and rolled out under Hangouts?
  • Getting a Google Voice number now is near impossible. You'd have to transfer your own number to Voice instead of getting a new one. Posted from my Motorola Moto G.
  • I just got a GV number today. Want hard at all. I live in Alabama Posted via Android Central App
  • Honestly I'm more excited about T-Mobile and their WiFi texting. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just tried out the call quality and learned a few things.
    You can't transition from or onto wifi, it drops the call in the transition.
    Quality is good. Better then groove ip used to be.
    Data usage is around 700kb / minute
  • Will I be able to use the upgrade on samsung galaxy tablet 4? Posted via Android Central App
  • Make Hangouts run like a normal dialer with my SIM phone # and it'd be amazing.
  • Has anyone who uses Voice with a Google Apps email/account received the Blue migration box?
  • Nope! Using Google Apps, no integration for me...I can make outgoing calls with my GV using Hangouts, but can't receive texts yet and no option in GV for Android or in Gmail to migrate over to Hangouts.
  • I actually got rid of my Google Voice number a few months ago, and uninstalled Hangouts in favor of the stock messaging app. I use my carriers visual voice mail app for voice mail messages. It is so much simpler this way. While Hangouts, and Google Voice do provide a quality service I guess I finally realized that they are a solution to a problem that I didn't have. In my case I've found that simpler is better. Posted via Android Central App
  • Hope they add search capability. Nothing more frustrating then searching for old messages. Posted via Android Central App
  • I would say being diagnosed with ALS, then slowly living the rest of your shortened life as your body stops responding to the signals coming from your brain would be more frustrating than looking for old text messages... Just saying.
  • You're a jerk. Posted from my Motorola Moto G.
  • Wow. They really need to implement Search in Hangouts. Kind of shocked the feature isn't there.
  • I don't have the hangouts dialer, so you'll have to excuse my ignorance. But with the hangouts dialer, the app will automatically use my Google voice number? Will this affect how hangouts functions now, for instance, when I call a contact from a conversation, and it uses my cellular number? I don't want it to use my Google voice number if I perform the same function in the future. I only use my voice number for international calls, if necessary, and voice as a voicemail inbox. Should I just not integrate hangouts and voice? Signed - Perplexed Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm going to have to wait and play with it when it updates. I don't use my GV number for anything but may start simply to integrate messages between my tablet and phone. I'd also love for there to be a way to tell which contacts are also using Hangouts so I could just do message rather than sms. (although 80% of people I know have an iPhone so it doesn't affect too much to have integration from phone to tablet) Posted via Android Central App
  • If I install some or all the new things, can I go back to GV without Hangouts if I don't like it? Posted via Android Central App
  • Bloody hell, Google. Get organized.
  • This all sounds great. At least it appears that Google is trying to move in the direction of putting all these particular apps into ONE form factor--eventually no more Google Voice, Google Hangouts, and Google Hangouts Dialer--to communicate via phone call, mms, sms, or chat. ** Sidebar: Does anyone that uses Hangouts for his/her SMS/MMS app ever have it where there are two bubbles (avatar) for one number (person) in your list of active conversations?? If so, were you able to remedy the snafu...?
  • It's nice to know that Google Voice will still be around, only inside Hangouts, guess some of us can live with that.
  • Shots out to Palm and webOs!
  • OK, I just wanted to make sure I understand this correctly. If I wanted to make a call to my brother, during my free evenings and weekends time, I should use the default phone app.
    Hangouts Dialer will only allow me to make calls over wifi or mobile data. Also, how does this work with cars with integrated Bluetooth? Ie: if I place a call using Bluetooth commands, will the phone default to Hangouts dialer or stock dialer? Posted via Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 (2013)
  • Is anyone able to explain this to me: Is Google Voice US only? I'm in the UK and can see that Google Voice has a .uk website at http://www.google.co.uk/googlevoice/about.html. If I go there and click the Try It Out button i'm taken to https://www.google.com/voice which lists a couple of calls I've made years ago (I think from when they integrated voice calling into Google Talk in GMail and I was trying it out). The settings say some things in $ and some things in £ and talk about being within the EU.
    The Google Voice app on the Play Store, though, says it is incompatible with my device (Nexus 5). With the announcement yesterday it sounded like the Hangouts android app could now place voice calls between hangouts users, and would just revert to usual SIM-based calling for non-hangouts users. I tried to call my brother last night (he's a hangouts user) and instead of voice dialling it started a video call?!? Now, i'm guessing this is because he doesn't have the latest Hangouts app but still... surely it should revert to normal dialling. TL;DR Is Google Voice available in the UK, and do you need Google Voice to be able to use these voice dialling features in the new Hangouts app? Ta, muchly
  • I use my GV number all the time. When working from home, I have incoming GV calls routed to my landline, providing superior quality when I'm in my basement office with only a weak Sprint signal. I also use GV to make outgoing calls from my landline or other phones if I'm in somebody else's office. So everybody sees my GV caller ID no matter what device I'm calling from. As a freelance consultant, I rely on call history when I bill my clients for my time. If I migrate will I still have my old call history intact? Would I be able to use the legacy GV interface on my computer to search call history? Posted via Android Central App
  • Currently, yes.
