What network speeds do I need for Stadia?

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Best answer: Depending on which package you get and the resolution you want to stream at, you may not need as much for streaming Stadia as you'd think. For 4K 60FPS streaming, Google recommends 35 mbps, but 10 mbps is the minimum recommended bandwidth.

Does it matter which Stadia version I subscribe to?

Partially. If you don't have a Stadia Pro subscription, it doesn't matter what your internet connection is, you'll only be able to stream up to 1080p with Stadia Base. If you decide to subscribe to Stadia Pro for $10/month, you'll be able to stream gaming content at 4K resolution provided your internet connection is fast enough.

Will my connection speeds affect game resolution?

The slower your connection is, the lower your resolution will go. Stadia streaming quality can drop all the way to 720p on a 10 Mbps connection, even if you have Stadia Pro. Likewise, you could have the best internet package available and only stream at up to 1080p if you decide to stick to the free Stadia Base.

Stadia recommendations

A 20 Mbps connection is recommended to stream in 1080p, so if you're not going Pro, that's all you'll need.

How much data will this use up?

According to PC Gamer, a person streaming at 4K resolution with Stadia will use about 1TB of data in 65 hours. If you have 1TB data cap and don't stream anything else, that gives you roughly 2 hours of play a day. For 1080p, that number jumps to 113 hours of streaming per month, again assuming that you don't use any other data whatsoever.

What's the average broadband speed in America?

The average fixed broadband speed in the United States in 2018 was 96 Mbps down and 32 Mbps up — when it comes to streaming, you'll be concerned with your download speeds as opposed to your upload. These numbers are deceptive as they are heavily skewed by major cities. If you live in small town in the Midwest, you could be receiving much lower speeds. And this is also dependent on which ISP you have and what package you buy from them.

If you want to see what you'll be getting with Stadia, try out its handy speed test.

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