What are your favorite wallpaper apps on Android?

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Whether you're rocking one of the best Android phones or still holding on to an oldie but goodie, you are going to want your device to look its best. You can dress it the look of your phone with icon packs or themes, but one of the easiest and best ways to change up your look is with a good wallpaper.

I have long been a fan of Google's Wallpapers app and Backdrops, but recently I've become quite taken with SwirlWalls. I noticed a new wallpaper themed conversation bubbling up from the background on the AC forums, so naturally, I wanted to see what our community experts were using.

I miss the Shot on OnePlus app from my 7 Pro, which changed both the lockscreen and homepage wallpaper every day. Are there any other apps out there that provide this functionality?


Have you tried Google's Wallpapers app?

B. Diddy

Only one I use is Zedge, along with the built in one on the phone under Settings Wallpapers


Backdrops is a great wallpaper app, been using it for few years. Pro version unlocks additional wallpapers, if you have Google rewards app credit good way to use lol. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.backdrops.wallpapers


I too was going to recommend Zedge. I've been using wallpapers/ringtones/notification tones from there for years!


Now we want to hear from you — What are your favorite wallpaper apps on Android? Let us know!

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