What Galaxy Note 9 color are you getting?

Samsung's been known to dabble with exciting colors for its smartphones, and with the Galaxy Note 9, that's no different. While other parts of the world get more traditional Midnight Black and Metallic Copper options, buyers in the U.S. get to choose between Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple.

Our AC forum users have been talking up a storm regarding the Note 9's colors, with a few of the comments going as follows:

Can't believe no silver! Blue is ok, but that yellow S-pen is ghastly!


I guess I'm the only one psyched about the pretty purple one xD I've been waiting for a phone in pink (or even rose gold). Purple will do just fine <3


Has anyone decided on a color yet? I may have to choose blue. Can't see myself with a purple phone. Is the blue same blue as the Note 8 blue?


Being a UCLA alum the blue with a yellow pen is simply perfect! :)


What say you? What Galaxy Note 9 color are you getting?

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