  • I wish they would roll this out to the people who actually want it first, then the rest of you turkeys last.
    ;) (How would they know? Google is always listening. They know. )
  • I've got the blue box blues... Still waiting.
  • The Google Voice app is not necessary to make and receive calls with your Google Voice number. I promptly uninstalled it after integration. I make an outbound call from Hangouts and my work phone shows my Google Voice number. I make a call back to my GV# from my landline and Hangouts rings.
  • What about voicemail in Hangouts???
  • All I want is to see my sms/mms on my comp through the hangouts app. I don't want to switch things over to GV to get that function.
  • I made my first call now with Hangouts Dialer and it works great as an IP phone, I put the device in airplane mode and called. So I have decided to drop the call plan altogether and go with a mobile broadband data only solution from now on and use Hangouts Dialer and Google Voice for all calling needs. The sound quality is great as well, which is a requirement.
  • Been using GV for years for two primary reason: 1. Cell signal in my office is 0.5 bar. I give people my GV number and set it to forward calls to both my cell and office numbers so I don't miss calls. 2. I hardly use SMS, and don't want to pay the texting plan. I use SMS via GV for free (instead of $0.25 per msg in or out that at&t charges). I still have unlimited data, so don't feel like paying extras. My big question is: with the integration, will GV SMS in/out go through data only (like the GV app)?
  • Yeah, really cool for united-staters... But even if you can call free to Canada, canadian still can't have their own local phone number.
    We know, us sub-human, that we can't handle this!!!
  • "Your phone shipped with a standard "Messaging" app that'll take care your text and picture messages just fine." Unfortunately, it did not. My Nexus 5 came with Hangouts only. I had to install a 3rd party messaging app to fix that. I am one of the few (around here it seems) people who only use Google voice because the Nexus doesn't come with visual voicemail so unless I want to dial into Sprint every time I get a voicemail I have to use Google Voice. I really have absolutely no need for google voice integration at all. My phone plan has all the minutes, data and texting I could want and I don't have to remember who has a Google account or whether I have wifi or a good data connection or any of that. If I had to use my phone for business like stated in the article I agree google voice would be awesome.
  • If you use the Hangouts dialer, are you able to answer phone calls that come in without unlocking the phone? I use my GV number as my primary number. Nobody has the number associated with my SIM card. I don't know that this new functionality buys me anything except a prettier Interface. The issue of MMS and group text messages still appears to be there which is really the only issue I have with GV. I just want my GV number to be used for all incoming and outgoing calls, and also text messages. Will changing to this cause me any problems with how I use GV today? (I am also not on Sprint) I also have unlimited talk minutes, but not unlimited data. Will hangouts ever use the talk minutes like GV does today, or will it be voip only using your data plan? There are times where I have poor data coverage and can't get on the Internet, but I can still place calls as well.
  • Scenario: I use GV exclusively. My friend has IOS. They want to send me an SMS. In the past they sent SMS to my Verizon phone number and regular texts to my GV number. What will my IOS friends have to know before sending me an SMS?
  • I will use Hangouts for GV, for sure when I can migrate. I absolutely LOVE what they Google is doing with it. But as far as my main SMS/MMS app? Nah... However, when they add private message inbox with custom notification like GoSMS, I'd switch over to Hangouts in a New York minute. Private inbox is a MUST HAVE for me. It's the only reason I use GoSMS.
  • I'm like 99% sure you won't be seeing such features in hangouts.
  • Does this work in Bangladesh Posted via the Android Central App
  • "rolling out this week in its slow, safe, TROLLOUT fashion" freudian slip?
  • What I didn't understand from the article is what happens with your Sms if you use Hangouts as the Sms app. It seems a little complicated, with the Sms ftom/to your Google voice number and the Sms to/from your regular number. Posted via Android Central App
  • I actually just turned the migration off because of this. It's fine if you only use your Google Voice number...but not so much if you use both. I use my Google Voice number for work related things and use my carrier number for everything else. If someone texts me to either number, with the migration, things work fine...Hangouts identifies which number to respond using. However, if you are initiating a text conversation, the Google Voice number takes over and there's no option to switch to the carrier number.
