Times Square

Here comes the silly season

We hope you're buckled in and ready for yet another wild ride in the mobile space this week! We've got boots on the ground in Berlin, New York, Chicago and Cupertino to see all sorts of new stuff from names you know and already love.

We'll be covering everything from IFA — including Samsung who is putting on a show in New York as well — and many more big names in tech. We're also hoping to see what Motorola has in store with briefings in Chicago and Berlin, and there's a little company named Apple who should be showing us at least one new phone, and maybe even a wearable of their own.

So what has you the most excited?

For me, I have to say the possibility of seeing an iWatch. I may end up with one, I may even use it a little, but mostly I want to see how Apple can differentiate themselves from everyone else with such a limited platform. Or if they can at all. Hating Apple is fun, but they make some really nice stuff sometimes. What I will surely end up with is the new version of the Moto X. I really hope Motorola did it right, and lets me buy it soon. Last year's wait for an unlocked version was too much to go through again — especially with this G3 here that I'm really digging.

What about you? Look down, there's a poll (don't step in it!) for you to tell everyone what you're most looking forward to seeing.