2017 has been a phenomenal year for smartphones. The Pixel 2, Galaxy S8, LG V30, and HTC U11 are all prime examples of this, but one phone that's recently proven itself to be the best around for tremendous battery life is the Mate 10 Pro.

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is the successor to last year's awesome Mate 9, and along with its wild stamina, the Mate 10 Pro also manages to offer a rock solid camera package, gorgeous design, and snappy performance. It isn't a perfect phone, but it's one that's definitely worth considering if you're in the market for a new, big handset.

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Here's what some of our forum users have had to say about it so far.


Here's a few thoughts from my first 2 days of usage: - The fingerprint scanner is lightening fast and it hasn't failed to authenticate once yet. - Battery life appears to be above average but not amazing like everyone was expecting from a 4000mAh battery, though it does charge exceptionally quickly. - As expected from EMUI, there's a tonne of bloatware. - Annoyingly, there's no...


Huawei does need to sort out notifications. Battery life is usually superb on most Huawei devices and I think Mate 10 Pro is going to be no exception. Otherwise their devices are solid minus timely software/security updates.


biggest problem is lack of updates and update policy, but tbh the stock rom works so good, i have no need for root, tweaking or anything else, but would be nice to get updates.

Aljean Thein

Great to hear about a great battery life. Not sure why you're having issues with swiping down the notifications. But if the fps helps them great!


Whether you've had hands-on time with the phone or are currently rocking a Mate 9, we'd like to know – What are your thoughts on the Huawei Mate 10 Pro?

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