What launcher are you going to use on the Note 10?

Galaxy Note 10
Galaxy Note 10 (Image credit: Android Central)

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 has a pretty incredible out-of-the-box software experience. The One UI interface is clean and well though-out, everything feels snappy and smooth, and Samsung's bloat has gotten a lot better over the years.

However, for some folks that get their hands on the phone, it won't be perfect until they install a third-party launcher.

The launcher included on the Note 10 by default is pretty good, but taking a look at the AC forums, a lot of our members appear to still be on that third-party bandwagon.

just wondering if anyone will be using Samsung default launcher or go with another? at this time, I am not planning to use Samsungs launchers but go with the one (smart launcher) I have been using for years. But I am always looking for something different. I hate having rows of icons on the home screen. gives all the phones a similar look - and this includes the iphone.

me just saying

I have Nova Prime, but with Samsung phones I don't use it. I like what they do to Android. I do have to change several things from the default though.


I'm definitely going to be using Nova. Been doing that for years. But this may be my first Samsung phone so I may play with some other themes that they have.


I use Nova Prime on my phone and One UI on my Tab S4. One UI is nice, I just can't bear to change my gestures, layout, folders, etc from Nova. I'll probably try it out on my N10 though.

Katrina White1

What about you? What launcher are you going to use on the Note 10?

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