  • Will Google ever fully support MMS on GV over any carrier? I would completely ditch my VZW #(at least in the sense that I would never tell anyone to contact me via that #, I'd still have to have it obviously) and use GV# exclusively, except that I cannot get MMS on GV and cannot send MMS on GV since I'm on Verizon. Is this Goog's fault or VZW? My office gets 0 cell reception, but I have great internet. It's frustrating as hell having to give out 2 numbers and expect people to remember which is which. I hope Hangouts eventually solves this and allows my GV# to receive MMS. As of now, no go.
  • My "easy" solution: tell people my GV number and email address; and make it clear I don't want any MMS messages! email me a picture!
  • This might be a dumb question, but when you "archive" something on Hangouts, where does it go? Is it still stored on your phone or in the cloud? When you have a series of messages to the same person that include texts and chat messages, are they archived separately or together, or are the texts on your phone and the chats in the cloud?
  • Check your Gmail account on a computer or via a web-version enabled browser. All of your Hangouts activity should be there - at least Hangouts chat conversations are. I'm not 100% certain about SMS though as I still use the native phone SMS app for that. Could you confirm whether or not your SMS messages are also in your Gmail, on this forum? I'm curious to know.
  • I use GV as my primary number, no one knows my carrier number. For texts currently, I have GV app send the messages to my regular texting app, Textra. So as all of you know, if someone sends me a message first, I will get a text from some random number and I just add that number to my contacts, and I can continue texting that number, and my friend will get the text from my GV number. If I need to send a text to someone new, I need to send the first text from within the GV app. Now, if I migrate GV to hangouts, I understand I can just send a text with hangouts to the recipient's carrier number/regular number and he will receive it from my GV number. But how about if I decide to go back to Textra? Anyone that has the option already know? I'm sure if I receive the text first it should work, but how about if I have to text a new person?
  • So when you are sending a message through Hangouts, does the mode switcher (previously could switch between SMS and Hangouts with a button just to the left of the text field) now show three options? (SMS, GV SMS, Hangouts). I use Google Voice constantly and I'm a bit wary that this is going to throw a wrench in the works...
  • i hope so. makes a lot of sense.
  • How can I download photographs from iclouds (apple) to samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9300T (ANDROID 4.3)? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why are you posting random questions to an unrelated article?
  • Google voice just intercepted my text message. It didn't go to my 3rd party app handcent. It won't show up at all. Wtf? Posted via Android Central App
  • What is missing in this review is that now you can use Google Voice also on phone which has only WiFi connectivity for both incoming and outgoing calls. There is checkbox in new Hangouts which allows you to select to receive incoming voice calls to GV via Hangouts. This works absolutely fine on one of my phones which is set to Airplane mode with WiFi on. Both incoming and outgoing calls are being routed to Hangouts on that device.
  • I don't remember receiving the blue message dialog box, however, the new hangouts is already confusing to the average user. This is a big mess they created actually and if not fixed soon. Will fail indefinitely. Posted via the Android Central App
  • "First, you're going to need the new Version 2.3 of Google Hangouts, which is rolling out this week in its slow, safe, trollout fashion." Freudian slip?
  • So now it seems I'm not able to switch between Hangouts and SMS messages from within the conversation like I used to... Maybe I'm missing something?
  • So, since I'm a Sprint customer and the GV and dialer are already integrated, how will my experience be different? I did not "port" my Sprint number to Google, I only use the voice mail services and dial in to a retrieval number. I have the latest GV and Hangouts app...just wait for this blue box??
  • Hangouts??? Really??? I've been a GV user since the bitter beginning and labored through through the challenges, seen very little development attention <I KNOW IT'S FREE> but the months / years now that have gone by hearing about the convergence has been disheartening. I'm sitting here with my laptop, iPad, S5, iPhone, and Android Tab and Hangouts behaves differently on all of them. Syncing of messages is out of whack. It's fun to take a look with every update to see how many inches they'll move but let's face it - Hangouts is a Conglomaconvergacluster. Look that up!
  • Love that word "Conglomaconvergacluster!"
  • I have a question - I have a Nexus 5 that is connected to Straight Talk (AT&T) with a SIM card. If I remove the SIM card and I am connected to WIFI can I make and receive calls (while connected to WIFI) with Google Hangouts? I have a Google Voice number and my Nexus 5 is associated with it. Thanks
  • Yes! Posted via the Android Central App
  • How will the Hangouts update/GV integration affect the iOS version of Hangouts? When I get the blue box on my Nexus 5 and migrate, will I start getting voicemail and SMS in my iOS Hangouts? Google also updated the Google Voice app for iOS today, so right now it looks like Google Voice apps are sticking around a bit.
  • I can't get Hangouts to send SMS messages using my GV number. It defaults to my phone's carrier number, which I would rather not share. Am I missing something obvious in the settings?
