What color Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Image credit: Samsung)

For the next few months, Samsung is about to hold a unique monopoly on the Android smartwatch market. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the first watch to run the new Wear OS 3, and as such, it's the first Galaxy Watch with access to Google services and Android apps through Google Play. This will boost the app selection while still keeping Samsung's design flair (called One UI Watch) and finally give us a Wear OS watch that's sturdy and comfy, even on smaller wrists. I've personally been waiting years for a watch like this, and now only one question remains: Which Galaxy Watch 4 color do I buy?

So many shades of silver

Source: Samsung Look at the reflections of the watch bands in the two silver casings to get a feel for the different finishes. (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

While it's no surprise that the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is only arriving in silver and black, it's actually not quite that simple. First, silver isn't just silver when it comes to the Classic: the 46mm Classic has the same softer, brushed look as the Galaxy Watch 4 silver, but the 42mm Classic has a brighter finish, which will reflect and shine brighter — for better or worse. Second, I despise when companies give different products the same name, especially a company like Samsung that just loves to get grandiloquent with product colors.

For actual colors, you'll have to go with the Galaxy Watch 4, which is fine because the Watch 4 is more streamlined (and affordable). I was really hoping the Phantom Green would be available for both sizes, but it's only available for the larger 44mm model. As someone who had the Green Galaxy Watch Active, I was hoping to keep the streak alive, but 40mm is the size that's more comfortable for my wrist. To that end, of the 40mm colors, Pink Gold is okay if you already lean toward that color in your phones — any Lavendar or Pink Samsung Galaxy S21 owners will have the watch match their camera module perfectly. That said, I've always preferred silver over gold, and so that's what I'm preordering for myself.

If you're buying the silver watch — in any size or style — I recommend grabbing a replacement strap or a strap pack with multiple colors. White and light gray look neat on a product listing, but they'll quickly show wear, sweat, and grime. I have a pack with 12 colors, allowing me to match my watch to my daily wardrobe or the season: purple around Halloween, red around Christmas, and blue around Independence Day. Third-party bands might not be sculpted around the watch edges as the first-party straps, but they come in so many more styles.

Ara Wagoner

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