Google's always done a good job with its color options for its Pixel phones, and with the Pixel 4, that's no different. We have the glossy Just Black, panda-esque Clearly White, and the limited edition Oh So Orange.

We've already written a guide helping you choose the right color, but today, we wanted to take a look at the AC forums to see what our members think of them.


I saw that the black is a smooth black glass, where the white/orange models are matte finish back. I couldn't attach my phone grip to my Pixel 3 glass back, so i'm glad the matte finish is back.


I saw all color today at my local Verizon and I like the orange ... The phone look nice but I agree with some review the display isn't very bright if you compared with Iphone 11 it like night and day different..


My local Verizon Store has the Orange on display. Its only orange on the back.....and the button.....Looks pretty sweet and the material feels awesome


What about you? What Pixel 4 color do you like the best?

Join the conversation in the forums!

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