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It may seem a little odd to be picky about the color of your VR headset, but the truth is you're wearing this thing on your face for extended periods of time so you might as well choose the one that works best for you. Google's Daydream comes in Slate Grey, Crimson Red, and Snow White. Perhaps more important than the names of the sweatpants-like fabric that covers the headset is the accent materials found where you rest your face.

Pick something that looks nice, but be aware of what this headset is going to look like after a few dozen uses.

The inner fabric

Daydream View

Each Daydream View headset has inner padding to cushion your face so there's less discomfort over time. It works well, but also means this fabric is up against your skin while you binge watch something on Netflix and excitedly slash away at monsters. That means either you or someone you share the headset with is likely to sweat.

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The Snow variant of Daydream includes a much lighter inner fabric than the dark grey that comes with Slate or the black that comes with Crimson. That means it's more likely to show things like sweat stains easily, which can quickly make the headset visually unappealing.

The good news is this inner fabric is held in place with velcro, which means it can be removed and washed with relative ease. Either way, you're going to want to make sure you chose your color wisely.

The outer material

Daydream View

The texture for each of these colors is exactly the same, and the color of your Daydream controller is exactly the same, so no matter which color you choose the feel and gameplay are going to be the same. That having been said, there's a few style notes to consider:

  • The plastic parts that hold the phone look nicest on the Snow and Slate versions, as they mostly blend in with the fabric.
  • Slate will be the most commonly found publicly, as it was the first available.
  • Crimson is going to stand out the most, which could be important if you frequently misplace things.

Which is your choice?

Daydream View

Is the color of your VR headset important to you? Are you more likely to ask someone to try their VR headset if you see the Crimson or Snow versions in public? Do you wish there was a different color available for you to buy? Let us know what you think!

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