What do you want to see in the Galaxy Fold 2?

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: Android Central)

In just the past year, folding smartphones have gone from being a pipe-dream to a very real reality. The Galaxy Fold debuted last year as the first major foldable, Motorola's RAZR is now available for purchase, and we're expecting Samsung to soon take the wraps off of the Galaxy Z Flip.

The foldable landscape is bound to only get more and more exciting as time goes on, and recently, some of our AC forum members started talking about what they hope to see in a future Galaxy Fold 2.

Could Samsung have gotten the foldable screen so good that a Note is possible or will it be a 6.4 inch screen on the outside for pen use and the 8 inch inside screen not pen friendly. What is your thoughts/imagination when it comes to a Note Fold/Fold 2 device?...


If Samsung gets the folding screen working good I see it taking the note's place. The note will be renamed to the S series. It will be the one with the S pen. That's my opinion anyway


All I know is this year instead on jumping on every release I'm going to wait it out until the Note is released to weigh out the options. A fold with Note capabilities does sound interesting tho.


I don't believe any foldable device is will be able to handle the abuse of daily phone use for what they sell for. Manufacturers need to add a better warranty for me to make a purchase.


Now, we want to hear from you — What do you want to see in the Galaxy Fold 2?

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