  • Same thing here, I don't get it. I guess we still have to use the Google Voice app to send/receive SMS with our Google Voice numbers. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hangouts just now -- in the middle of a text -- brought up an option of being the default for GV texts. I just sent one using the GV number. Posted via Android Central App
  • Can I make calls within the Hangouts App dialer even without having Google Voice? Posted via Android Central App
  • @drenzolim1 yes u can :-)
  • Tip for those wanting to call someone who say, may have limited data plans and is in another country (my usage example is Canada to the US): use the new Hangouts and Dialer and rather than place a call to your Hangouts contact within the Hangouts app, which will call them over data (yours and theirs), use the dialpad to dial their mobile number directly. You will be using data to call (therefore no LD charges) and they will be using their phone minutes (therefore no data usage). Of course, if you're in the same country and do not get charged LD for calling within your country, you can always just call them normally ;-)
  • OK I use Google Voice like it is going out of style!!! I use the Chrome extension so I can text from my computer's browser and GV app on all of my mobile devices. I rely on the history of the texts I get from Google Voice/GV Chrome extension! If I convert to Hangouts, do they have an extension to text directly from the desktop? Can I search the history? Can I still use the regular GV website, GV app or do I have to commit to Hangouts? More questions than answers! I'm afraid somewhere in this Google Mind-meld they will ruin Google Voice. I travel all over the world and love that I can make local calls back to the USA as if I am in the USA. Sweet! Please don't ruin a good thing!!! Only pay for 100 minutes on my Cell plan and use 5Gb of data because I am using GV all the time. Free texting with history to boot! Phones ringing everywhere on timed schedules so I don't ever have to use my cell minutes unless I am driving. I frequently use the GV website to place calls from my contact list to ring the phone I am next to. No one ever knows that I use a myriad of phones. No one knows my actual cell number (including me - I have to look it up every time I pay the bill - The cell providers laugh at me and I laugh at them that I don't have to pay them an arm and a leg!!!). Can we get some clarity on this? Google???
  • I have four phones on AT&T along with a 25% discount on the data portion. I pay just over $37 per phone. Well worth the $7 per line to have unlimited talk and text. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So, I'm still waiting to be graced with the new APK version (yes, I know I can work around, but choose not to). I'm wondering if SMS messages in this new system when using Google Voice still come from the weird GV number for each person or do they show up as actually coming from their real phone number? Getting tired of having to add fake phone numbers to each contact to have them display in Hangouts with their name. Hoping that has gotten sorted as I'm considering porting my phone number back out of GV and just giving up on it at this point...
  • In the limited testing I've done, it doesn't do/use the weird phone nbr when sending/receiving texts via GV in hangouts. I went back and deleted the weird nbrs and now just text their phone number via GV in hangouts.
  • I'm not sure how I'm suppose to text with my Google Voice number at this point? Only seems to work with the Google Voice app. I can SMS with my mobile phone number and IM with Hangouts while in Hangouts. But I don't see a way to text with my Google Voice number in Hangouts. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You have to enable it in settings once your account has been activated Posted via the Android Central App
  • I want to be excited about the Hangouts/Voice integration. Perhaps in a few iterations I'll switch from GoSMSPro. From what I'm seeing in various blogs and comments, my Sprint GV integration should work fine with this (other than the fact that two apps will ring on incoming calls...which would be annoying, but acceptable). What I'm waiting for is true, full MMS support. I don't want my recipients to have to click a link to see the pic I sent to them. I'm also waiting for better multi-part SMS message support. What I like about GoSMSPro is that it let's me type an unlimited length message, and it intelligently breaks it between words (never mid word), and tags the parts for ordering (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, etc.) Maybe SMS sent through Hangouts handles the multi-part thing better, but GV limits you to a 3-part message. Otherwise, I think I'm in. And, I get group-hangouts, but what about group texts (SMS/MMS). Will this newly integrated mash up support group messaging that includes people not on Hangouts? Do I understand correctly that while I lose message archiving/history in GV, it simply goes into my Gmail history (for new messages post-switchover)? I'll keep watching the improvements, and perhaps will make switch.
  • Just got the hangouts update on my wife's Galaxy Nexus. I have opened and closed the app a few times but still haven't gotten the popup to import my GV functionality. I got a popup saying I now have the functionality to make calls through hangouts, but nothing about text messages.
  • Hello friends is there a way to make the default pictures in hangout app facebook profile pictures? If so can somebody tell me step by step how to do it? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I use Sync me from the play store Posted via Android Central App
  • Just a bit confused still... can I make international calls with my google voice number and not be charged ?? will the person I call be charged??
  • Calls to North America are free. Calls to other hangout accounts are free. Calls to international numbers outside North America will be charged AFAIK. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Still can't figure out how to switch between my gvoice and carrier number when sending an sms.
