Granny Smith

An oldie that's still as challenging as it ever was

We're always on the lookout for the hot new Android games, but sometimes you just can't beat an oldie. I've downloaded a ton of games over the years, but just recently I've been drawn back to Granny Smith. And you know what? It's still just as challenging to play as it was the first time.

I'm a big fan of casual, pick up and play mobile games. For serious gaming I still turn to my consoles. When I'm playing on my mobile devices I like something that's not so serious and a little more casual. Granny Smith fits into that perfectly while still providing enough of a challenge that you actually want to beat it.

The premise of the game is straightforward. You play as a granny on rollerskates. The objective is to race against a young hooligan through a series of increasingly challenging levels collecting apples and coins before your opponent.

The game controls are equally straightforward. You've a button to jump and a button to hold your cane up in the air to zip line down various parts of levels. And that's it. Occasionally you'll be presented an option to throw a baseball to smash a hole in something, but your main purpose is to make sure granny jumps and grabs on at the right times.

The graphics are delightful, and it's fantastically comical watching an elderly lady doing front flips and falling down massive drops. All while wearing roller skates. There are unlockable characters, like a dog, but all-in-all Granny Smith is a superb mobile game that is still massive fun to play and well worth spending the $1.99 asking price.