If you've ever used an iPhone, you'll know that FaceTime is the go-to app for video calling/chatting. It's built into iPhones by default, works incredibly well, and is used by just about everyone.

On Android, however, things aren't quite as ubiquitous. Recently, one of our forum members posted a problem they ran into:

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Yesterday, I needed to perform a video call. I used Skype. The worst experience ever. So bad, that I ended up turning on FaceTime on my iPad, and merely using that. But, now begs the question, what is the recommended video calling app for Android? There seems to be an app, called Duo. Alas, doesn't both parties have to sign up for it? Anyway, thoughts...


So, what's an Android user to do? Another person recommended the following:


I use the Facebook messenger, duo and imo. Yes I think the other person has to have the apps as well . If your people use Facebook and already have the messenger that might be a good choice for you....maybe


That's a good start, but now we want to hear from you. What Android app do you use for video calling?

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