  • You can't. I've been looking for that as well. The only option is to temporarily disable Google voice integration and then send text via carrier number and then re-enable Google voice integration. Once you have a thread started with your carrier number you can continue to text via your carrier number to that contact. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I meant when creating a new conversation I don't see a way to choose whether I want to use my carrier number or gvoice number
  • Reading comprehension is key.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • you can also go into the sms settings and choose which account is default for sending messages.
  • Now they need to update the hangouts on my desktop to show my text messages ^_^
  • If Hangouts could bring back the swipe left to get back to the conversations screen that'd be greattttttt
  • Here, here! What on earth were they thinking in taking that feature out??? Where's the link to start a revolution on this one!?
  • Ok, so I just got an update to the Google Voice app. This allowed me to turn on Google Voice SMS and voice mail in the Hangouts app. Which solves my earlier question. I have Hangouts set to "smart reply", reply to an SMS with the number is was sent to. This is FANTASTIC!!! But I don't see a way to initiate a SMS message using my Google Voice number. This seems to be the last piece of the puzzle.
  • Having not read comments yet... I'm excited for this! I would love to have SMS, Hangouts, Voice and hopefully even the phone dialer all in Hangouts one day. One app for all that functionality is just fine by me. I'd really love to see them be able to integrate with other services. This alone helps me cut down though, between this and Trillian.
  • It just rolled out to me and works great!!! I did not have it earlier...I have been using this since Grand Central beta.
  • Just to test I called my cell number and let it got to voicemail and it ring out on my cell and then GV came in and said it would try to reach me. Rang in hangouts, I didn't answer and then it went to my GV and sent it through handouts with a pop up asking it I wanted to opt in.
    Than I checked the "Do not disturb" GV and tested it again.
    This time it did not ring my GV number and went right to voicemail and popped up in hangouts!!!
  • Finally got the update and made a tray call from my ASUS Transformer. The sound was pretty good. I can finally see using it in the future. I went to update Hangouts on my Nexus 7 (2012) and get a message that Hangouts 2.3 is not compatible... WTF? Oh well. I guess I will either side load it (after making a backup), or wait to see if the Nexus 7 gets the update soon. Just thought it odd that a Nexus device was left out of an update. Posted via Android Central App
  • Got the same thing on my Tetra Note 7 tablet as well. Had to side load it from my phone but it is missing some options from the phone though. Still GV integration with hangouts is way better though.
  • "which we did with the help of a nice little blue box that magically appeared overnight" Magically appeared where? In your refrigerator? Inside the couch cushions? Under a Tuscan Sun?
    Please be more specific. Because right now, all I'm getting is a 'dialer won't work with your account' message when I open Hangouts Dialer. If I'm waiting for dinner magical blue migration prompt, I'd like to know where it's going to show up.
  • What if you have sprint and your google voice number is your regular number? ...super confused.
  • I have always uses Google Voice as my mobile phone's voicemail. When I missed a call to my phone or if I declined a call, it would instantly forward to GV's voicemail system. Since merging GV with Hangouts, I have an annoying problem. After my phone has rung several times or after I swipe to decline the call, my phone shortly starts ringing again, but this time through Hangouts. This annoys me because I have to dismiss a call twice, and it annoys my callers because it takes twice as long for them to reach voicemail. In the Google Voice website I did enable the advanced setting to go straight to voicemail when someone calls my phone directly and I don't pick up. Additionally, voicemail in Hangouts only play on the phone's speaker. There's no option to play them through the earpiece, like there is with the native dialer or the GV app.
  • Phil, I didn't get the blue box to integrate GV with hangouts, but something did change in the settings. I noticed that when I go to settings > Google account, then scroll down to Google voice, there are options for incoming phone calls, messages, > SMS and voicemail. That showed up today and then changed (disabled) the forwarding text option to phones in Google.com/voice. Are you seeing this as well?
  • I use Google voice as a second number on my phone, how do I compose a new text in hangouts with my Google voice number? Is there a way to switch like the way hangouts lets you switch between sms and hangout?
  • 1. Open the old GV app.
    2. A brown warning will appear at the top of the screen: just ignore and select a conversation.
    3. Click in the text input field (there may be a message about hangouts).
    4. Return to Hangouts. The drop-down should be available next to the text input field and IMs and SMS merged. Posted via Android Central App
  • I just set up my Google Voice and Hangouts to get my VM via text and Google Voice; so excited it works! I had to use the help to set up since I have Verizon, then it took me a bit to make sure I would receive notice either from GV or Hangouts --and it worked. My only issue was it rang a way too many times before it switched over to Google Voicemail, but I went to the settings and changed my phone setting to go to voicemail if I didn't pick up. i haven't tested it yet to see if it goes directly to vm or gives me a chance to answer. it is late...so I will test it tomorrow.
