So long, Smartwatch Fans. We hardly knew ya. And while we loved the idea of dedicated smartwatch site, it became quickly apparent that we were simply thinking too small. There's an entire world of connected devices out there. It's growing every day, and it's going to be a huge part of our lives, both as Android users and human beings in general.

And so today all of us here at Mobile Nations are stoked to announce our latest community, Connectedly!

Here's how we put it in our inaugural post at our newest site:

Our aim is simple — we want to establish Connectedly as the premier destination for anything and everything connected. Mobile platforms are at the center of a new era of connected devices, which includes everything from smartwatches to smart thermostats to connected cars and toys (and a whole lot of stuff in between). That makes Connectedly a natural fit for the Mobile Nations network, and a natural extension of our coverage.

You'll continue to get the latest on connected Android devices here at Android Central, of course. And you'll see some familiar faces over at Connected as well. We're excited about this one, and we hope you are, too.

Join us at Connectedly, and check out our kick-off post!