Casting up a storm

Let's stay in and order a movie...

Well, it's a perfectly miserable day in the Northeastern U.S., and that makes it the perfect time to bust out some videos and hold yourself a marathon. That's what I'm doing today — though for health reasons; it's absolutely gorgeous here in Texas — and it got me thinking: which online video store to our readers use the most? Sure, Google Play comes standard on most devices, but if The Interview was able to become their top-selling movie in a week, I wonder what that means for the sales numbers of Google Play Movies overall.

So, since we don't have numbers from Google, let's get some numbers from you. When you want to rent or buy a movie online — not watch something with a subscription like Netflix or Amazon Prime — where do you go? Which service earns your hard-earned money and why? Do they have the best selection? Do they offer features you want — like Chromecasting or offline playback? Is cross-platform availability important to you?

Make your voice heard! Vote, and give us your reasoning in the comments — also, movie/series suggestions are appreciated, I'm sure there's a lot of folks here looking for something new to hold off their boredom and insanity.