  • So I got the update and curious if Google Voice (old app) needs to stay installed? I installed the new Hangouts dialer app. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah if you want to route your calls on the phone via gvoice Posted via the Android Central App
  • Very helpful. Thank you for the article Phil.
  • I did the integration but now I'm missing the feature of getting my GV SMS messages in my regular messaging app—now they go to Hangouts only. In GV settings, under Sync and notifications, I still have Receive text messages set to via the messaging app. I've used it this way for the last 4+ years as I prefer Samsung's built-in messaging app to Hangouts. And so I was hoping SMS texts to my GV would continue to come in that way despite the integration. Looks like I might have to undo the integration on my phone until that can happen. No reason I shouldn't be able to choose which messaging app I want to use for my SMS texts when they come in thru GV.
  • The point is to have all the texts come into one app instead of 2 or 3, (hangouts, mobile sms, GV sms). I did expect GV texts to continue to be archived in GV but the integration is doing away with that. What is needed now is a way to archive all the texts in hangouts somehow via the cloud for future reference. Time will tell.
  • I understand that, but I prefer the Samsung messaging app over Hangouts. Before the integration, I had the choice of where I wanted my messages to come in. If I chose "via the Messaging app", they'd come in to whatever app I have set as the default (preferred) messaging app on my system. Now, that choice was taken away from me and I have to view them in Hangouts. No thanks!
  • Hmm, there is an app in the play store that is the aosp messaging app with GV integrated. Perhaps you might want to try that? Only problem is it doesn't work on 4.4+ kitkat. If you're still on 4.3 or lower it should do exactly what you want. I think it was called messaging+GV. Also, what's so bad about hangouts that you want to avoid it like the plague?
  • Thanks for the suggestion! Maybe I'll look into that. Though truth be told, I'm perfectly happy with the way GV is working for me now, without the Hangouts integration. As for what I don't like about Hangouts—no custom per-contact notification tones for one, ability to mute some notifications and not others, custom backgrounds and colors, auto-pruning of old messages... I could probably go on, but suffice to say, the messaging app I use is much more useful to me than Hangouts, and unfortunately a lot of people still text me on my Google Voice number.
  • *delete* posted incorrectly.
  • ignore, posted in wrong place. (sorry I realize i probably look like an idiot now for all this dupe posting but it wasn't my fault, really... )
  • Great article! As a GV early adopter back in the day, this is something I've been waiting on for a long time. Just hang in there folks, it will be better! ;) Posted via my Nexus4
  • I'm ready to go full integration with Hangouts. SMS, GV SMS, and instant message. It is sooooooo close! Overall I think they have done a good job, just a few things are missing. When using the hangouts plugin in chrome desktop it seems to want to use my Google Voice number when sending an SMS. I would love to stop using Mighty Text to SMS from my desktop. I need the option of what number is used. When using the app on my phone I have it set to smart reply. Reply using the number the original text was sent to. I can't start a conversation with my GV number unless I go change the global preference in the Hangouts settings. They are already using the small drop-down box to pick from IM or SMS from your carrier number. Just add a third choice and it would be complete! Posted via the Android Central App
  • The Play Store says it requires Android 4.0.3 and up. No help for me since I use a very low end, unpopular phone (the LG L38C) which does not offer that even with custom ROMs (at least for now).
  • "The new Hangouts is beautiful..." Uh, no, it's really not. It's a bit confusing, too. It's why I use a dedicated SMS app like 8sms.
  • I’m using Hangouts for GV and SMS. The one thing that I’m having an issue with is if you’re trying to send a message using your SIM account for SMS. It doesn’t give you an option of which account to use. It automatically uses the GV number. If you go to settings and into “Account to show SMS in” it lets you separate the two. But you have to switch back and forth when using GV/Hangouts and SMS. I hope they can fix this. Hopefully give you option you once had at the bottom to select how you want to send the message.
  • I have an important question. Let me describe... I had previously been using the Hangouts app as my primary SMS app for my cell number (SIM). I was using the Voice app for SMS messages from my Google voice number. It was nice having these separate as it was easy to distinguish which was which. Now I've opted in and my Voice messages and SIM messages are integrated. I cannot tell them apart. Furthermore, when I send a new SMS message I have no idea how to tell which number I am using. I have some contacts that I only want to use my Voice number and some I only want to use my SIM number. How do I tell them apart and how do I tell it which service to use as the sending number?
  • I just got the update and have an s4 on sprint. however I am sending my friends 20+ messages for every one text I mean to send. Any body else experiencing this?
  • I tried calling my google voice number from a different phone and first the hangouts calling screen showed up but then after 2 seconds the regular calling screen showed up and its like I am getting 2 calls at the same time. how can I limit calls to voice number to be only incoming to hangouts.
  • Is there a way to make this my new default phone app so that when people call me I can answer on this? Can it be my current (non Google Voice) number? I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • I need help! I HATE change. For a few years I've been using Google Voice on my computer using my Sprint phone number. I've been able to text from the computer and listen to my voicemails. On my cell phone I use the default messaging service and I check my voicemails by downloading the message via an email. I've only used Hangouts to message with others that were on Hangouts (not as my text messaging service) Today my phone asked me to merge google voice with hangouts and I said OK. I've sent a text message via hangouts to 3 people who are getting my reply 5 times! The other thing is now when I'm in hangouts the people that are NOT part of hangouts but now I'm texting them from there I don't see their contact info, name, address, etc. Before all of that was in my google voice! Please help!!!!!!
  • Question: can we forward multiple voice calls and messages to on hangout? Or can we have multiple hangout apps? Thanks
  • Swipe to archive :'(
  • I am a bit perplexed. I use Google Voice and decided to have Google Voice calls directed to the Hangouts application. I modified my Google Voice settings to not route the call to my T-Mobile number, but the problem is that when my T-Mobile number is dialed and I don't answer or I reject the call, it will start ringing from the Hangouts application. I have to refuse the call a second time through Hangouts. Any idea why? It's very frustrating. Calls made to my Hangouts number unfortunately don't work seamlessly with my LG G Watch as well. And is there a way to delete voicemails from within the Hangouts application? If I delete the thread from Hangouts, the voicemail message is still in my Google Voice box. I wonder why this is?
  • This is annoying. Let me know if you guys have experienced this but whenever I want to send a new text, it defaults to my GV number and not my carrier number. i don't want to send from my GV number. But anyone who sends me a text via my carrier number will get a response from my carrier number. I did find a way to send from my carrier but I will have to switch out of my google account and into the sms side of it but I won't be able to see non of my google hangouts messages which sucks..I want them all together. Google has a way of creating cool things and not making them very user friendly such as gmail etc. The UI on this things sucks and can easily confuse the End User and this is coming from a Web Dev/Mobile App Dev. WTH Google. Make it simple. ******Update****** I found a way to do it...Its in the SMS settings under Send SMS from...I swear I didn't see this before...
  • I need some guidance. My hangouts now has a mind of its own. Sometimes it uses my "home" number to send texts and sometimes it chooses my Google voice number. WHY?! Its not specific and does it randomly...for instance... My babysitter has always been text through my "home" number but now when I send her texts it goes through the Google voice number. How can I fix it and choose all to go through my "home" number unless I choose otherwise?
  • Some of my texts would be received numerous times when I used Google voice through hangouts on sprint htc one m7. Why? Posted via Android Central App
  • What should I do if I still want to make international calls over cellular network and not data or WiFi. In other words, I don't want to make VoIP calls over hangouts dialer. I have Google Voice, Hangout and Hangouts dialer installed, but now in the Google Voice settings, there is no option to choose when it comes to calling. Earlier I had set it to, Only make international calls via Google voice. Which was indeed super helpful! Since my data connection is bad, the quality of calls has degraded even though it still costs me the same amount of money to call home. My Google voice number and phone number are the same.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Will (or does) the new integration allow sms to show up in chromebooks hangout app yet?
  • I know this is an older article but I just stumbled across it, and I am interested to know if I am lacking any potential functionality. I have a GV number, which I use just for calling internationally and handling my voicemails (for both GV and my AT&T number). I have the hangouts app and have fully migrated messaging and google voice to it. All my text messaging goes through hangouts, and of the few people I know with android, who are using hangouts, I seamlessly message to them over the IM portion of hangouts rather than an SMS but it all works pretty well. I don't really see the annoyances with the app that others do, and I really like having a one stop shop for all my SMS, instant messaging and voicemails. But I would be interested to know if there is anything else i can do to further improve my experience.
  • Question to the Hangout experts:
    I've gone all in with Hangouts on my Android device.
    My wife has an iPhone on our GV account.
    I've opted to send all SMS & Calls to Hangouts assuming it's only on my device. But it appears this disconnects my wife's GV SMS on her iPhone - True?
    "Receive text messages on this phone - disabled since you've opted in to send and receive SMS in Hangouts"
  • Big problem, AFTER migrating your account to Hangouts, if you try to revert back to the old Google Voice, it will tell you "Opt-out failed". I feel like I was tricked into using the new UI. Anyone using GV for a long time can see the tendancies of post-modern Google. Look at how they push the Google+ upgrade on you when you visit YouTube by asking you which nickname you want to use? If you upgrade to Hangouts, if you would like to do any texting, you now have to have Chrome/Chromium installed on your computer, as well as the Hangouts plugin (yes there is still the slow-loading, resource-heavy Gmail UI). Think about it. Other than a beautified UI, the only true significant benefit is the ability to send picture messages, whereas before you would have to upload the pic somewhere and send a link. Between shutting down free VoIP service not too long ago, now requiring special software to check your messages when your phone is broken (moreso the reason to use GV, IMO), and the interconnectedness of NSA, it has probably lost its curb appeal for most wizards. Expect them to start paying for VoIP. Many of us have already (involuntarily) made the switch to Ring.to for WiFi calls (Android/Groove IP ). So we're already half-way there, without any effort. Basically, pay the $10 to port your GV # to Ring.to, and *poof* Google Voice is gone from your Android/VoIP. Now appealing to the mainstream, it shows little regard to those who have been consistently using GV since 2009. For me, it's time to pay for VoIP with no anti-features. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Google!
  • I'm confused. I use the regular app on my cell to send messages. I also use Google Voice, a whole lot. Then, Hangouts comes along and is trying to integrate Google Voice. So, now I can have Hangouts, but with Google Voice all in one. So, now I'm thinking Hangouts is to make video calls but I can use my Google Voice with it. So all was good. But this morning when I was downloading an app, I came across the Google Messenger app! I had never seen it.! So, now I'm wondering is Hangouts for video calling, Google Voice, and messages (+the dialer app) or do I need Hangouts and also Google Messenger? I'm lost....
  • The title of this article should be :
    "Why People Switch To iPhones"
    If I were the Google CEO and read this, I would be embarrassed. How can a product be released
    and not be able to perform basic functionality? It is like this across the board with Google products. Another embarrassing example: In Gmail, you can't add/delete labels on the mobile app - only the desktop version. There is no excuse for cap like this. iPhone user: What are you doing today?
    Android user: Oh, I just spent 3 hours trying to intimate Google Voice to Hangouts. I finally disabled the 2nd ringer. What are you doing?
    iPhone user: I was playing volleyball. Now I'm drinking lemonade
  • “Google Voice needs to verify this phone before it can be used” (by sending a text message to it).
    But what if this phone has ONLY A DATA PLAN and cannot receive text messages? (or can it?) Can I activate Google Voice on a phone that cannot receive text messages? (It has a Data only plan).
  • I really like that i can send and receive mms without needing to be connected to mobile network or wifi. What i really don't like is that i can't send to multiple people individually without it turning into a group text/mms.
  • Any one tell me why few months ago on my laptop windows 8.1 chrome voice ext. does not provide a audio alert when receiving a new message it will show visible numbers of new messages. I went into settings its check to use audible alert I cleared ext data. etc.. ??
  • I currently have the hangouts dialer and hangouts app. But was wondering if the google voice app was necessary anymore? When I give my GV number and the call appears on my normal call list what number appears when i return the call? My GV number or my #? I checked my hangout dialer and did not see any missed calls there. I just want to make sure that when I call people back that appears on my call list that they get to see my GV number if that is what was used to call me.
  • Why does it show when I am using Google Hangout on my computer that I am on my Android phone when I don't have the app on my phone? This is not the first time that happens. Any ideas? I have a Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Wow I am more confused now then I was before reading the article. Can anyone help me with a problem that started a week ago - suddenly google hangouts will only send and receive texts when on wifi. Was fine before. And I do have it integrated with google voice - but sms has always been disabled (because I don't use it as my primary texting program). Never was a problem then suddenly became one. Thanks.
  • Trying to figure all those new technologies out after a kinda leave of absence close to 5 years. A lot to pick up with only 24 hours in a day ! So , back to the real world. I'm ready for an other dive into the internet :). A. D
  • 2 words: Groove IP (lite)... hangouts isnt too bad....i was using the hangouts dialer app to make voip calls, but for some reason my phone wouldnt ring when people called me.
    soooo... i installed groove ip lite, which also allows GV integration...so i installed groove ip, & integrated GV via the settings, & presto! my phone now rings when people call me. groove ip comes with its own dialer, so now i don't need the hangouts dialer app...or hangouts either for that matter, but its bloatware so i cant uninstall it...i can only uninstall the hangouts dialer app. AND YES.....Groove IP and gv DO work together....just install groove ip lite (free version), integrate it via its settings, and voila! you can make and receive calls/texts/etc
  • I just wanna know how it is that I do not use hangouts... ever... and it's using both foreground and background data. Time for a CRTC complaint I guess.
  • hi recently started using your hangout app, recommended by a friend in the military in Afganistan, never heard of it, he was very familar so weve been chatting on it almost daily, i did have to pay a $10.00 sign up fee and then i was charged double. Any who through my use of Hangout I found out that i can also use to talk, only used once, until i find out the fee to use on international calls in Afganistan, can you help me, is there a charge, because international calls with verizon are 2.99 a minute?